Thank-you Mr. Administrator ...."The big Sipik 68 Raffle" ..or.. how to get free stuff in the mail ...

Thank-you Mr. Administrator

"The big Sipik 68 Raffle" or how to get free stuff in the mail ...

When BLF turned 1 year old a few of us members thought it would be nice for us to show our appreciation towards The one person responsible for allowing us this freedom to come and hang out, make friends and exchange ideas.
Our fearless leader ,sb56637,Mr. Administrator...our friend .
So a coolition of madmen was formed in another forum to try to figure out how to achieve this goal .Some wanting to make a big party type splash,A raffle ,a giveaway. others wanting to just quietly send their thanks .
Dropping the question of "HOW" for the time being the question of "WHAT"became manifestly the greater question and most interesting to all involved .Now numbering some 10 of the greatest masterminds ever found on any forum .Possibly the only solitary concept universally agreed upon was that it would include...Those beloved padded envelopes that appear in ones mailboxs like magic.
Mr.Administrator ...I know I speak for 10..I know I speak for 100. I know I speak for 670. I know I speak for everyone who has ever lurked ,stopped or had the pleasure of visiting a place that you alone created ..A place we take for granted .Today I have the pleasure and the honor to say thank you in the only ways we know how ..First with our hearts and affections towards you ..Secondly with softly padded envelopes from us to you. Not thru vendors ,or with a string attached but from the fond affection of the members of BLF ..We thank you...We apperciate you.

*** Anyone who responds to this thread to thank Mr. Admin. for his work on BLF will automaticlly be included into.."The big Sipik 68 Raffle "April 17th ..

Let me be the first. And, whatever I can do to participate and/or contribute. sb has been extremely nice to me.


I hope you enjoy the packages when they arrive!

And thanks from me too.

It's been a great 15 months and I've no doubt at all it'll continue that way.

I also would like to say thanks for giving me a nicer place to be than where I was before.

I thank you for creating a site where people who don't have all the money in the world can discuss flashlights in peace, away from the sometimes mods, and for giving me a place to stay and try not to go into flashaholic withdrawl while *it* was down.

Nice job, Mr. Admin. I've really enjoyed this place you set up, ever since signing up to become Member #8 and not knowing if anyone else would follow.

Enjoy the padded envelopes! And then get back to work . . .

I would also like to say thanks to Mr Admin for such an excellent forum, it's a breath of fresh air :-)

Thanks Mr. Admin, I hope you like what the postman will bring you. Keep up the good work. It will be fun to see BLF grow to it's full potential.

Another visitor ... Stay a while.. STAY FOREVER!! ;-)

Many thanks admin! this place is far friendlier and more informative than the other *ahem* sites around :)

Thanks for the nice, comfortable forum. I haven't been posting here that long, but the "atmosphere" here is amazing.

Hi there friends,

Well, this is certainly an unforgettable surprise! I don't even know where to begin to properly express my gratitude to everyone. What a nice thing to find! This is truly a touching gesture, on more than one account. Not only because of the generosity of everyone involved in this little plot, but most of all because of the expressions of gratitude. It's truly a rare thing in this world to find a grateful person, and much more so to find a group of grateful people. Please allow me to express my thanks to all of you for saying "thanks"!

And thanks so much to everybody here who contributes so generously of their time, knowledge, experience, mixed with a large dose of friendliness to make this place a really unique oasis in an otherwise hostile web. Please know that if it weren't for you guys, both the original veterans, as well as the wonderful newcomers here, this place would never have taken off. So you owe yourselves a huge pat on the back. A million thanks, and warmest regards to all of you!

--Your greatly indebted administrator

A huge thankyou from me as well Mr. Admin! As many have said, it is so great to have a comfortable, welcoming and helpful forum. Thanks for making this a great place to be, and thankyou for providing me with an outlet for all of my hard earned dough ;) lol.

Many thanks for make such friendly place without what is usual in MOST sites.

Thanks again !!

You're the best Mr. Admin! Thank you for creating a place with such a great atmosphere where so many can come to learn and enjoy.

Thank you , for starting BLF , it has been a breath of fresh air

Matt .

Thanks for helping me get my daily fix!

Cheers Mr. Admin! The right beer is yours!

Hope you like Super Bock!

Sorry about the advertising, but since IMF is coming to suck our marrow, we have to increase exports.... and to hang some politicians...

Thanks Mr Admin not only because you create this place but also because you make it "user friendly" also for newcomers like me. It's really great talk with expert but also joke with some silly post. THANKS

Thank you Mr. Admin for your hard work in making BLF such an awesome place for all of us to hang out and learn about budget flashlights, knives, etc. I really like it here, and I don't plan on leaving any time soon.


Thank you for creating this forum and for gathering so many nice members.