US Based BATTERY SUPPLY From BLF Member! (Update 11-3-12)

(Update November 3, 2012)

Hello Everyone!


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Meanwhile (and we’re amazed because it only took two days from Mainland China to Hong Kong to Cincinnati and finally to us) the second shipment has already arrived with ALMOST EVERY BATTERY TYPE on board – but the response has been so overwhelming that we are (temporarily) sold out or close to being sold out on some batteries. The Inventory Tracking is in progress and we will keep you updated in the OP (Opening Post) or PRICING SCHEDULE of all THREE THREADS (when it’s complete).


Please don’t worry if you have not yet received your invoice. Our factories overseas have thrown us a couple of “curves” – welcome “curves” but “curves” nonetheless. We've also had to deal with some unanticipated "start-up" issues that were out of our control.

1) First, our factories have delivered the BATTERIES to us earlier than we were led to expect.

2) Second, a large number of the batteries, even unprotected Panasonic and Sanyo as well as almost all Keeppower Protected Batteries have arrived with FREE KEEPPOWER BRAND BATTERY CASES! By the way, we've discovered that some vendors separate the cases from the batteries and sell the cases separately but that is not something we wanted to do. While the inclusion of these very nice cases was a welcome surprise, it required that we source new boxes and re-price and even re-categorize some of the shipping.

3) Third, we've been swamped with orders - many more than anticipated - and we're gratified that BLF members have responded so positively but it has made it a little more time consuming to "catch up" than we thought.

4) Finally, the "start-up" issues have been daunting but we're very confident that we'll soon be able to operate according to the originally announced schedule.

WHEN WILL YOU RECEIVE YOUR BATTERIES? We have already begun to pack orders and you will receive your invoice today. We also expect to catch up with all the shipping between today and tomorrow.

Thank you so very much for your patience while we sort things out. Needless to say, things will be a lot smoother (and easier on this end) after all the initial arrangements and adjustments have been made.





A Wide Selection of HIGHEST QUALITY Batteries!

A Supplier that will be RESPONSIVE TO YOUR NEEDS!

Wide Range of Battery Types to be STOCKED - here in the US!

The Very Best Product Quality

As Verified by trusted INDEPENDENT TESTING!

Consistent Production Standards

Accurate and Complete Specifications that you can Rely Upon.

Highly Competitive Prices – Often the Lowest Available!


To be Operated by Professionals

With Decades of Wholesale & Retail Management & Ownership.

Customer Service based on the Very Best of US Operations.

Average Inquiry Response Time Soon After Start-Up: No more than 24 hours on average. * (see footnote)

Average Order Processing Time Soon After Start-Up: Less than 48 hours. * (see footnote)

Average Time in Transit (as promised by USPS, UPS and FedEx):

Only Two to Three Days

Delivery Confirmation will be Standard.

Professional Packaging to Protect the Batteries.

Product from overseas will be shipped via DHL.

They are the fastest, most reliable, and MOST CAREFUL carrier with which we’ve had experience.

But you will not have to wait for overseas shipment because we’ll be Stocking in the US and SHIPPING FROM the US!


We don’t want to make any promises that we’re unable to keep – and although this estimate was not “Cast in Stone” because Customs and other issues can cause delays, we actually received the first two shipments well ahead of schedule and we hope that the coming shipments will arrive on time as well.

We will confirm the mix of items in a shipment only when that shipment is on the way. We’re always anxious to know of any items that you’d like us to keep in stock for quick shipment.

IMPORTANT: We will NOT accept any payments until the batteries are in-house here in the US.

PayPal will be Accepted!

NOTICE: It is currently illegal to ship Lithium Cells out of the country so we cannot ship to countries other than the US for now. On the other hand, it does appear that export licenses may be available and we will definitely look into that possibility (and other methods to provide service to members in other countries).

* (footnote): These time estimates are based on a 5-day work week. Also, please allow for an occasional short trip. There will also be the normal "start-up surprises" that are likely to prevent us from adhering to our scheduling goals until we've had enough time to get everything "sorted out." Note that if we anticipate any delays, we will try to contact you. Thank You and Regards, Bob.

Please Review the List Below to See the HUGE List of Batteries We Want to STOCK in the US!


To Be Available From BLF Member

Please Review the List Below to See the Large List of Batteries

We Intend to STOCK in the US!

Will These Fulfill Your Needs?

LIST OF BATTERIES EXPECTED (Protected & Unprotected):


Note that according to the reviews, the Protection Circuits Used in these Cells is the VERY BEST available!

