XHP50 Output test by Texas_Ace. Not bad results, can't wait to see the new XHP50.2

Here is yet another installment of LED Tests by Texas.

This one is sponsored by CRX, thanks for the donation!

This is an XHP50 J4 1A LED test. Same test procedure as all the other tests.

Another tough little LED, Good output and it fits in the standard XM-L footprint.

I did this test mostly as a benchmark for the upcoming XHP50.2, can’t wait to see what that does.

After the test I installed it in a supfire L3? The supfire convoy L2. I have some old numbers on this light when it had an XHP70 in it and interestingly the XHP50 got twice the throw and a bit over half the lumens.

I can also say that slicing the dome is not really worth it, throw only increased by about 10-13. It dropped about 15 lumens as well. the spot is a lot smaller but also more “jagged”. In an OP reflector it might do better. In this reflector I preferred it with the dome on.

Click for larger version:

Cool, thanks for the test :+1:

Great, high-quality information. Thanks Texas-Ace

Well done baseline for your future comparisons. Thanks for posting!

11 amps seems to be the sweet spot. :smiley:

Hi guys or gals, great work here Mr. T.A. thank you I was looking for exactly this info, really appreciate the amount of work you do…
You are aware that RMM has just got the 50.2’s… ? They are up and mounted on some great sizes of mcpcb’s. but are moving out fairly quickly,
Mt. XHP50.2 Perhaps a total of 15 assorted remain if my recollection is correct.
Richard gave this LED a try in a no mod at all C8 and said this new 50.2 is spectacular or similar words, looks like the smooth issues are over or so it sounds.
New release of the XHP70.2’s is now underway and are shipping per Cree’s email the other day,
Thanks again

I was not aware he had some in stock, thanks for the heads up. I still want to try the 50.2’s badly myself.

Yes Sir, your quit welcome, had an idea you weren’t aware, it has been just very recently, last day or two, really looking forward to the new 70.2 and talking with RMM and reading the Data sheet I fully expect all the previous issues ie: doughnut hole, are now a think of the past, so darn glad now I stopped messing with that smo L6 reflector and just shelved it, it’s back in play now for sure.

Can anyone tell what is XHP50 orientation ??

What arrow indicating ?

Thats not an xhp50.

There should be a datasheet that tells you what is what if you look up the model.

As a rule, it should be the positive to the triangle side and ground to the side the triangle is pointing to IIRC.

Yes you are in right, it is XHP35, my mistake :smiley:

I suppose if we reverse it and try to light up a flashlight there is no some kind of protection agains that and LED will be dead ?

With most 3v LEd’s hooking them up backwards will not hurt then but the XHP35 is one that can be damaged if connected backwards.

Here is the datasheet: Discontinued Products - Cree LED

It looks like I was correct above.

Yes arrow is pointing to the negative side.

I suppose that I will need to get a new one :cry:

Thanks for helping.

And get yourself a DMM that measures forward voltage.

I don’t know of any reasonably priced DMM that can measure a 12v LED. Most are lucky to measure a 3v.

Unless there are new options on the market?

I have Uni-T ut210e, and it can do 3V.
Can I test this XHP35 mounted on heatsink and directly connect wires from AC/DC adapter 12V / 0.5A ?

I mean you can power the LED from that power supply, not sure what you mean by test though, that can mean a lot of things. If you just want to see if it turns on, then yes that will work.

Yes, to see if it is working or not, just that. Thanks.

It worked, and LED is not damaged, maybe driver have some protection for that I don’t know :smiley: