Why you should never buy to Gearbest

Hello everyone.

Do you want to read a real experience about incompetence and uselessness?

Well, I can do it but is a long story. I have been trying to solve my problem for six months but they are absolutely incompetent.

I will write a lot but you must read it. Is funny and very informative

the 13th December I bought this flaslight HD-16: http://www.gearbest.com/led-flashlights/pp_71062.html
I waited 1 months to arrived, all is ok, but when I received it and I openned the box I discovered that there aren’t into the box the flashlight and the rubber rings!!! mmmmm “well… I don’t like this, maybe is little mistake don’t worry Mafo” I openned a ticket with my problem to Customer service , or better, the Unselessness Customer Service.

This is my first message:


I send this e-mail because I am very dissapointed with my first purchase on this website. I have received the order today and when I have opened the box I can see that the light and the rubber rings aren’t into the box! So I have paid 31$ only to the middle of things. Please I want a fast and free solution.


Dear Javier,

Thanks for your message and inquiry.

Please login our website and check your order record .
You only bought a UltraFire HD-16 Cree XM-L L2 2400lm LED White Bicycle Headlight (LJ0022602 $31.99 ) ,no rubber rings

If there are any additional problems or further queries, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Have a nice day!
Best Regards
Nydia “*”

good job customer service because if you see the “package include” you can see that there are include 2x rubber rings, You can’t see only the tittle!

Wel… in the nexts messages I explain again the problem and I included pictures with the objects missing and Nydia understood it :slight_smile:

Dear Javier,

Thanks for your reply.

We will arrange the reshipment for 1x headlamp and 2x rubber rings soon

That reply is to 2th January, I waited since 27th January and I openned a new ticket about delay. And Gearbest reply this:
Dear Javier,

Thank you for placing your order with us. We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience that may have been caused.

We have shipped your 1x headlamp and 2x rubber rings out.
The delivery information
customers: Javier xxxxxx, shipping address: Crta. Monxxxxx , city: xxxx, state: Alicante, zip_code: 0xxx, country: ES, phone: 647xxxxxxx

reference number: NL14219808267530, shipping method: Netherlands Post surface mail, shipping date: January 23,2015 15:10:21 PM PST, estimated time: 15-25 business days

sku*quantity:SP002 * 1

Can you believe!!!?? so 20 days that they don’t send me nothing!! So I must to wait other month! (totally now? 2month + 1 month more now…)

But the story will be more stupid.

I received the package and when I openned it surprise! the new package has a 2x rubber rings and 1x headBAND!! whatt? again wrong?? I needed headLamp not a headBand.

So now? oooopen a new ticket and I explain this. I write the customer service that I need a headlamp! I send pictures with a the flashlight inside the circle with text “missing” I explain that I have:
1 x Headband,
2 x Rubber Rings,
1 x AC Charger
0!! x Headlamp

But The customer service NEVER but NEVER will see your pictures, I am sure because when I send it he say me “ok, I’m sorry, What is the problem exactly?” really!! you only need to see the picture!!

well… 1 week more later all is ok and they said me that they will send me the headlamp.

and 1 month later I received and…. SURPRISE!!! other headband!!! REALLY!! this is soooooo funny!

I openned a new ticket… send news pictures, try t explain the problem. Maybe I must to use other words and not only headlamp.

But of course they allways:

They don’t believe me first and all is ok and is my problem and I must to accept the coupon of 6$ to others orders. (this is inacceptable! the flashlight cost 31,99:money_mouth_face: but after to pictures and etc… I win and they sent me again the headlamp.

1 month more later… I received and…… SURPRISE!!! AGAIN A F**king headband!!

Now I am in April… I am to tired about all this. Paypal don’t retund my money because with this shop is impossible. So the only solution is open a new ticket so I do it.

Open a new ticket and again I try to explain all… but now I never used the word “headband” now I prefer to say lamp maybe this is easier to the uselessness customer service. pictures, emails etc etc….

1 month later…. I received and…. SURPRISE!!! not is a headband but now is a LED!, yes, only a simple LED!!! this is amazing.

I was to tired and angry with this and I open a complaint and they reply:

“all is okey, we send that you wanted.

I will close this ticket”

What!!??? and nothing more! bye bye! So I openned a new ticket explain again all that I want that they REFUND all my money or full order refund. I don’t know more words to flashlight… (headlamp, lamp, light, flashlight…”

But the reply is very simple. If I want my money I must to send them all my articles. (the shipping is more expensive than other new flashlight) or they give me 20$ to buy another article. So yes or yes I will lose money.

I send a email to say that this is inacceptable and that I want money or full order. And they now say that this flashlight is OUT STOCK… what coincidence!! ¬¬’

Now a sent a message asking to how much time I must to wait to this flashlight is in stock. I am waitting now the reply.

conclusion: 6 months later, when I buy it the night coming 05:30 pm but now? 09.50 pm… I don’t need a flashlight now. They never see your pictures, they are incompetent, they will try cheat you with coupons. Now I have 3xheadbands and 0x flashlight ¬¬’. I have lost the money, I can wait toher 1-2months for a new flashlight or other headband of course… hahaha or I can to lose more money if I want the refund.

For all this you mustn’t buy to gearbest. Maybe you buy and all is ok but if they lose some article or you have only 1 problem. You must forget your money! ABSOLUTELY INCOMPETENT.

