(Sold Out): Linear Slave Boards: 16x7135 (5.6A) by Mattaus

A while back BLF member Mattaus sent me 12 of the slave boards that hold 16 7135 chips (about 5.6A output). My intentions were to populate them and redistribute to interested BLF members. I dreaded the idea of hand soldering 160 chips, so I procrastinated.
Now I have a hot air reflow station, I picked it up off eBay about a month ago. I love it.
One thing I hadn't tried was two sided reflow. Well, now I have:

Sorry for the crappy cellphy pic. Anyway, this took about six minutes from pasting to cool-down, both sides. The parts do not snap into place quite like an emitter on a star, but it works well. Best of all, the first side does not fall off when heating the second side.
These are basically useable as one mode drivers, or as slaves from an existing driver board. They are exactly 20mm in diameter. Anyone interested can post below.
Price will be actual material costs + shipping. Each board costs me $2.08USD in 7135 chips ($0.13 x 16). There will be 10 available. I will not be able to ship these for a week or two.

Anyone interested can simply post below. I'll PM you when they are built up and ready.

A special thanks goes out to Mattaus for providing these boards at no cost. :beer:

Sold Out:
flomotion - 5 boards (Built, Packed, Shipped May 27, Received June 2)
usermode - 2 boards (Built, PM Sent June 26)
DragonHead - 3 boards (Built, Packed, Shipped June 29)

Put me down for, 5, and you know me, so, just let me know the details.

i will take two :slight_smile:

OK. I’ll take the other three…

Wow! Looks like they are gone already.
That went faster than a Wallbuys sale! :smiley:

I think it should be limited to 1 piece per member until there is at least 100 working units!

My interests are here.

Wha…. sold out as soon as I noticed the thread.

These are pretty cool! Cheers to Mattaus and relic38!

PM me when you have more of them...

Plus one right here.

I could assemble more if there were boards. We could also use PPtk’s layout for even more current on a single board.
Chi-X, we need to finish those lights. I can build up your driver in about two weeks when the parts come in. :wink:

The other thread seems to have fallen off the radar quickly, so I’ll put my hand up here as well for a few of the completed drivers, if they become available again.


I would like a couple as well… Please

If you happen to make a few more, please count me in.

I would buy some as well.

AMC7135 Linear Slave Boards? I’ve got these available…


As texaspyro has created his own boards, he has reversed his decision on three of these boards. Therefore, three are available to anyone, first-come-first-serve.

Can I have them, please.

Sure! Sold out again. :slight_smile:
For those looking for similar drivers, PPtk and texaspyro should have similar options available in limited quantities.