Any idea how this flashlight Ultrafire U-F19 perform?

Some interesting figures:

  1. Hi > Lo > Strobe > Infinite Brightness Adjustment
  2. 85mm head diameter (vs TM36-90 mm / K60-88mm)
    210mm length (vs TM36 Lite-195mm / K60-206mm)
  3. 640g
  4. 2789lm (only?)
    5.“TM36 with XHP70” :smiley:
  5. Screw threads seems not very reliable
  6. 3x 18650, why not 4x?

Looks like an Acebeam to me. A little underpowered considering the other xhp70 entries in the market now. It would be a nice host to get some serious power out of.


Is there any interest in a review of the U-F19?

I would like to see how it compares to a Lumintop SD75 and maybe the convoy l6 or Thorfire s70.

I’ve just noticed this and it is really interesting. The thing is that you need to do some modding to make it really awesome.

The big head is really nice for throw, but as others have mentioned the LED is somewhat “underpowered” lol. It needs to be mounted on DTP board and boosted (simplest way could be resistor mod) to over 4000 lumens to be in the “BLF business”; Another thing is that I think it does show visible PWM flickering with its stock driver.

Good thing about this light is that it has 3S1P batteries configuration, meaning that it is using a buck driver to drive the emitter which offers constant current regulation and the light output can continue to stay at max until the batteries run out.

This looks like a piece of garbage compared to the cheaper Convoy L6.


The L6 is a lot smaller though. If the F19 has a good build quality in the head it could potentially handle much more output and throw quite a bit further.

My concern based on the pics is the threads; they look cheap and triangular, but they might just be dirty.

If you mean a platform for modding, maybe, but this is very expensive for a host that you will use to build into.

Yep - Expensive and most likely with Ultrafire's fair to poor quality. It always amazes me how the different companies price their stuff to where they won't be selling a lot. Maybe there are millions of customers for something like this, but I just don't see why someone like Ultrafire, who probably makes them very cheap and usually makes poor quality, just doesn't sell for a low ball price, to get business. Never will figure it out.

I don’t know but to me the host doesn’t look poorly made at all - It may not be top-notch but at least it is better than most other Ultrafire brand flashlights. Good thing about this light is that it comes with a big head and good for throw. Swap the driver and reflow the emitter on a DTP board and you have a monster light ready to go with less than 1/2 the price of a K60.

Yes, after modded I think it can rival the K60!