Keeppower Brand Protected Panasonic 18650 IMR 2250mAh High Amperage

Keeppower Brand Protected Sanyo 18650 2600mAh

Keeppower Brand Protected Panasonic 18650 2900mAh

Keeppower Brand Protected Panasonic 18650 3100mAh

Keeppower Brand Protected Panasonic 18650 3400mAh (NEW and the latest technology)

Keeppower Brand Protected MNKE 26650 True IMR 3800mAh Raised Tops

Keeppower Brand Protected KING 26650 Protected 4000mAh Flat Tops

Keeppower Brand Protected KING 26650 Protected 4000mAh Raised Tops

Keeppower Brand Protected DLG 16340 700mAh

Keeppower Brand Protected DLG 14500 800mAh

Keeppower Brand Protected DLG 18350 800mAh

Keeppower Brand Protected Sanyo 18500 1700mAh (if sufficient demand exists)


Panasonic CGR18650CH 2250mAh (very high amperage)

Sanyo UR18650FM 2600 mAh

Panasonic NCR 18650 2900mAh

Panasonic NCR 18650A 3100mAh

Panasonic NCR 18650B 3400mAh – the Newest Technology (and IN STOCK NOW!)

MNKE IMR 26650 raised top

King “Kong” 26650 flat top

King “Kong” 26650 raised top

DLG 16340 700mAh

DLG 14500 750mAh

DLG 18350 900mAh

Sanyo 18500 1700mAh (if sufficient demand exists)


(So that we can satisfy everyone’s needs most effectively)

Are there any other batteries (Protected and/or Unprotected) that you would like us to stock? Please make us aware of your needs and we will try our best to accommodate you.

A CAVEAT: We would like to limit our inventory to batteries that have successfully passed independent tests for quality and performance.


Feel free to comment openly or via PM (particularly if you feel it’s a sensitive matter).

* (footnote): These time estimates are based on a 5-day work week. Also, please allow for an occasional short trip. In addition, delays are anticipated while we "ramp-up" operations. Note that if we anticipate any delays, we will try to contact you.



Sounds good .

Just wondering, do you have any interest in selling bulk cr123a batteries?

As I said in the other thread, How do we order? :D What are the prices going to be like for the 3400 mah batteries?

What brands will you be stocking and at what prices will you make your offerings? Shipping included? volume discounts?

Is it possible to do pick-ups, as I am in the same city?

Hi Cone!

Thank you for your interest.

Frankly, we hadn’t planned on marketing the CR123A battery type. If a reasonable number of people are interested, we can probably bring them in – but only if we have adequate information to insure that the quality and consistency will be good.

Regarding your question about a bulk purchase, please send me a PM and we can discuss it.

Thank You and Best Regards,



Thank you for your interest.

We’ve been working on this for quite a while but we felt we had to announce our plans with enough time to alter the initial overseas orders. We wanted to ask all the members for feedback regarding the type and quantity of batteries that they may need.

Assuming the prices and detailed specs look good to most of our members, we’ll be asking for estimates (but not commitments) for the quantities of each that they may want to order.

Soon we’ll be releasing the detailed specifications (particularly measurements) as well as the pricing structure but we want to make certain that we don’t make any promises that we can’t keep. By the way, we have already released much of the information for the unprotected cells and the rest of the information will be available soon.

Shipping is an important topic and we can explain that the pricing will be FOB Boston - but we have had quite a lot of experience shipping and expect to keep the cost down (below what you might expect). It becomes a “win-win” situation when we’re successful in doing so. I don’t think that there are many members living near us but if people are interested in reducing their net cost by picking up their batteries, we will certainly try to comply.

As discussed earlier, we will confirm the mix of available items only when the first shipment is on the way. Most important is our commitment not to accept any payments until the batteries are actually “in-house” here in the US. We’re determined to avoid any possibility of repeating the recent fiasco relating to the Panasonic NCR18650B 3400mAh batteries - where people actually sent in payments and ultimately received refunds – rather than the batteries that they were promised.

By the way, PayPal will be one of the acceptable forms of payment.

Again, thank you for your messages. I hope we’ve been able to answer some of your questions and that the information we’ll be providing shortly will cover the rest.

Best Regards,


If your prices are competitive count me in.Prices? How to order?

I’m in MA. Interested in ordering.

Definitely interested, 3100-3400mAh, but it all depends on pricing and shipping costs. Looking forward to seeing what you come up with.

I hope you do well. Good luck.

Good luck.


Will you be shipping in the next two weeks? I’m probably going to order more KK IMR’s. Will your protected 14500 be IMR?


US Based BATTERY SUPPLY to be offered by a BLF Member should be Arriving Soon!

