WTS seller warning list

Hi everyone,

The vast majority of personal transactions between individual BLF users are legitimate and turn out well for both parties. But every once in a while I receive private reports of transactions that have "gone south". As a forum, BLF is not responsible for these unfortunate situations, as stated in our policy:

On the other hand, BLF does not condone illegal activity or other shady business practices:

So, while I do not personally moderate or oversee personal business transactions between users, if a certain individual achieves notoriety due to a single event or a series of illegitimate transactions, I do want BLF users to be informed and extra cautious in the future with that individual. Although the BLF Privacy Policy does not allow me to publish personal information about users, I can post their username(s) and links to public threads that elaborate on the problems. So here's the short list of problem sellers that have come to my attention:

Seller Warning List

Wow, so they are the same person?

To a reasonable degree of certainty, yes.

I will stop posting the same thing in two threads now. :wink:

EDIT: removed information, as OP did eventually come through.

I actually received a gaw light from him a couple of years ago.
It was quite a hassle since he did not react the way we are used, he had several excuses, but i eventually got it

I am glad you did not get stiffed. If he eventually holds up his end of the trade, I will update the threads accordingly. I said from the beginning that if there was some sort of delay I would not mind as long as he communicated. I can see from Facebook that he is online and has access to a phone/computer so there’s no reason for him to ghost me.

Will any further action be taken against these people?

We have this guy on Reddit.

“Do not respond to offers from bu_mike47.

Confirmed scammer.”

Yes. Karma will definitely strike. If you need to scam ppl then you are pretty shitty person and probably hang out with pretty crappy people doing pretty crappy drugs and their life will be, all in all, pretty crappy.

I found it curious that a person put enough effort to have 2 plausible accounts.
I did some analysis of Cereal_killer / TrueRMS:

  • they use similar language
    • they both use arnt
    • they both use gotta
    • they both use atleast
    • they both use AngryBlue™
    • (exception) CK used avoide 3 times / 4005 posts, TrueRMS 0 / 306 posts
  • they never talked with each other publicly

Really, I trust sb’s analysis more than mine but this check has satisfied my curiosity.

Shame on you CK, I wouldn’t expect you do do such thing.


He cereal_killer is the same guy from maybe 9 months, a year or so ago that had someones light for several months before returning it. CK disappeared and would not respond. From what I remember he has done that same thing in the past.

I think the guy who was waiting for his light[s] started a thread about it.

I sold him a light several months ago. I guess I was lucky because I did not get scammed.

Needless to say if he is still around or comes up with another alias, I will avoid him completely. I know his address.

Then again he may have other addresses he might use.

I guess the money flux from him to you could have determined the success of the operation.
Trading or buying from him could probably end differently, as many others unfortunately did.

I was interested in buying some drivers from Cereal_killer (for my Nitecore D10), after he did that mod on his lights.
He was kind and helpful in our conversation. It was in December, and he said he was taking some time off (vacation maybe), so we never firmed the deal.
He hasn’t logged ever since that time, so now I think I had a X-Mas gift by not spending money on the driver. Otherwise I would probably still be without it and without the money.

It is quite shameful to act like this in such a nice “community”. :zipper_mouth_face:
I hope he/they can make the things right for all the members that got scammed :+1:

I also had a bad experience with cereal killer. But after a long time he did eventually send me my lights. This transaction was about 4 years ago. He disappeared for a while and came back like last year and started to be active again, and started selling stuff on here. I wanted to post on his threads to beware of seller but I gave him benefit of doubt. And I followed his FS threads, most went smoothly but some took a while. And now I see this… what a low life.
Since were on this topic, can I also add another name to the beware seller list. I never mentioned this to the forum because I’m just not the usual type to put people on blast, but how’s a great opportunity. Beware of Djburkes, he scammed me of about $300 worth of modding services and lights. I dealt with him 2 times prior with no issues at all. But the third time, he disappeared. I have his address also , but he doesn’t care. He is a low life as well. Sucks too, he was also active member. …. I’m pretty sure he’s still here, just under a different name. Shame on you djburkes!

I will speak neither good nor ill of CK. It is a shame though that some individuals have had these negative experiences. :frowning:

I’ll just say that it is easy to disconnect the online world with “the real world.” It is one thing to state facts such as not receiving a light or goods/services in a timely manner (or at all). To bring that to light and advise others not to have business transactions is perfectly fine and prudent.

But to call out the character of someone that you have no in-person dealings with is shaky territory. Life catches up with all of us at one time or another. Perhaps legitimate life situations have come up for CK. I hope whatever he/she is going through gets resolved.


Edit: please don’t take this as me condoning CK’s actions. What has been reported is very serious and needs to be dealt with appropriately.

Character is often determined by action, or lack thereof, and there is no excuse for lack of communication or explanation.

It’s people like you that keep me honest. I now have to go turn in that money I found on the sidewalk.

The shame about all this is they have boundless imagination and decent skills to make their creations come to light. Maybe that’s part of the disease that fails them.

Some people have psychological problems that are invoked by the right trigger. Otherwise, they’d be normal & considerate people. What happens when the trigger kicks in, is a significant perspective shift. The break in communication may not necessarily be due to malfeasance. It could even come down to irrational fear, if someone is struggling to adhere to a promised schedule. People like this sometimes “return”, and duly apologize, then make good on outstanding debts. Other times, the shame is just too intense and they run away. I didn’t interact with CK, so I’ve no idea if this is applicable to him. Hopefully there will be an atonement & revelation of why he shut down on his obligations this way.

C_K is a very skilled flashlight modder, he made me a driver once and sent me some parts, that was done in a careful way with some bonus parts too. The fact that he does know what he is doing and that there are good experiences dealing with him too, makes it tempting to do business with him, but there have been reports of deals going wrong for a couple of years already.