WhichThruNite Ti did you get?

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Wondering what everyone is getting from the Thrunite deal here:

I got the pink model and so did my buddy

I got the 3 lumen in what I believe is gold. It looks pretty orangish for a gold color.

I want them all :)

(was going to give Craig credit for the photo but ....it's kind of obvious )

Got my pink 3 lumen one just now. Very nice, but I’ll definitely be giving it away (haven’t opened the box, though I might put some lube on it and stick in an Energizer AAA before I part with it).

Like I said before, for $5, who’s complaining - it’s a great deal.

Mine was a different color to the second on the left. More orange.

Red (purple) 3 lumen low!
A gift to a female friend, or my sister

(my wife already has an ITP a3)

Noticed my blue Ti had what looked to be a brass trim ring on the head below the knurling of the head. Looking closer, the pic above must be with no battery with the head fully seated.

With a Duraloop in my sample the head will not seat all the way down even when turned on bright (without potentially crushing the battery and possibly breaking something). Hopefully the o-ring is far and tight enough inside the tube to seal.

PS - the blue color is pretty much right on when I put it next to the picture and hit it with light. I suspect my grand-daughter is going to want this one for her purse.

My “pink” Ti has brass showing in the gap between the head and body about 1/16 - not ano. like in the pictures. It makes a nice accent but seems a little unfinished. I wonder how long that piece of sponge rubber that it uses for a spring lasts? It looks hard to replace.

There’s no problem with o-ring seal. It’s deep. You’ll only get rid of the brass ring reveal if you remove the battery. It ain’t broke so don’t worry about fixin’ it.

I had thought about the sponge material myself. If it flattens with wear, surely there must be a replacement. Dunno.

Maybe ask em.

ETA: Above said, I actually made one for the P0 with flex tubing. Then 4 sevens came out with a redesign of a resilient long lasting type of rubber one. So it’s doable even if Thrunite doesn’t offer a replacement.


Got a blue, 3 lm Ti, very happy with it.

Rather loose head. Changed the o-ring with a slightly thicker one to prevent accidental turn-on or that it looses its head while mingling with my keys.

Mines a 3 lumen gold and … bent. Oh well so much for that. :frowning:



Got a gold 3 lumen low. Not exactly the color and low mode I was looking forward to, but for $5 I can’t complain.

Got mine today green with 3 lumen firefly mode…

The brass pill was pressed into the head at a slight angle so it didn’t go all the way in. It was sort of crooked/bent when you screwed the pill head assembly on the body. I was able to press it in fully via hammer and cutting board and it corrected itself.
Happy now with that.

So far Red is <33% and Gold is NOW the new black?

PS - I’ve been wondering what those who have the firefly had it say on the box. Mine says firefly and then 3 lumens so it’s not really a firefly. On the T10’s true firefly I can look direct at the emitter and not squint . . can’t do that on the Ti 3 lumen version.

You're right the firefly is much dimmer than the 3 lumen version ..I got a gold 3 lumen and wish I got the pink/red instead .

The 3 lumens is an excellent low ..