Test / Review: TrustFire TF18650 2400mAh (Flame)

TrustFire TF18650 2400mAh (Flame)

The batteries are shipped in a small box.

The two batteries has the sam capacity, but does not hold the same voltage under load.

Energy is a combination of voltage and current and the battery with the lowest voltage will have less energy.

The battery with the lowest voltage will have the highest current draw, to keep the power constant.

The battery with the lowest voltage also has the lowest trip current.


The battery has less capacity than stated on the cell, but they both have the same capacity, i.e. they can be used in series at lower loads. The difference in voltage under load shows that there must be some variation in the cells used. The cell does not work well with a 5 ampere load.
Compared to the 2011 test of this cell, the capacity has been reduced.
For a cheap battery it is acceptable.

Notes and links

How is the test done and how to read the charts
How is a protected LiIon battery constructed
More about button top and flat top batteries

TY very nice test like you ever do

looks like that them want segment the market of with the relatively new introduced 3000mah

btw the weight of the cells is too different from mine

I plan to test them later on.

The Flames from my 2011 test does weight about 47.8 gram each.

Significant capacity difference. Have you tested flames from Manafont and Dinodirect?

No, but I have the 3000 mAh from Manafont on order, but it will probably be some time before I get around to test them.

My current test queue looks like this:

First pile is the one I have to test, second pile is the one I am testing on now and 3. pile is the two tests I have published.

I expect to receive more batteries to test.

Very well done review here! Thanks a lot for posting it.

Frontpage'd and Sticky'd.

Fake TF maybe? :|

(old TF mouseover)

Looking forward to your tests. Appreciate the systematic data.

Either that or the factory has switches to cheaper cells. But they are definitely not a "best buy" anymore.

Thanks for your test & your time.

Big thanks from here also. :)

Just sold a pack of DX-TF´s away. On outside, they were genuine-look. Had no time to test, too bad...

This means, that on future purchases, I will be leaning towards Xtars even more. Perhaps the new TF3000, hope I get them soon.

The ones from DD are also sold out. I just received my last replacement cells shipment of 6 protected cells from DD. They test to just somewhat shy of 2300mAh @ 1A and 2.826V (as measured by my UT-58E DMM)

Thanks for sharing the test results with us HKJ, great job as usual!

On a personal note I still find these batteries outstanding and of great value.

They are still 2 for the price of less than 1 with more capacities combined.

Reliability @ longevity is another matter.

It is not a big problem finding other batteries with about 2000mAh at the same price, there are lots of different names in cheap batteries and my guess (without testing) is that many of them will be between 2000 and 2400 mAh.

HKJ, my cheap batteries do not fare 2000mAh. I'd be happy if they can do even 1600mAh. A lot of them are between 1-1.5Ah, and some like GTL and "Sony" ones do 500-800mAh. They are reclaimed batteries.

That is low. I did check the "Sony" last year and it was better than that, but the worst cell I tested.

I can see that DealExtreme sometimes writes a "Real capacity", have you checked any of these batteries and compared them to the DX rating?

Thank you for the review HKJ, I was about to order a few of these batteries. I did order some 14500's in the same wrapping, though. Hope their capacity isn't similarly reduced.

If you meant DD TF Flames, these are still available:


...but these are sold out:


Price is the same, however.

Why? Can´t tell. The same batteries?

By description, yes, two last times I´ve ordered the not-sold-out-ones but they are on the way still so can´t say a thing...

So if these are not fake, those new 3000mAh could have the same performance as old 2400 mAh ones. Waiting your review tho ;) Thanks.

Thanx HKJ for testing and reporting!

I wonder if these are fake or if all Flames now have lower mAh