Wuben T103 XHP35Hi 1280lm 1*18650

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A few days ago I published a review of the Wuben I333 flashlight, today the T103. Should you be interested in the T103? I invite you to the test.

The Wuben T103 is available in Banggood, for example. The merchant has provided a discount code: WUBEN T103 XHP35-E4 1280Lumens wiederaufladbare LED Taschenlampe +18650 Sale - Banggood Deutschland sold out-arrival notice-arrival notice (my reflink) with the code: WT103, the price drops to $ 55.44

The manufacturer’s specifications and information are available on their website: Wuben T103 Pro Tactical Flashlight | Premium Pro Tactical Lighting

And here you will find my review of Wuben I333: Review WUBEN I333 Black Vulture - Iron Man

Remember that nice black pack in which the I333 was packed?
I do not know if the official sale of Wuben T103 is also delivered in this super suitcase, but she is doing the best job Smiley . The suitcase is great and the pattern imitating drops of water - something amazing

The set includes:

- Wuben T103 torch

- C-type USB cable with braid, length about 55cm, short, very good quality

- backup Oars

- the same hard wrist strap (too long)

- charger with EU plug, charger reportedly 2A, my meter shows about 1.6A (another charger on the same test set has no problem with 2A). Very cool tip exchange system

- user manual

- clip

  • 2600mAh secured (as my only 18650 secured with 8A + load test, plus for Wuben)
    The suitcase does not know if it is part of the equipment or whether the flashlight sold in eg Banggood is packed in some other way. This will verify the first photos Smiley

Wuben T103, pretty or ugly? It’s hard to say. On the one hand good performance, looking from the front looks pretty nice, but this cap … something missing me

Glass with AR coatings, SMO spotlight, but … these strips, I do not like them, I do not like them very much. I remember the EAGTAC S25L-R, the spotlight just wowed, and it still does. Not that this Smo with smoothness has little to do with the addition of the papery on the headlight, Wuben, what happened? ; (
Cold color XHP35Hi, without unnecessary blue color, etc., well centered

Metal lace - no doubt adds the charm of T103

Comparing directly the size of the headlight in the said EAGTAC and Wuben - Verdict: Wuben is smaller

On the head thick, massive ribbing, slightly sensible under the finger, cool made + inscription Wuben Since 1981 at the very top

Under the ribs there is a place for cutouts, which are to reduce the possibility of rolling the torch

Wherever there is a driver, diode etc., delicate incisions, it will certainly allow you to give warmth to the environment - here the warmth is the warmest

Tested Wuben I333 had a great button - really fantastic, backlit, informative about the current charge level, and in T103? Shines only when we load a link, what went wrong? It’s not all its faults. While the button itself works nicely, the rubber that secures it probably stickes to the button and every time we hear the characteristic “flap, flap …”, I do not like it.
I described to Wuben my comments about the button, wrote that they would think about improving it, I look forward to reviewing other users.

On the other side of the USB port, secured not like I needed it. The eraser is of low quality, and will not change even the quality of the flashlight. Power adapter included 2A, good quality USB cable, and charger performance in the lantern? - 1A. When the charging button is lit in red, the charging end turns blue. For charging we have to leave the flashlight on (and not illuminated during charging), bad contact, ie, not included back click - will flash the blue LED of the switch. End of charging is at 4.17V - very good.

The center tube is undocked, and well. I like simple things, traditional, but it? Wuben went too far into traditional simple solutions. He made a few cuts and said - enough. Performance is good, but lacking “taste”

Caps - Cosmic patterns like in I333, it’s not for me. The button works great, hard with the right click, just like I wanted to

The competition is thicker, but we can not complain at all. The manual says it should be lubricated every six months - it is a pity that Wuben is dry from the news …

Screw in the middle - a “tucked” spring, or is that a product that goes through quality controls? The spring is hard, and better quality than many tested lanterns, leaving only such visual distaste …

Same as the I333, the modes work from the highest to the lowest. The manufacturer gives instructions for thermal protection, reversed polarity (not tested), low voltage information (about 3.8V every 5 minutes flashes 3 times until about 3.1V turns off in TURBO. and switch to lower mode - the flashlight will light up to +/- 2.8V - until it turns off.
Flash modes activate fast - double click
Keeping in mind where the button is more than 1 second - activates instant TURBO, the same solution as the I333, a solution that I miss very much in other lanterns - it is sensational and simple, use eg from low mode, you need more light for a few seconds You do not have to click through all the modes - just hold down the button. You’re off and you’re low again.

