What's the skinny? XP-L W2 2B vs XP-L V6 1A

What’s the skinny? The new XP-L W2 2B as compared to the older version V6 1A seems to have a smaller dome, there are still flats on the sides but they’re less pronounced… rumor even has it that the new dome fits under triple optics!

Has anyone done any extensive testing on these?

I have a pic here of the W2 2B on the left, as compared to the older version 1A on the right. The one’s on the right were sent to me in error, supposed to be the same as on the left but not only are these 12 emitters the older style they’re also a different tint. A UV light clearly shows the orange color of the warmer 2B as compared to the highlight marker yellow of the 1A on the right. Aggravating, to have spent DHL Express monies and get the wrong emitters.

Oh well, such is life in the fast lane right?

Now it’s just a matter of whether to buy again or have them swapped. For a relaxing hobby, this can get frustrating! lol

I have some W2 1A and they look the same as yours 2B exept for the tint, took them especialy for dedoming ofc
They dedome not that easy though…both electricaly and chemicaly
With the dome on i havent tested them at all, not in my throwers needs/area of interest, yet without the dome they are quite lovely, youll see yourself
Different tints dedome quite different as you prolly know, lets hope those/yours are from the “easy ones”

I`ve spotted also 1D yet i havent purshaced them yet, still have plenty of 1A and “old”V6 to play with

I would have grabbed 1D’s if I’d seen them, these are intended for my Noctigon Meteor, which is currently making 10,879 lumens… the goal is to hit or exceed 15,000.
I was counting on the smaller dome of the W2 to fit under the 20mm triple optics. Throw is not in the equation here, it’s all about sheer power.

I just put one of my remaining W2 2B’s in a Convoy C8 with one of the early FET drivers in it. With an Efest 3000mAh cell at 4.07V rested it made 1590 lumens. Cell is charging so I can see what a maximum is like.

1915-1920 :+1: lumens! I wonder where they POOF at? :smiley:

Yeah, see why I was looking forward to stuffing 12 of em in my Noctigon? There’s a theoretical 22,800 lumens right there! (I was trying to keep it real expecting at the very least 15,000. :wink: )

I have already re-worked the traces on one of the big copper mcpcbs that come in these lights, making all the emitter’s parallel for use with my FET driver. Currently I’m using individual 20mm mcpcb triples. And the highly anticipated W2’s showed up as the wrong emitter. Ugh! :frowning:

Seen some on Ali express W2 1C’s and W2 1D’s I inquired about them, now waiting on feed back. Would like him to send pick of the Claimed W2’s next to the V6’s like you showed in your pic, just to be sure? We’ll see what happens…


Can anybody tell by the pic’s on his site?

Thanks Scott, just ordered 10 of the 1D, will see what they send. (was sure to include the note. :wink: )

I like 1D and I have some 2B, I can mix em up and get a nice white tint I’m thinking? Time will tell…

I’m seeing 1711.2 lumens with this older FET driver. I’ve got a solid brass post on the driver, spring in the tail is bypassed. 20 ga leads. Not sure what MOSFET is in use here. It really is an older board, one of the very early ones. Copper threaded pill from RyanSOh.

Edit: 1776.75 lumens with a new small Omten switch and bypass spring through board direct to switch.

Will try a Samsung 30Q and a Sony VTC6 and see if there’s a preference here.

Edit II: The new metallic dark purple Efest 3000mAh cell at 4.20V does 1845.75 lumens
The new Sony VTC6 3000mAh at 4.20V does 1838.85 lumens.

This older C8 does not have AR coated glass, it’s plain.

Your welcome… NOW….Work your magic! :+1:

My spring contact was a bit weak, added a brass cap to the top of the spring to give a more solid pressure and more physical contact at the negative end of the cell, with a fresh cell I’m now seeing the highest output from a single die Cree emitter I’ve ever seen, 1904 lumens.
Perhaps an updated driver will see more? lol

Aww, let’s see 2000!

Where have you guys been getting the W2’s? And I don’t want to hear from your accounting dept :money_mouth_face:

Awesome results swap your lens to AR that will give you an instant boost. Have you played with the XPG3 much? How do these compare?

Update your battery Dale( 25r , VTC or VTC5A( the last one is the best) at 4.20v), 1900 i see on a V6 1A

Smiple V44 Wights V44 FET driver is the best in that case, actualy i do count is as the best thrower driver so far yet you would prolly need another one for your max lumen mod

That Ali seller cant be trusted btw

Hence the photographic evidence first! I can match them against mine when I get them, otherwise his Pants are on Fire! :smiley:

I build my own drivers, usually with higher end parts than most are willing to use. Still using the original versions, don’t recall ever seeing Wights V44. Have quite a few A17DD and FET+1 variants on hand, but am needing to get new components, amazing how they disappear even buying by the 100 pc count.

The 25R can’t begin to hold a candle to the newer Efest cells or the newer Samsung cells. The VTC5 has been left behind. The newest Sony VTC6 is, however, a top ranking cell. As is the LG-HE4. My cells ARE updated, tested thoroughly and winners have been chosen. :wink: [some lights like different cells. There is no absolute here, just because a Samsung 30Q performs best in a given light doesn’t mean the Sony or Efest won’t do better in the next one. Most of these top cells are very close in current draw and lumens produced, much to close to tell a difference with the naked eye, so in the end this too is pretty much a moot point. Seems odd, I know, but run tests on 16 different cell makes through the same light, you’ll see.]

The XP-G3 has an ugly beam profile. It doesn’t lend itself to de-doming either. It can gobble up quite a bit of current and produce considerable lumens, but in the end I don’t find it favorable in a reflectored flashlight. For my needs, the XP-G3 is best suited for small cell lights with TIR optics.

If I get 10 emitters from LED ENGIN that are not W2, I’ll just use them somewhere else. At least I didn’t pay half again the emitter value in expedited shipping costs. (I DID look at DHL on this order, but wasn’t willing to pay $57 shipping) As I recall, the first W2’s that Tom tested were from this company, and he got over 1900 lumens from those few as well.

Always interesting when a new product hits the market, isn’t it? lol

I put the clear anodized bezel and factory AR lens of my Clear C8 on the old black pill version C8 with the W2. Fresh charged metallic dark purple 3000mAh Efest shows 2028.6 lumens. WoooHooooo!

Edit: For the record, this 2028.6 lumens is coming in with a 6.60A draw at the tail. :open_mouth:

Hows the throw?

This is domed… I don’t care much for throw in a C8 sized light, much prefer a usable hot spot with spill.

Yea but the XPLs are fairly small and with that kind of power it will still throw far? It will out throw a Domed XML2? It will probably beat a stock C8 with a XPL-HI.