TESTED! 6000mAH Feilong 32650 Li-ion cell

I decided to test a 32650 li-ion cell today, so here are the data results I have gathered so far.

This cell is of the large-category (“long-D”) li-ion cell type, manufactured by Feilong, 32650, (gray) 6000mAH-rated battery. 3 separate cells have performed surprisingly well so far, each within +/-3.0% of another. Average capacity in this testing environment was between 5500-5700mAH using a constant-wattage draw method for drain. This method simulates actual buck or boost driver conditions, as the initial wattage at start-up setting is the wattage held through the drain cycle. In other words, as the battery voltage sags, the amperage draw is increased to maintain the same total power output. The cells were charged to 4.185V. That is the voltage where the tests begin drain from, and at 2.980V the test ends on the battery, which is a conservative voltage minimum for high-quality cells.

Not many lights use multiple 32650s, some use singles, but if you have the option to, these cells will perform. I use them in one of my personal favorite lights, the TR-J20 in 3S configuration.

I use a “battery-workstation” to perform cell testing. It is a FMA-Cellpro Powerlab 8 V2 model workstation. An FUIM3 USB interface is used for PC connection. It is a strictly DC powered supply, so to power it indoors, a 1200W AC->DC 60A converter is used.

More graph data will likely follow in coming days, or additional cell tests (if you have a test request, PM me). Next will likely be a 26650 MNKE test.

The cell:

Testing holder:

The testing setup;
Master 15-24V 60A supply:

PL8 Workstation ouputting data over FUIM3:

Test #1; 7.50A Starting Draw, 4.185V Cell Start, 31.4W constant (Total drain time = 38:20);

Cell Voltage Drop:

Amp Draw:

AH Total (5533mAH):

(TEST #2, will update soon)

(saved for space)

Nice :slight_smile:

Because i am interested in your future Super thrower based on the TR-J20 :wink: that needs 32650 cells, i have recently started to check out 32650 reviews, so i can to know what battery to get, if & when i need some :wink:

Here is another review of the 6000mAH Feilong 32650 cell and they confirm your finding at 7A.

Have you tried the Trustfire TF32650 6000mAh cell, so far i think if we remove the protection it looks like the strongest cell i have found yet, & it is cheaper to :slight_smile: it can be found for 12.50-12.75$ at fasttech & aliexpress.

What do you think about using 3 18650 cells in parallel x 3 in the TR-J20, that should be the strongest setup with the most capacity, although with the added hassle of managing & charging 9 battery’s instead of 3.

The Feilong works to about 10A, at least the cell I have tested did (Second cell is in the test station now).

I have more information later when the test is finished.

At a constant 1 amp draw I got even better capacity results. see post #4 in this thread.


According to led4power’s test on the trustfire with the protection removed, at 10A it got 20C degrees hotter, and he claimed that was much less than the feilong at 10A, if you can please check when you run your 10A test how much hotter it get than ambient.

It’s still disappointing that with so much more volume than a 26650, capacity is so little improved.

Agree that is to bad, I suspect one big reason is only Chinese manufacturers is making 32650 batteries, if Panasonic, LG & Samsung would get in to the game, we would most likely see wast improvements in capacity.

For now in the form factor I think 3x18650 for max capacity is the way to go, even with cheap battery packs pulls you could probably beat the available 32650 batteries in capacity.