TMART Tangpower TP-Fing (5 LED SRK style) - in Grey (** EXPIRED **)

TMART has a deal on this light for $31.65 now, minus the $5 off for coupon code NEW7 (limited to 100 total uses), minus $2.67 in points, I paid a grand total of:


Hoping I can make something of it. I got a couple of M6's and a FF UV-S5, but wanted an SRK with more emitters (flooder). With these TMART codes, best to find something just over $29, $49, and $99 marks to increase the % discount. The code can get you as high as 20% or as low as 10%, depending on the total order.

Deal is here: Tangpower-TP-Fing-5-CREE-XM-L-U2-Grey

$24 for a 5 LED SRK ain't too shabbly. Of course it's TMART, and I expect a couple of nicks, 2 cent bag, aluminum bezel, lucky if it has a decent pill top, etc. Still, should be decent output and of course hoping it will make a nice mod host.

Please Note: Reg. price is $39.56 and the site says 11 hours remaining, but who knows - may be extended. Only the "grey" color is discounted, not the black one -- if you can call this grey - looks more like mud brown??


Update 05/12 AM: Looks like TMART did let this deal expire on time....

Thanks Tom… hmm I already have 8 “SRK”variants… but I don’t have these 5 LEDs ones , but for this price? :bigsmile:

You’ll probably need 2 so you can put some xpg2 in the other.

I’ve got one grey one that’s labeled a Skyray Kung. All the rest are either gold or black.

Thank you.
Ordered one piece, for 24,45$ :slight_smile:
(31,65-5-2,20(Tmart Points)=24,45:money_mouth_face:

if i hadn’t ordered the SRK from DX; 6x XM-L2 for ~$26 a while ago i might have bought this one. but i don’t think i need another SRK-style flashlight for now

The DX deal (here) was somewhat better I suppose - 6 XM-L2 SRK for $26, but that deal went south when DX suddenly stopped all communication and didn't ship anything but shipping notifications... I hope this goes better, but think DX was totally overwhelmed by the result when the price was well under what it should be - most likely unplanned.

This 5X Tangpower SRK is still a mystery - dunno anyone that got one. If anyone has, please post.


you can never have too many kings

im convinved that the last xml t6s and u2s made by cree will end up in king clones.

Thanks Tom and thanks Saypat for telling me about The deal Tom posted. I also had some points so I picked one up as well. I have a bunch of SRK’s but this will be the first 5x and I like the grey color too.

Maybe I’ll mod to all nichia 219b :slight_smile:

sigh Resistance is futile… ordered one! Thanks Tom

dang… from 05/11 until now it’s still saying it’s processing… WTH? :Sp

i wonder if this one will be better than your 4x king…that one is my favorite between your modded 3x,4x, and 6x kings

Mine was ordered the 11th, shipped the 15th, but the only tracking info is "acceptance" in China on the 18th. I would definitely contact support about your order.

I did e-mailed Tmart regarding this issue, I guess it’s weekend so have to wait until Monday few days for their reply :weary:

Got mine today - nice so far. It's got XM-L2's!! Didn't expect it, but this has been happening a lot lately - luck of the lottery.

Very brief, quick lookie:

  • came as advertised - weird brownish color like the pics, same lanyard as pictured but with white plastics, not black, spare o-ring, boxed for shipping - better box than typical TMART
  • bezel unscrews easy, but was tight
  • side switch retainer was loose, not tightened - good, easily removable
  • tailcap was a little loose as well - again, another good sign for modding
  • initially look is it's clean - no noticeable scratch's, marks, dirt, dust, etc.
  • real XM-L2's!

I'll check out operation with cells, and add some stock measurements.

I still didnt get mine… it’s still processing since last month |(

Good news / bad news.

Good news first - it's bright. Tested with a Powerizer and measured 7.9A at the battery. For lumens, I used 4 KP 3400's and measured ~2,900 at start, dropping a lot to ~2,700 at 30 secs.

Bad news - I found out why it drops quick - no pill top. The one piece MCPCB is sitting on a thin ledge - no thermal grease or anything. No threads in there as well. The reflector is actually chunky and maybe with the 2 screws securing it, you can get some heat transfer to the reflector, maybe... I guess this is becoming common place with these lights.

The driver, well, it's got a single inductor and lots of large 000 resistors. The LED wires are super thin. I'm thinking the only things keeping the amps in check is maybe a poor MOSFET and those thin LED wires. Probably could crank up the power, but you wouldn't want to with the PCMCB having nothing much to sit on. Looking closely, there is a perfect inset ledge directly under the PCMCB, so nice spot to add a copper or aluminum disc, maybe press fit in tight, and secured in place. Of course the height may be critical to get right, then put 5 16mm Noctigons on there and you are set.

I contacted TMART support but they wanted me to return the light at my cost for shipping -- I don't see that as a viable option. I also pm'ed Louis Huang to let him know about this light. Probably all pieces are missing the shelf, but there's a chance it's maybe just mine, though this seems to be getting common.

For me, it's worth keeping and fixing. My plan would be to buy a copper disc I can probably get made to the exact dimension I want. If anyone else receives this light and also has a missing pilltop shelf, let me know if you are interested in a copper shelf - I just may order a couple extra anyway.

Thinking of using Bopper here, Bopper here on Etsy or this shop: I've bought from Bopper many times, but Laura's place I haven't, but that's where O-L bought his copper discs from to use in SRK's.

I’m about to give up on this light… as it still shows “processing” since 5/11 :weary:
and I sent out 4 e-mails and they still haven’t answer any yet… even though I’m a T3 customer :Sp