Something throwerish, with a seemingly deep reflector and side clicky

Looks interesting. Long for a single 18650 light -> must be a deep reflector.

And only $13.99 -> I'll take one (for the team). Maybe it's decent for modding, if nothing else..

Thanks for the heads up.

Thank you. I'm looking forward to learning more about this one. I hope it is a wicked thrower!

VERY nice find. THANKS for sharing.

I just finished paying, so in a couple weeks we'll know if they're at all consistent, too.

The side switch undoubtedly adds some length but it still seems long, even for a deep reflector. I'm hoping there's a big long hunk of pill in there...

I wonder why they rubbed the logos out. If it says UranusFire the first mod will involve a file.

On second thought, that might be a funny showpiece...

Interesting. Looking forward to hearing how it performs.

Not a fan of that tail cap

At DX there are several similar flashlights (ultrafire 118 and a bunch of nameless) - as well as this switch is located opposite the socket connection charge, covered by a flap.
They all stated in the description of plastic reflectors and lenses.

Got it today!

galex was right, plastic reflector and lens. Other than that, I'm pleased with the quality (compared to price paid)

Short review (I might do a proper one when time.. Don't hold your breath though)

- Deep reflector (58mm deep, 38mm effective diameter)
- Tight hotspot
- Throws well (~23kcd, even when seriously underdriven)
- Longer & more solid than I thought
- Good for the price

- Plastic reflector & lens (doesn't bother me much)
- Underdriven (0.66A on high)
- Pill isn't in contact with body (= requires aluminum foil)
- Has a charge socket with flimsy rubber cap

Next thing is to upgrade this with at least 1A driver and R2 emitter. Let's see what it can deliver..

58mm?! that is incredible - I guess i'll forget about putting a DX 44mm aspheric in it...that is nearly double the focal length!

Were you measuring draw at the tailcap? Just wondering if the switch might be limiting current in addition to the driver.

Yes, at the tailcap. But I think that almost any switch should handle over 0.66A.. But then again: With these Chinese switches you never know.

I'll keep you posted when I change the driver.

BTW: It didn't say UranusFire :) but UltraFire C6 (see pics here)

Thanks for the link - I like the way it looks. Pretty much bought it based on that and the side switch.

As for current - I recently modified a little 4AA light. It is basically just a translucent little box - I use it as a camp table light. Anyway...I got a 20% higher current measurement if I bypassed the switch - but it was a pretty tiny little thing.

So yours stock driver is one mode?

No, the stock driver is 5 mode: 0.66A, 0.2xA, 0.0xA, strobe, sos

I like that low mode 0.0 That cracked me up ..I suddenly realized every light I own has that same mode :P

the plastic reflector wouldn't bother me as much as the lens ..I hate a plastic lens ..

me too, because they just gradually turn into a diffuser every time something touches them...


just got an email from ebay


it's come to our attention that delivery of this item you purchased in November was delayed indefinitely in transit along with a number of other shipments due to circumstances beyond eBay's or the seller's control:

Portable 5W 1-LED White Light Bright Pocket Torch Luminous Flashlight Lamp Black

We apologize for any inconvenience and will initiate an immediate refund to your PayPal account for this item, including the cost of shipping.

We also want you to know this is a very unusual situation and that you can continue to buy from eBay sellers in confidence, wherever they're located.

As always, thank you for shopping on eBay.

eBay Customer Service Team


here's the tracking info - looks like customs f'd it up - this sucks, i've been patiently looking forward to this light

even worse, now it is listed for almost 30% higher cost

Arrived at destination gateway for Customs clearance

Dec-09-11, 03:20 AM, Chicago, IL, US

Departed from Hongkong

Dec-08-11, 21:30 PM, Hongkong

China Customs cleared

Dec-07-11, 11:15 AM, Shenzhen

Parcel arrived SFC warehouse

Dec-06-11, 17:42 PM, Shenzhen

Pick up by SFC Service

Dec-06-11, 17:12 PM, Shenzhen

Parcel data received

Dec-06-11, 09:32 AM, Shenzhen

I got that same Ebay email, but mine is shown in customs in Chicago. I believe it's still coming. The email doesn't seem right. It didn't come from the seller either.


Mine shows chicago customs too.

I emailed seller. I agree, the email seems weird. also, nothing in ebay account msgs. I haven't gotten the refund in paypal either (2.5 hrs after email stating 'immediate').

Whoops, I see your's says Chicago too. I wasn't paying much attention, thought yours was still in China / Hong Kong. Oh well. Contact Ebay? Hear from your Seller?


Chicago is widely known as the worst large USPS system in the nation.

After losing a package containing about 1500$ in merch, then denying my claim, I ship everything to the lake house in Michigan.

There was a story in the news about 3 years ago, about a mail carrier who died on the job. His house contained dozens of bags of undelivered mail, the letters and packages totaling in the thousands.


i was guessing a bag of blow popped and got on my stuff