$10.99 MXDL SA-16

Now $10.99

Wow, I’ll jump!

Is this a Q5 led?

Yes - XR-E Q5. Details on other sites that KD is lacking:


looks almost too good, took the bait

I'm in for one!

I bit on that one too. Great looking heat sinking, decent look to the host, lens up clip, great lanyard ring I could use on other lights, nice heavy duty lanyard. For $5 how can you not buy one?

Too good to be true but for $5 there not too much to loose… I’ll give it a try!

Ordered. Shows as back ordered in my account…

Nice find. How does that body color look in person? anyone have something similar in color?

Backordered for me too. Oh well, for $5 I can forget about and be surprised when it shows up one day.

Picked one up also, nice find!

Just snagged one too, couldn’t pass it up for $5!

Like I need another light… :slight_smile:

A lot of small stuff on the way from ebay and some other places…
It’s kinda like christmas every week when the packages show up :slight_smile:

Got a nite-ize holster for my SC600 and new leathersheath for my LM wave from U.S today! Knifecorral on ebay, good prices.

Picked one up too! thanks for the find

Backordered too. What I find a little annoying is they didn’t email and say so and it didn’t say so at the time of ordering. Bit cheeky really.

Are KD pretty good at stumping up with the goods or are they just going to sit on the money for 4-6 weeks then say they can’t supply the item?

I was ready to order but I hate it when that happens… A real
P* off.


I just grabbed a pair!! I’ll mod the tar out of these!!!


I have always had pretty goog luck with KD… they haven’t messed with me…YET!! There is always that first time and when you deal with the Japanese and Chinese discount houses, you can figure at some point you are going to get an OUCH! Ha!


Every KD order says "backordered" at first. It is KD code for "Thanks for your order, we'll ship it out in a couple days.*"

*except during Chinese holidays

Japanese too?