XT-E Royal Blue Home-Made P60 Drop-In

I just had to try one.. Bought one of the KD XT-E P60 Drop-in modules and ordered an XT-E Royal Blue emitter from Mouser.. De-Soldered the white XT-E, Reflowed the Royal Blue XT-E, and here is what I get..

It's blindingly bright.. Not as many raw lumens as an XM-L, obviously, but the Royal Blue is so bright to the eye.. Yikes.


I'll grab an outdoor beam shot at further distance once it gets dark out. Indoors, it's just totally saturating my camera. That beam is NOT white in the center, it's deep royal blue.

Nice, What is the point of a blue emitter? I know it has something to do with hunting. ;)

No idea :) I did it for fun. What will I do with it? Not a clue..

Oh it's that kind of a project.

Blue light (just short of UV) is used a lot for seeing blood, blood trails, etc. It is also used for treating acne and a few other medical maladies. I want one. Just because. I have the usual collection of red, amber and blue filters but there is a lot of lumen loss involved. I need to look into some quality red and blue p60 drop-ins. Should be interesting.

You should pm E1320 currently I think he is doing a run of blue ones currently.

Thanks scaru.

I have a bunch of green XREs right now, I can do the blue ones. I haven't built a blue one yet, but the green ones are ridiculously bright also.

XRE Q5 1.5amps Green XRE 1.6amps

XM-L T6 Ultrafire Manafont (Left) XTE-Royal Blue N04 550mW (Right)

Nice work pilot PTK,how many amps does this driver pull?I think this would be a really useful blood trail light and I may just have to build one myself.The only blue led light I have is the pentagonlight l2 with 19 5mm led's and its beam is not very useful.

While the blue LEDs may be used for finding blood and other things, however we are not focusing on that when we make them. The XT-E Royal Blue was made to facilitate companies to use Remote Phosphor technology. http://www.cree.com/news-and-events/cree-news/press-releases/2011/august/110802-xt-e-royal


Also, the XT-E Royal Blue is the same as an XT-E white, the only difference is the chip is coated in phosphors in the white version.

@PPTK: Why did you use royal blue instead of blue?

I wonder whether XRE or XTE give the better beam profile..

Btw: I always thought UV should be invisible? So how is royal blue = UV?

Is green or red XT-E also going to be available?

I've been playing with my blue light I bought from Benckie. My cats have been doing bad things.....

blue light's really important for setting/ maintaining your circadian rhythm, so one of these might help with getting over jet lag, perhaps?

Very interested my self!

Two reasons.. 1) Because I could. 2) Because the XT-E only comes in White and Royal Blue.

For a flashlight, I would expect XR-E to give a slightly better beam profile due to it's flat die. That said, I don't find anything displeasing about the XT-E's beam.

Royal Blue != UV

UV is generally accepted to be less than 400nm. This royal blue is 460. Not UV.


You dont happen to have a blue XRE to compare to? Especially the color.

Yellowhorse mentioned that UV.. after some searching I wondered why Cree gives min. flux in lumens for blue and in mW for royal blue?

Looks something like headlights . . maybe with night vision . . or imagination.

With the spill corona, it looks like the typical depiction of an "Alien"