Budget 5700k CRI 95 100w COBs [Items in Stock]

Hi all,

I have found some supplier in Alibaba who can make 95 CRI COB for cheap and I would like to use this as my first-time selling experience. The appearance of the COB are shown below.

The brief specs are the following:

Voltage: 30-33V (starts to light at 24.5V)

Wattage: 100w (can survive up to 120w of continuous power)

CCT: 5700k <5-step MacAdam (3500k is available if there are enough people ordering)

CRI: “98+” (Manufacturer rated, actually ~95 as tested by Maukka) This LED appears to have best color rendering when running at maximum current, so keep that in mind if you plan to under-drive this.

Construction: Flip-chip (no bond wires), Silicone-based phosphors fill.

Efficacy (at full power): 80-90 lm/w

Dimension:* 40x46 mm (can use the same tapping holes as the generic 100w chinese LED. However, some reflectors might not fit these perfectly)

I have ordered samples and sent some to Maukka for testing. Here is the CRI result for 5700k CCT:

CRI test at 30w:

CRI test at 100w:

Here is the Spectral Power Distribution given by the Manufacturer:

I think this could be a much cheaper alternative to Yuji’s 100w 5600k COBs. I would like to ask if some of you are interested in these COBs.

I will order these if the total amount interested is 25 pcs or more. I expect to keep this open for signing up for a month or two.

Here is how I plan to sell these.

Update: prices now included fees.

Unit Price:


Shipping and Packaging Fees

See this for the updated shipping cost.

Standard: Thailand Post Int’l Registered Air Small Packet - (1 - 4 weeks)

—To Canada: $6.3-

To other countries: $4.73

Economy: Thailand Post Int’l SAL Small Packet or Air Small Packet - (2 - 7 weeks, depending on which is cheaper)

Non-ASEAN countries: ($2.36 for non-registered, untracked)

FREE Standard shipping eligible for the order of 5pcs or more.

Express Shipping: DHL iExpress - (2 - 5 days)

Shipping Fee: $25 (asian countries) to $45 (overseas)

*Shipping fees vary by destination, may be unavailable in certain countries.-

Note: I will declare the shipment the exact value as ordered. Be responsible for import taxes.

Payment via PayPal (the payment address will be sent via PM, buyers will be paying the fees). You can start paying after I made the purchase with the supplier. I will ship the item after you pay the item and shipping cost.

If you are interested and want to sign up, you can reply the amount you want below and PM me your name, shipping address, and telephone number. I can accept up to about 100 pcs of total order at this time.

Order have been placed, anyone interested can PM the shipping address now.

Amount available for sale:

5700k: 54 pcs
3500k: 14 pcs

—Update: Apr 20, 2019: Item has reached my country and I should be able to pick it up within next week.—
—Update: Apr 22, 2019: The goods is now with me, anyone interested please PM me the address.—

More measurements in the imgur album here:

The 5700K one is my favorite out of the three I tested. Put some current through it and the tint is quite alright (not far from D55). The 3500K was a disappointment though.

If more Canadians are interested, I can get more so shipping will be less expensive for us overall.

Edit: Will only be ordering if other Canadians want it.

I’m attracted to COBs but have no use for them. They are perhaps great for lighting projects in the house (of which I have none).

Good luck with the sales, I think it is a nice initiative.

Why would I buy this instead of a Bridgelux Vero29? The circular shape of the Vero 29 seems like a huge advantage.

For indoor lighting, I think, the 3500K variant could be a very good match for my needs. Thank you maukka for showing your results :slight_smile:

I cannot say for sure yet, but maybe I would need 3 of them.

The good thing about LEDs of this shape is that they use the same mounting holes as these types of floodlights (which is pretty much the only moddable types sold where I live):

If you are looking to retrofit one of these for higher CRI or something similar, I thought these LEDs are worth considering.

I wonder how much the output drops after being driven at 100 watts for 500 hours under the usual heat sinking an outdoor floodlight housing normally offers?

I wonder about that too. I think it can’t get any worse than the stock LED that originally comes with the flood light.

On a side note, I have retrofitted a 20w (in a 20w casing) and have it sit on my desk running 8-16 hours a day in a tropical climate for 9 months now. The light hasn’t seem to fade much from when it was first run.

I might be interested in 2. I wouldn’t mind a round one of a similar size.

Let’s count the number of people interested so far:

Here is the interest/order status:


BlueswordM: (Seeing if other Canadians want it)
Tc418: 3pcs [PAID & Shipped]
XXX-Man: 1pcs

HONDARIDER: 1pcs [awaiting payment]
adam7027: 3pcs [PAID & Shipped]

Did seller provide you with the continuous (i.e. every 30 minutes) data for the first 100 hours of those led’s ? What kind of bond wire they are using ? The fill is silicone or epoxy based ?

It’s telling the guy who has ben buying in China 250k bulb’s and flood lamps per month… ;). The big COB are the easiest for small batch production, but the trickiest for long time usage.

I have reached out to the manufacturer yesterday.

The LED I will be selling is Flip-Chip type. There will be no bond wires inside these LEDs. The filler is silicone based, as usual.

They are currently doing the light decay test for me. The result should be available in a few days.

Huh, that means better durability.


Put me Down for 3.

nice, would place it in something like this if It could work. if the LED could have an Enclosure;


The LED uses the same mounting holes as this one.

However, the reflector and lens like this one can be a little tricky to install, since my LED won’t have any holes (like the generic 100w ones) matching the prongs of these reflectors.

Here is the reliability test data from the Manufacturer. They tested on their 80 CRI version though, but the difference should not be significant.

I would be interested in 1 5700k

Interest list and shipping cost updated.