Please refer to the OP for background information:

Here are a few things that we would like to make public:

1) We are expecting our FIRST ORDER in 7 to 14 days! In other words, assuming all goes according to plan, product should arrive here in Boston between the 11th and the 18th of this month.

2) There is still a very small time window during which we can add to (or subtract from) the first order – so PLEASE get in touch with your comments.

3) We will be posting PRICES for all of the batteries very shortly.

4) About PRICES:

A) Prices are FOB Boston

B) We will provide details regarding shipping costs

C) The shipping information should allow you to calculate the cost

to ship your order.

D) Please comment about the PRICES (when released). We would love to have your FEEDBACK – good or bad! Are reliable suppliers that you can trust asking less for the same batteries? Please tell us.

E) At the same time, please keep in mind the VALUE ADDED aspects of our operation.

F) We are LOOKING FOR VOLUNTEERS to CRITIQUE OUR PROPOSED PRICING STRUCTURE. Needless to say, the volunteers should be knowledgeable about most, if not all of the Lithium Battery sizes and types as well as most of the major brands and current MARKET PRICES (from reliable sellers). Please send PM if you are willing to help out and provide constructive positive and negative commentary. (Thank you in advance for your contribution.)

5) A few of the IMPORTANT VALUE ADDED FEATURES we hope you will take note of:

A) You will receive your product dramatically faster than ordering from China. We will work 5 days a week and (allowing for that fact and an occasional short excursion) you can expect response to your inquiries within 24 hours and you can expect shipment within 48 hours! Shipping time should range from only 1 to 3 days.

B) It will be packed professionally and shipped at the lowest available cost.

C) You will not have to worry about “what is actually underneath the shrink wrap of these batteries. We have a unique relationship direct with the manufacturer. There will be no middlemen. The product will come from the manufacturer to us and then to you.

D) The core cells are made by Panasonic and Sanyo in Japan and Samsung and LG in Korea. There will also be one (huge) Chinese manufacturer who will supply a small percentage of the items on offer. WE WILL SPECIFY the core cell and its manufacturer for each battery – no surprises, no used cells, no substitutes.

E) Most of the batteries we are offering for sale have already been reviewed by our own HKJ and we are arranging to make every product available to him for test. LINKS will be provided.

F) The Protected Batteries are the cells described above with the BEST PROTECTION CIRCUIT IN THE MARKET attached. They will carry the KEEPPOWER BRAND.

G) A CRITICAL POINT TO ENABLE YOU TO VALUE THESE BATTERIES: KEEPPOWER is a primary OEM manufacturer. They make the Protected Batteries for several well known and Very High Priced Suppliers. You have no doubt heard their names and I hope to be able to divulge them because you will see that you could be paying DOUBLE or more for some IDENTICAL cells if sold by the other suppliers under their own names!

6) As explained in the “Announcement”, we will not accept any form of payment until the batteries are here in our US Warehouse.

7) On the other hand, we would hope that people will make their preferences clear by making RESERVATIONS.

7a) A “RESERVATION” is an order without a payment or even a deposit. We would like to rely on “the honor system” because we do not want to be holding any of your funds without having the batteries in hand.

9) PayPal will be accepted when we begin to book actual orders.

10) Why are we asking you to book RESERVATIONS for the BATTERIES?

A) We will understand what your specific needs are.

B) We might have a chance to change the order to reflect your needs.

C) In a case where we will not have enough of a certain item to meet

Initial demand, we will be able to establish a PRIORITY LIST – THOSE

WHO RESERVE FIRST will have their FINAL ORDERS processed first.

I’d like to thank all of the many people who have wished us well. Decades of experience in wholesale and retail business has cautioned us to get involved in this venture with our “eyes open.” We’re aware that we stand to lose some of our investment at first and that there is always a learning curve, no matter how much planning one does or experience they have.

I hope that you’ll bear with us and provide us your support because we intend to make this venture a TRUE BENEFIT TO THE BLF. I feel indebted to the BLF for all that it has offered me to date – the interesting information, the fun and the friendships. It is my sincere hope that this will be one of the methods by which I can “pay back” to this organization and its fantastic membership.

Best Regards,


Thanks for the update.
I’m holding off on purchasing good batteries until your’s come in so please let us know as soon as they are ready to roll.
Sign me up a a Beta tester.
Thanks and can’t wait!


I like this idea a lot. Batteries we know where came from is a good thing.

Thanks very much for your support ChiggerPepi and Muto.

Best Regards,


I look forward to seeing your prices. I am looking to buy some 3100 or 3400 Panasonic cells, probably protected.

When I see the prices I should be able to firm up qty.