Which battery for BLF X5 - Nitecore Ni14500A or Sanyo UR14500P?

If I could I would buy Efest purple or Windyfire…but only these two are available. I want to be able to draw 5A.

In theory Nitecore is more suitable for high drain, but Sanyo apparently is doing better in “real life” (saw comparison in this forum)…just not sure if it’s safe for the battery? Sanyo is not rated as high discharge, so running it that high could be dangerous, even if it gives all the power?

PS. How about Efest 14500 red? Any thoughts?

Anyone…? Anything……? Putting poor battery in X5 is profanation! :wink:

I’m using a red AW IMR. So I can’t really say :confused:
But the Nitecore is a safe battery to go with :slight_smile:


The SANYO's are great little cells - I've used them a long time. In an X5, it's a single cell DD setup, so definitely safe - probably won't get 5A though.

FrankenDale usually gets the most out of the Efest when doing his tests. Considering what these lights do...do not worry about it. Get a couple of each, and make sure you bypass the springs. Any difference in the draw will not be visible to the eye provided you use a quality battery.

Can, thanks for the tip. I was thinking about those trustfires, but didn’t find any review. It’s just suspicious that it has such good price and parameters… Did you have a chance to see it working or compare to other cells?

One more question about trustfires from gearbest - some time ago I bought this one:
It’s TrustFire 14500 3.7V 900mAh. According to this review: Test of TrustFire 14500 900mAh (Flame)

It’s pretty good for the price. BUT - maybe I’ve got a fake one? Here’s why:

  • lenght is good over 52mm (while it should be almost 51
  • I’ve just used my Lii 500 charger with “Fast test” mode to check it - measured capacity is 278mah…

Am I doing something wrong? I know that “fast test” is less accurate, but result should be at least 2x higher.

Does Going Gear ship internationally or is this too expensive?

Fyi - never trust a TrustFire or UltraFire (most other xxxFire) cell, never. I've given up on any of those cells long ago - specs are made up, fakes are more common than real, but who knows if a real TrustFire cell exists anyway? They stuff them with some powder around an AAA size core, they will last a few charges if you are lucky, .... I can go on and on - horror stories abound.

I tested the following in my stock X5:

  • SANYO 840 @4.20v: 3.35A at the tail (clamp meter)
  • EFEST 650 mAh purple @4.21v: 4.60A at the tail (clamp meter)
My SANYO cell is pretty darn old, so a new one would probably do much better, so not quite fair comparison, but doubt you will get much better than 4.2A from a new SANYO cell. SANYO cells you can "Trust" though - very good reliability, great capacity, so-so performance compared to the top EFEST and WindyFire cells.

Found this in my collection of 14500’s and didn’t realize it was a high drain, says capable of 9 amps on the wrapper and I measured 4.82 amps @ 4.21 volts on my DMM with short heavy wires on the X5. It did way better than expected.
Only rated at 600 Mah however but these size batteries rarely give much more than that anyway.

Quick update, just tried it again and hit 4.76 but drops pretty quick to the 4.40’s and then the light gets hot quick in my hand since I am holding it around the fins, goes into step down within 30 seconds.
Hard to hold the ground wire firm on the small rim of the battery tube.

Edit , Just discovered that the thermal kickdown was set too low, went into config section #7 and set it up high and she is holding in turbo now for as hot as I care to get it.

The Efest and Windyfires probably will be the best for this light but the Xtar is still decent.
This X5 is so awesome!

Brett, Going Gear ships internationally via USPS or Fedex - means far too expensive.

Thanks for the measurements Tom. I was hoping that gearbest has pretty good reputation…but I’ve learned the lesson.
I wish I could order efest purple, but nothing in reasonable price (at least 12EUR for shipping only).

After all I’ve ordered Nitecore Ni14500A from bangood.

Muto - thanks for pointing that XTAR, I’ve missed it! For some reason could not find it throug search…

Do you have an exact link to the NiteCore cell? Ones I've used in the past are protected and performed poorly. Dunno if protected cells fit.

Ohhh - found it: http://www.banggood.com/Nitecore-IMR14500-650mAh-6_5A-Rechargeable-Li-Mn-Battery-p-972748.html

By the specs, it should do ok - not protected, might be equal to the EFEST .

bugsy36, any chance you could give details on how to do a spring bypass or point me to somewhere that explains about it? I just got my Al X6 & X5, and will likely want to do this to them. Thanks.

I have made these visual, side-by-side tests comparing the Nitecore IMRs and Sanyo UR14500P using 2 Nitecore EA11s:

Hmm, that looks like if you’re lucky with getting genuine trustfires (if there’s a thing like that) - it works pretty well for the price.

Duvallite, as far as I know there’s no need to do the spring bypass - quoting from BLF X6/X6 thread:

If you want to see how it looks like - I think it’s enough to search for pictures on google. They’re using either Copper braid or 22AWG silicon wire. With silicon wire - bypass is sometimes outside of the spring (somehow around it). Not sure what is better.

Trustfires are fail. When you need the amps...they will falter, shut down, etc. Get a decent battery. Of course, YMMV... H)

I prefer silicone down the middle (holds up better than the braid - braid can weaken/break), but in a dual spring setup, the gain is small, and you'd probably have to remove the inner spring.


Thanks for your test - I am sure that your honesty is beyond reproach, but I sense that there is something very wrong here…

I find it curious that a High Drain IMR would be so easily out performed by a High Capacity low drain cell.

You can see what our own ‘RMM’ has to say about the Excellent Sanyo UR14500P 840mAh Battery here:


I believe that the under performing “Nitecore IMR”cell in question is NOT a Nitecore cell at all, or even an IMR for that matter - It is the Ultimate Fake… To fake something that does not even yet exist. - Brilliant!… If you are of a criminal mind, that is :wink:

Go to the Nitecore website here:

At the top look at ‘Products’ - Search for this 14500 ‘Nitecore’ IMR and you will Not find it.

Now go to Google Images and look for it there… There you will see it, or a least something something like what we a looking for - Problem is - No where does it say “Nitecore” on the label!


Don’t be fooled by the Nitecore 750mAh cell that does say “Nitecore” on it - It is Genuine; a protected, Low Drain ICR, not at all what we are needing for a Direct-Drive light. - Just try to find the so called 650mAh “IMR with the Nitecore Brand on it. - I’ve never been able to.

I really do wish someone will come along and prove me wrong.

Please understand that I am all about You Guys, and I do care about what you spend your money on.

I have no ties to anyone in the Flashlight or Battery business.

Thank you,

Hmm…that would be…spectacular crime.

To be honest - I rather trust banggood - if they have it on stock I tend to believe that it’s genuine. Sometimes it happens that manufacturer does not list all products on site, but if it’s not online does not mean it does not exist. Hey, I never had facebook and I really exist. :wink: But still - what you’re saying IS possible, so I never say never.

This difference between sanyo and nitecore is very strange to me…maybe it has something to do with good connection? Like nitecore is button top while sanyo is flat top and it somehow fits better EC11? We all know that bypassing spring can make a huge difference, so maybe it’s something like that…just guessing.