I hate that you’re having issues with them. I’ve bought many items from gearbest.com and have never had a problem. I understand where you’re coming from though, I would be upset as well. Whenever I order a new light, I usually can’t wait until I get it so it must be frustrating with all of the issues you’ve had and still…no light. Have you tried posting in Gearbest’s thread on this forum. It may help if you do. I wish you the best luck in getting this resolved.

what happened with paypal? did you file a claim?

believe me… I hate this more. the solution is soo easy, only need the flashlight. Only this, I don’t want more… xD

Yes of course, I phoned to the paypal agent but they can’t to do nothing… I don’t know why but they say me that with this shop is impossible… Maybe because is too time, I phoned them about 4 months later to buy it.

Gearbest has a rep who posts regularly on this forum... Maybe if you send them a PM, they can assist?


I can relate a little. This out of stock tactic and those coupons/wallet stuff is never done ok. I literally had to harass their CS many times daily for 2-3 days to get stuff done….

A lot of chinese stores have horrid, useless customer service. You always need to open a Paypal dispute before the payal dispute time limit runs out.

No offence mate, you speak better English than I do Spanish… but im guessing its Spanglish translated into Chinglish and the result is headbands. You got to laugh mate, or you will go mad.

As someone said, theres people from GearBest who post here, give them a chance to sort it for you.

Very true. Wish I could laugh more… I’m afraid I’m destined for madness. :face_with_monocle: Someday I’ll be mad as a hatter.

Well… they do have horrible refund policy… I ordered the same light light yours on march 28th and to this day I haven’t receive it… I emailed them like 5 times and they always said, please wait for few more days and contact us again… finally after 2 months they decided to refund me but only $8 or pay another $10 for shipping and handling… WTF?!?

I paid $24.52 and they lost the package and now they only willing to pay $8 for refund?
Should avoid them in the future like a plague…

Yes of course other packages that I have received really is very funny. Open it, headband again! Bravo! but when they say me that is my problem or that they give a 8$ coupon or 20$ is not funny. Because I have explained, in good english, bad english or spanglish (I must to say that thanks to gearbest, I have improved my english a lot :crown: ), I have used a lot of words to “flashlight” with pictures and they never see them… so is very frustating.

I have read a lot of stories about the Gearbest and believe me, you don’t want to buy in this website.

I will speak with the user Gearbest in this forum and I wait because I have lost the money and I can’t to do more. well… I can to sell the headband!!! someone want??? very cheap! only 31,99$.

Why do people insist on dealing with awful CS directly when they refuse to refund fully? Sure you contact their CS, explain the issue, let them respond. They either have sent a new one without more money from me, or have given a full refund, anything else Im straight to PayPal to open a dispute. And if they say they have sent a new item, Im opening a dispute with Paypal at the 44 day mark from payment, not from the date of resend etc. Google Calendar will help you keep the dates in mind, with a nice reminder sent via email to my phone on the day.

You can always cancel the dispute if they get their act together before PayPal act on them.

I read your story and want to shake my head at Gearbest and say "unbelievable" but with gear best I can't say that. It's totally believable and have had my own go round with their CS and only today got my replacement SWM C22C to replace a defective one. Never again will I buy from them.

No way man, now we pretend that some guys from GB come here and resolve all this fuc**ng questions!
We are a community, so we are strong. If they want to work with us again in the future, must come here and do something!!
Too bad!! |(

Amazing!! C.S gearbest are totally swindlers!! look that.

Gearbest Customer Support At :05/31/2015 10:22:02 PM
Dear Javier,

I am sorry for this unsual delay to reply you and we will make sure it does not happen again.

1. I knew you total paid us 31.99usd, if you want get this full refund, please return back all the items you have received , at the same time, please refer to our warranty: http://www.gearbest.com/about/warranty-and-return.html;You should pay the returning back shipping fee;

2. The item is out of stock now, it means we have not stock temporarily, later we will have stock of the item.
Thank you for your understanding and confirm with us according my previous message.

If you have any further questions, please feel free to contact us again.
Hope you have a nice day.

Best Wishes

Javier Macia At :06/01/2015 03:37:31 AM
Dear Elie.

I don’t like your solutions, anyone, and I’m going to write all this in the forums.

Well. I don’t want 20$ and neither that I send to you my items because is more expensive than a new flashlight.

So I think that I prefer wait to the item is stock. How much time will I to wait more o less? Because I prefer wait and you send me again the full order. Is that possible? Maybe os this way all of us will happy.

Wait your reply. Thanks.”

Gearbest Customer Support At :06/01/2015 05:52:42 PM
Dear Javier,

Thank you very much for your recent message.

Please refer to my previous message and make a decision, thank you.

If any problem, please feel free to contact us.

Best regards,

WTF?! they force me to make a decision with their 2 stupids solutions. I propose other option C (to wait that the stock is ok) and they don’t deign to answer me. Each day I am more sure that Gearbest is a swindler.

Hi. I am extremely sorry for the problem you encounter and apologize for any inconvenience caused on our company’s behalf. I have PMed you. I will follow up your orders and try my best to help you in this issue.


Mafo, make sure you post back resolution of this case now that BLF’s GearBest CS rep has stepped in ;)!

Am I the only one that thinks this belongs HERE ?

I guess link to this thread there would be more appropriate?

He ordered a flashlight.
GearBest sent headbands and no flashlight.
He complained.
GearBest sent more headbands, but still no flashlight.

He should get a full refund, no questions asked. GearBest may as well have substituted his flashlight request for toothpicks. He should not have to return the items at his expense because the problem is all GearBests mistake.

If GearBest want the good back, then GearBest should pay for return delivery.