Trustfire Tr-3T6 Vs. J18. Is J18 worth the difference in price? (both from DX)

Im getting my first “real” flashlight. It’s standing between those two after a lot of research. Both from DX.

- Trustfire Tr-3T6 XM-L T6 2500lm/3800lm (actual 1650lm) $33,5

  • Trustfire Tr-J18 XM-L T6 8000lm (actual 4000lm) $65,9

Is J18 worth the difference in price? In the product info it says the runtime is better on the J18. How is that?

For a first light… The TR-3T6 is a awesome light. ( My first one )

nice light too

I would buy the 3T6, it is driven harder and their are several mods posted in this forum. I have listed a couple of options from Lightmalls:

The last one is killer.

The Grand daddy:

Yeah, but i dont want to “get used to it” too fast and then want to buy the J18 :stuck_out_tongue: Thats whay im asking if the J18 really is that much better because it costs twice as much as the 3t6? Do you get much more light from the J18?

Nice custom of the 3T6 by the way :slight_smile:

Nice! Thanks :slight_smile:

The SST-90 is more of a thrower, but powerful yes. Om looking for more a spreader, that throws the light pretty far :stuck_out_tongue:

How about a SkyRay King (or FandyFire UV-S5 version). 4 parallel 18650's are safer than Li-Ions in series. Tremendous flood output. Most lumens per dollar you can get on a budget I believe. At FastTech use coupon code "BLF" for another 5% off. Review here.

Personally I am thinking either a King and/or the Trustfire TR-J12 (5xXM-L) running on 4 C NiMh cells. Not sure which to get first.


IMO…Trust fire TR-J18 is a lot brighter for the money.
it’s even brighter than my sky ray king :smiley:
here some shot to help you make the decision :wink:
TR-J18 on the left vs Sky Ray king on the right

here’s another shot with contrast reduced by 25%

I have a real hankering for one of these

But I’m odd in that I’m not taken with the king tbh.

Can I ask why your set on dx? There are other venders for both the 3t6 and the j18 (i’m not sure but fasttech carries both), you’d probably get the light quicker and possibly cheaper, but I’m not sure on that.

Well, at least you admit it .

I too like that Shadow, and like the 3 XM-L on a single 26650. I'd really prefer 3 XM-L's on 3 parallel 18650's instead of the King's 4, however that Black Shadow Darth is so much money! I've wondered about getting a TR-3T6, but figured I would just skip it and move up.


I am alway surprised how the 3T6 hangs “in there” with the J18. The 3T6 is pretty impressive, and the J18 does “light up” the general area. Of course the 3T6 only takes up to 3,18650s and the J18 will take 3, 18650s with its included 2cell plus 1cell adapter; also, takes 26650s x3, that is why the longer run time, because the 26650s are 4000ma+. I would consider selling my J18, only has less than 1 hour run time, and I have plenty of multi-leds: pm me if interested.

Cheeky sod! :bigsmile: yeah, that sl3 is a real nice looker, and I get the impression quite throwy too.

Just matspl to suss the issue with his mod now. Or just order one and do it, deal with the issues later…

same here flo… way… too many for me too my favorite one is currently Trustfire 9XT6 as it put a tremendous amount of light…

Im set on DX because i live in Europe, and they have nice prices and free shipping. If i was to order from USA, the shipping would be between 10-30 bucks i guess, depends on the weight.

If thes’s a vendor in USA with free shipping and better prices than DX, let me know :slight_smile:

How can J18 take more batteries than 3t6 when its two inches shorter? Included 2cell plus 1cell adapter, what does that mean :stuck_out_tongue: ?
And J18 has 7 leds, 3t6 has 3. I was thinking that more leds consumes more power? Therefore bigger batteries (26650) to compensate so that it would last as long as the 3t6…?

Check the link, its free shipping and a good store, then notice my location, I’m not quite in Europe, but close enough :wink:

The “real” J18 come with an extention, tube; that is, it can be configured in the 2/3 cell mode. If the one you are looking at has only the 2 cell tube, I would not buy it, at all.

It comes with an extention tube :slight_smile: Both 3t6 and j18 can holster three batteries, just that j18 can holster bigger…?

I was just thinking that a light with 7 leds would use twice as much power as a light with 3 leds because it has twice as many leds? So if i would run the 3t6 with 3000mAh batteries, i would have to run the J18 with 6000mAh batteries to make its runtime the same. And even bigger batteries to make the runtime longer then xt6… I just dont understand how j18 can have longer runtime :stuck_out_tongue:

However, if i want the one with longer runtime, i’d go for J18?

Appreciate the answers :slight_smile: Im learning :nerd_face:

The j18’s emitters aren’t driven as hard so are more efficient, plus the best 18650 capacity you can get is 3400mah, good 26650’s are 4000mah.