Unfortunately we do not have full stabilization in the highest mode, only drop from 1280lm to about 68%

The chart where I got 1280lm for 100, cool stabilization at about 900lm, and the TURBO working time on the Sanyo NCR18650GA for over 90 minutes - I think it’s better than 100 stabilization, but the work time is only 40 minutes.

I checked how much current gets T103 in every mode of the cell, in Turbo is about 4A, so the values seem to be true.

In addition, using the “Lux Meter” Android application and calculating the brightness of each mode, I compared the measurements to 1280lm mode and look promising. Remember that the phone is a multifunction device and its light sensor does not work perfectly (the phone is Xiaomi Redmi Note 4). I often complain that interesting flashlights have poorly spaced modes, T103 has something between 200lm is daily use - it has a mode of about 500-600lm and then TURBO is almost 1300lm.

Recently I tested JETBeam TH20 - I was paying attention to the perfect alignment of the elements in one line. Here we see that the cut on the head is slightly offset, but the model, the button and the letter on the top are perfectly even. Even the incisions on the center tube are perfectly aligned with the elements mentioned - it looks beautiful (I did not capture it in the picture)

Size comparison to JETBeam TH20 and EAGTAC S25L-R; sincerely? EAGTAC the most beautiful Smiley

Field shooting, camera settings ISO-200, f / 2, 2s, white balance
Wuben T103 XHP35Hi

Wuben I333 XP-L Hi


HaikeLite SC01 XHP35Hi Turbo (The picture may not be as prominent, but EAGTAC is noticeably better than Wuben)

HaikeLite SC01 XHP35Hi High

Full size photos:

Some words of summary:
T103 - half the price EAGTAC S25L-R, smaller, worse performance, worse appearance (my rating), quality, hmm EAGTAC is more pleasant, otherwise lies in the palm, it’s a completely different torch.
At half the price of the Wuben T103 we can have Convoy C8, for example, with a charged link I think it will light a little closer.
Generally speaking, the quality of the work is not bad, I pay attention to the papros on the headlight, a strange working button safety eraser and in my copy the visual defect of the spring. Also remember about the USB port eraser - it seems to be a delicate, an element that you just have to watch out for.

Is it worth buying it? As a gift for someone - good looks, performance, great driver (very simple, without unnecessary modes) with full equipment ie good 2600mAh link, charger, etc., for $ 55, pretty cool kit. I have many flashlights for the driver, Wuben, despite not being a well-known company has created a very simple and very good driver, with direct access to the momentary TURBO of each mode, hidden flashers, I just miss the I333 button.
A small thrower with full equipment, good performance and a driver, for $ 55 especially for a gift - I found this to be a good choice.

And what is your opinion?

Best regards

Thanks for the review mate.
I like how it steps down to 900 lumens. And not so really low figure like 400 or something.
Will you be reviewing the T102? I am more interested in that light.

I will not have the T102, but see here - Review: Wuben T102 / XHP70 single 26650 Allounder

Torch made great :slight_smile:
I do not recommend just throw to the water.

Already at 3.8V switching to TURBO mode flashes 3 times and in about 10 seconds will reduce the current drawn from the cell to about 1.75A, the rest are described in the table.
With 3V switched on, it switches off in a moment, we can switch to lower mode and so in High gets about 1.43A, after a few minutes and here it will turn off.

They released a new version of the T102. Wuben posted on here in the past saying the first version had problems.

Does this have memory? Or does it start on Turbo every time?

It has the memory of the last mode.

mine starts up in the last mode used as well. It only starts on turbo if that was the last mode used prior to shutting the light off

Intriguing light. In comparison to others on the market though, output is fairly low. For example the Klarus XT12GT and Skilhunt S3pro are both around 1600 lumens and similar features like on-board charging and dual switches.

The spot size on the XT12GT and the T103 are similar in size but you are correct, the XT12GT is brighter. One nice thing about the T103 (compared to the XT12GT) is that it has a lower output on the lowest setting. The only real annoyance about the T103 is that when switching to the highest setting, mine blinks 3 times every time I enter the highest output. Not sure how I can change that, or if it is even possible. I don’t have the S3Pro to compare to

Thanks, :expressionless: well this one’s off the list for a tactical light then.


Bought this light from banggood and just received it yesterday. Tried it on, light beam was yellowish color. The light tint says 1A and temp is 6500 K, isn’t that supposedly cool white not warm white (yellowish color)?