The BLF Injury Photo Thread

Did you injure yourself on accident?

Do you have a photo?

Post it here, along with a little story if you want.

(Please do not injure yourself on purpose.)

I'll start.

I was doing some light gardening today.

I was wearing nice pigskin gloves.

I needed to make some narrow holes in the wet dirt.

What did I use?

My finger!

(It looks much worse in person.)

I bent the fingernail backwards and bruised myself a little.

It's not that bad, but I wanted to share.


By the way, I wised up and made the rest of the holes in the dirt with a sturdy screwdriver.

Share your injury photos if you'd like!

What if I don’t have any clothes on?

I mean it too was wet, there was a hole, and there was some bruising. :open_mouth:

Yes, I was skinny dipping trying to dive into an inflatable donut, missed the donut and landed on the GD pool cleaner vacuum hose leaving vinyl rib rub marks around certain nether regions.

Wife has pics which are a little blurred due to basically convulsive laughter.


Good story!

I think you can skip the photo this time.

Hey RahCoon Town, you got off lucky. That’s barely a boo-boo.

I knew a guy who slipped in the shower while pokin’ a hole in The Garden of Earthly Delights. His ex-girlfriend tells me later he was never quite the same after that. Talk about an injury.

So count your blessings, your digits, your members, your whatever. The next guy prolly got holed up worse than you did.

Ok, so it looks like it cooda hurt depending on the hole, how rough it was inside, etc.

(Wife sez I can’t even show discrete pics of my incident because My Body Is Her Temple and she plans to go to church tomorrow nite.) :open_mouth:

In August I fell down the stairs. I went to pick up the parcel and hit the stairs. I had a nice leg. :FACEPALM: :smiley:

I mentioned this in the “What you broke today” thread, but here is the photographic evidence.

Biking home from work 3 Oct 2018, it had just rained for the first time in months, and I took a switchback on a paved trail just a wee bit too fast.

The minor road rash on my shin, ankle, elbow, and shoulder healed up pretty quick. The broken collar-bone is what I’m still working on:

In the immortal words of Shane Falco

“Impulsive overconfidence balanced against honest true competence is often the best deterrent to further injury.” Notta


Ps. Heal quick and well!!!

Been there done sorta similar to that butt I was a lot “luckier”.

:THUMBS-UP: :beer:

oh good lord.

I have come back from a few DOOZIES of injuries in my day…
if a photo existed of what I looked like when I got hurt bad when young? good lord.

I had no way of knowing what happened, when I woke up in the hospital after a couple days in a coma.

my one leg didn’t work, and about every rib was broken. i was also blind in one eye.
hey, I had to pee, you know? took me a LONG time to get up, out of bed, and discovered I had to use a chair as a “Walker”, but…

I managed to get into the bathroom and do my thing… when I glanced into the MIRROR? I literally did not realize it was “me” in the mirror.

list of injuries?

1) compound jaw fractureS… broke in 5 places, we’re talking jawbones poking thru the skin.

2) my “nose bone”?? literally came off like mister potato head, they shoved it back in and sewed it shut.

3) cheekbone? (which is a sinus cavity) crushed to bits. step on a glass incan light bulb?? that’s what the xray of the sinus cavity looked like, lol.

4)just about every rib broken, both sides.

5)dislocated HIP, ouchie.

6)eyebone (orbital socket) broken up, eyeball swelled up till it was “occluded”, detatched retina, blah blah.

7)my whole HEAD was so swelled up?? I honestly didn’t realize it was “me”.

8) I used to have a picture of the brain image, lol… whole left side of the brain was a giant “hot spot”.

9)for “bonus fun”?? years before “patient awareness during surgery” was officially recognized? I was completely awake and aware during “one” of the face rebuilding surgeries, ha ha… just imagine being completely paralyzed, unable to move or scream? and youre being operated on.


I grew up in what was best described as a “burned out former steel town” in southwestern PA. kind of a “rough towns” area, I suppose… this is what can happen when you pass out at a keg party and your “best friend” decides to use you head and torso for a soccer ball, after “beating you up” while your unconscious.

he was right handed, so, all the face injuries were to my left side of my face and head.

apparently, about everyone saw no need to call an ambulance or police, I just got left over a hill in the tall weeds? until “some guy” came back at 4 or 5 in the morning, and found me and drove me to the emergency room. a long standing rumor was that a small group of guys? after the keg party broke up? came BACK to have “more fun” with me unconscious.


if any of you grew up in what might be called a “rough town”?? this “procedure” is what is called throwing someone a “boot party”. IE, people suddenly make friends with you? to get you to come to a keg party… people helpfully “getting you a beer”?? will be slopping a little vodka in every beer once you get a buzz on…

you know, its what you DO when a group of “bullies” cant take you one-on-one? its how they “get you”.


aftermath? I was over 18, so… I “canceled” my parents family lawyers “lawsuit”. I didn’t want any money. I also signed off on “pressing criminal charges”.

I suppose it was intended to “ruin me for life” as payback for going from “picked on skinny geek” all thru school, into a muscular guy that could handle himself? well, it had, ironically, the exact opposite effect.

these people? actually gave me the greatest GIFT they could have bestowed upon me.

PAIN is nothing more than WEAKNESS leaving the body.

Man, sedstar… and I thought my motorcycle accidents (a high side and a deer collision) hurt. Holy cow!

I fractured a bone my left foot a couple of years ago. I still feel pain every once in a while

Couple of years ago my wife came out to the garage screaming at me. My 2D maglite with crenulated bezel fell from the coat hanger shelf as she was looking for something. 8 foot fall, bezel down onto her big toe. Broke skin and blood everywhere. Never hear the end of that.

Yikes! Feel for ya.

I rearended a parked truck biking to work three months ago. Broken distal radius.

Hmmm. Unable to insert photos.

That sucks. I hope it’s healed by now.

I broke my collarbone and fractured 3 ribs mountain biking. The collarbone break happened when I hit a root at top speed and went flying over the handlebars. Wrecked my front wheel and to walk a mile for help. The rib thing happened when at a race. I crashed and the guy right behind me ran me over. That was the most pain I ever had. It was super hard to get out of bed and coughing was a real nightmare for about 3 weeks. The collarbone break wasn’t really painful at all. That took 6 weeks to heal.

I have come to the conclusion that there is no graceful way to break a bone.
Mine were always embarrassing, awkward and usually ended with me on my a$$.

Did the Maglite suffer ?

(Hidding now)

Omg, was the maglight ok?

Heh. I’ve endo’ed numerous times and retired helmets without ever breaking a bone mountain biking (/me knocks on wood).

But over 20 years ago, the day before a race, a teenager girl on department store 10-speed hit me (I was walking) on a sidewalk, and cracked a rib or 2 of mine with her head. I had a roof rack for my bikes at the time, and I nearly cried lifting my bike up to it the next morning on the way to the race. Only mt. bike race I every actually rode.

Last year on our climbing vacation I knocked oil from the frying pan over my leg. Hurt like hell but at least I could still climb as long as it was easier stuff without long approaches. As it started to heal the scab got a funky greenish color. Have not embedded photos here out of respect for those who might be sensitive.

Ouch!! That’s a good one MikeC. :THUMBS-UP: