SOLD/SHIPPED: Copper slug for Ultrafire C8 And Uniquefire T20!


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I recently made a few of these because people were asking. I made them for the Uniquefire T20, but I am told they will also fit an Ultrafire C8 ( I dont have a C8 yet :slight_smile: )

I think these will be extremely useful for high powered mods that we all love. Most of you know how superior copper is anyway, and SinkPads can be reflow soldered directly to this pill further increasing the heat transfer.

Please be advised there is about a 6-10 day lead time on these because I will have to order the copper.

Thanks all

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I don't want to hide these though on the inside of a flashlight - they are just too pretty. Can you make a translucent host that conducts heat and juice on that lathe?

I would take two - I got sooo much money in my LightMalls UF C8 and T20 now, what's another $20? Do you want the PP payment now or are you waiting for enough orders before it's a go?

I do not intend to want one, but this is a great price for something special hand made out copper! Great offer!


Its a go for sure. I will order some more copper Monday or Tuesday.


Thanks for the kind words man.

I have been waiting for this,awesome seeing as I have no lathe at home and personal projects are frowned upon at work.Will be ordering soon,thanks for doing this Matt.

how do you turn a $20 budget light into a $55 high end light?
copper pill $18, xml2 $6, sinkpad $3, driver $5, AR lens $2

watching… my c108 is a slut, she just told me she wanted this all the way in her

K - For my LightMalls C8 (first decent light I owned), I bought U2's but before they arrived, U3's came out - so had to order U3's then, drivers, chips, wires, UCL lens, copper discs, Arctic Silver epoxy and grease, oh - maybe $250 in tools, more parts/supplies. Then really wanted a SS bezel for it, so, bought a TMART C8 w/SS bezel for $25 and swapped bezels! Then XM-L2's, SinkPAD's, brass C8 pill with more copper discs, better batteries (lots of batteries to try).

That first C8 was the cause for the mess (debt) I'm in today, and damn it, I'm gonna get that copper pill in there, I know it!

I only wish I could use these. Thanks for offering them, very cool.

I’ll probably want 4, definitely at least 2. I’m gonna sleep on it.

Judging by the quality of your work, I assume you’ve already verified or are confident in the proper focal length?

EDIT: also, I’m wondering if 20mm sinkpads will fit w/o modification.

I have 4 uft20s here and I noticed that they don’t all have the same thickness oring under the lens. They didn’t all come with the same driver either lol

If you get bored of making these, I’d love 2 for the 7G5V2 0:) I bet those would sell very well over at that other forum. ZY-T13 pills might sell better here (I’d love 2 of those also).

They look awesome.

Oh, its me watching some of your ebay items too… :bigsmile:

They look fantastic and I really wish they were for the HD2010 :frowning: Then I could put the copper SinkPADs I got from you on there for the full compliment.

Might have to get one of those lights so I can use this….

Please let me know if you can do one for the HD2010, my personal pet peeve at the moment lol (the light, the mods, the frustrations, ahhh gotta love the HD2010!)

After machining some copper lately, I can say that these are a bargain. :)

can you post the dimensions, i have a keygos M10 which i believe is a c8

Those are very nice!

m10 isn’t a c8 - it takes 26650s

the pill dimensions aren’t close. at all.

Nice work. And very fast. happy I had a chance to contribute to the production of these.

You know what light needs a real pill made for it? One that can take a two-sided driver and a 20mm star? Any guesses?
Yeah, I think copper HD2010 pills might sell quite well. I could use one or two of those. :wink:

Put me down for two of these. I still have a couple of the copper sinkpads that will work great with these.
Thanks for the awesome upgrade components. It makes modding a lot easier for those of us who do not have a lathe (or the skills to use it).

PP sent, Unique Transaction ID # 8W1029875J573964M

2 x $18 = $36 plus $4 shipping comes out to $40?
(Unique Transaction ID # 0SL23244MP3974353)


& fabrication is at a full service machine shop? Plus set up & materials. Mucho Dinero
Anyway this is a deal!