TrustFire TR-J12 5*CREE XML T6 from DX MF and KD

TrustFire TR-J12 5*CREE XML T6 4500 Lumens 5-Mode LED Flashlight with Extension Tube and Flashlight Holster (2*18650/3*18650)

DX = 70.60$

MF = 72.99$

KD = 89.17$




Benkie your late. Post 4. Waiting. Wink (Just pretend it's Manafont).

sweet, 26650 compatibility

I'll stick to my original statement. I've waited this long I can wait some more. Hey I like the idea of 26650's it looks like it has a filler tube for the 18650's. A 3 mode would be sweet but I know I'm dreaming.

Should be pretty fast to BKK, pls post a report. Thank you!

This is probably the true Trustfire version. It even has the Trustfire holster. Same as TR-3T6, they do not use an OEM design. The b l u e l a n s trustfire version is really the SkyRay one.

Selling on aliexpress already.

Lost control, ordered 1 pc. usd83.

Supposedly good company policy. They will even pay for return shipping if product is faulty within 15 days.

I'm ok with aliexpress, already purchased like 30 times.


Confirm true pdt. They even have Trustfire instruction sheet.

Hope i can get it before CNY, that is Jan 21st.

LAtest update, Emmy Zhang's store use 4px and it should route to HKG, so at least for SIN it should be pretty fast. Rick and some others used this before.

I have 85 bucks saved up towards a TK60 I've been after for a while I like d cells and the old school maglites, but they are not cheap and don't perform well the TK 60 is the next best thing. As soon as manafont get this in I'll jump on it instead. Or I could wait for the 6 x U2 version.

Didn't you make a post about spending to much already lol I understand.

Ive already brought 4 x D cell battery holder for charging the TK 60 and 4 x 2 AA to D cell adaptors For the TK 60 but I might have to buy this instead.

Now where do I get some good 26650 batteries from ? While I wait for manafont to stock this light.

26650 can be gotten from cnqualitygoods and int-outdoors. If you are afraid to use unprotected LiCo, get the MKNE IMRs, though you do suffer a 15% drop in capacity...not too big an issue though. Problem is, i have 2pcs of King kong 26650 and 1 pc of MKNE.....ugh. And int-outdoor charges shipping for 1pc, unless you get their lights.

Dammit, the MKNE from int-outdoor is sold out!

Rated for 11.2 volts MAX but takes (3) 18650 3 x 4.2 = 12.6volts last time I was at school?

Bad technical writers or just a driver board waiting for a fizz......

Rated for 11.2 volts MAX but takes (3) 18650 3 x 4.2 = 12.6volts last time I was at school?

Bad technical writers or just a driver board waiting for a fizz......

Unprotected is fine for me, I've read the king kongs are good, not sure if I would buy protected batteries int-outdoor just yet.

Any way these trustfire lights drop into low mode also called dimming when the battery voltage is low to let you know it's time for a battery swap, well mine do it's a good feature to have.

Atlest with the 26650's I can use my 3 cell balance charge leads i made so I can charge 3 in the time it would take me to charge one and the voltage is matched for series use.

The other site says 8.4 volt, but it should be 12.6 volt since it has the battery tube extention for the 3 rd cell like the TR-3T6 and the TR-1200.

I was supposed to get the XTAR S1 triple XM-L, but i think that one would be too expensive. And definitely get pretty hot in the highest mode (it listed 2750 lumens, i guess that is emitter lumens but that is a lot too). It's smaller than the TK70, so it will get pretty hot. The DRYs can get hot no issue, i have too many extra drivers. LOL!