XTAR MP1 USB 14650/17670/18650/18700 Li-ion Battery Charger with two XTAR 18700 2600mAh Batteries are on Promotion now!!!!

XTAR MP1 Charger is designed to charge 14650/17670/18650/18700 li-ion batteries. It is designed with a Algorithm (CC.CV) charging system which can monitor the battery’s status full time and control charging safely and automatically.


Optional choice for 110-230V/USB adaptor EU or US plug:


2pcs XTAR 18700 2600mAh SANYO lithium cell inside Battery:


Well, 1x XTAR MP1 Charger + 1 x Power Adaptor+ 2 pcs XTAR 18700 2600mAh Batteries , the combination price only cost $22 USD, including shipping to all guys on BLF.

If you like them, please do not hesitate to contact us at "szws" <szws@szwholesale.com>.

Our PayPal Account: paypal@qualitychinagoods.com

Thank you!

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good deal over there, too bad i got a WP6 already.

Not bad, 2 batteries cost more than that. Another email coming.

The MP1 while not very fast does seem to be a nice little charger, I'm using mine more and more often :)

@QCG: Sub-Total: $21.68

Wow what a deal!

For that price there is no included power adapter. If you add that it's Sub-Total: $25.11

Still, the power adapter can be had for very low $ and is probably worthless anyways (see this german report about a dangerous failure, not sure if that's the same of course).

And who of us doesn't already have a usb power supply?

A very confused post after which the poster just wrote "case closed", maybe he made some big mistake but was too embarrased to admit it? He claimed the MP1 charged his 16340 with 3A with all his three AC adapters, which would at best would make the MP1 unit faulty and not the adapters? Unless you have some more details.

His DMM was showing wrong numbers, I wouldn't read too much into it.

"Fehler gefunden: Das neue Messgerät misst Mißt."

means (misspelled Mist=crap):

Found the mistake: The new DMM reads out crap.

But he also mentions the power supply was stinking (could be used a metaphor but I don't think so). And the high values didn't happen with computer usb but only via that power supply.

But well yes, that thread and its closing sucks and is very nebulous.

"Roch" means smell and not stink. Many molded plastic smell a bit in the beginning, when they get warm. Like I said ... I wouldn't read too much into that thread, if there were some serious issues, he wouldn't have closed the thread uncommented.

I'll give it a try, email sent.

Sounds like a pretty good deal for a Li-Ion beginner or for a backup.

If this is any good it will go to my brother bundled with a XM-L light and maybe turn him into one of us :bigsmile:

Got it. Your order can be sent out today, thank you.

Does the charger handle 14500's on its own? That I mostly what I have. I just got a TF Flame 18650 and could probably use a couple of better quality ones.

No, this charger can't work with 14500 for the length of 14500 is too short.

Oh just put a spacer... i use it often with 16340 which are really tiny. :)

Yes, a spacer will do. Could you please show us what kind of spacer you used on the MP1 Charger so that it can charge with 14500 or 16340? Thank you.

15mm Charging Spacer Aluminum

CR123 Spacer

something like that