[SOLD] Sunwayman V11r Rotary with High CRI upgrade

Update 8/12/2020
Both Sunwayman are sold.


Smooth ramping variable brightness Rotary with High CRI upgrade.

Includes AA adapter that is bored to allow 17500 LiIon use, can also work with AA Eneloop and AA Alkaline, in addition to CR123 and 16340. Forward Clicky provides momentary on, and mode memory.

I opened the lights to upgrade the LED, but the lights have not been carried. Photos are the actual light you will receive.

Free shipping in continental USA. I will ship International if buyer pays shipping costs, and takes responsibility for any customs duties.

SOLD 1. Sunwayman V11r with 219b 4500k 9080 sw45k $125

on 16340
Max 270 lumens
min 0.03 lumens


SOLD 2. Sunwayman V11r with 219b 3000k 9080 sw30 $125.

on 16340
Max 220 lumens
min 0.01 lumens


Terms of sale
These lights are also listed elsewhere.
If you want to buy, please PM me your interest and I will confirm if they are still available.
I accept Paypal goods and services and ship to the registered address.

thank you for looking

These are quality lights that got the quality LEDs they deserve. Buy with confidence, It wll be an eyetreat for many years.

thanks for the kind words

these are definitely special lights
a unique UI
unique LEDs

they out throw the stock LED that has more lumens

the LUX are higher on the High CRI LED
(becase of a smaller die and more focused hotspot)

I swapped a 219B sw45k into one and was shocked at how low it could go on an AA.

Here it is compared with 0.01 lumens on a ZebraLight SC62w.

I’m curious, do yours go that low?

Good luck with your sales!

great photo…
congrats on your mod
how do you like it? :heart_eyes:

I dont have a zebra

my sw45k V11r goes so low,
I can hold it up to my eyebal and not be bothered…

It measures 0.03 lumens on my meter, both with LiIon and with AA Eneloop

regarding LiIon and Primary cells
the difference shows in the maximums
on 16340 its 270 lumens
on AA Eneloop it is 95 lumens

The V11r was my first and only rotary.

I really liked the light and the rotary function, but didn’t carry it as much as I had planned. I sold it soon after I modded it.

Luckily, I have plenty of other lights with various 219B tints to keep me busy. The sw45k is my favorite emitter, by far. :heart_eyes:

V11r w sw45k sold offsite