CLOSED, SOLD OUT: Group Buy: CQG S1 AAA, S2 2xAAA "Penlight", S3 1/2AAA - all *NW* XP-G2 R5 3C


Hi everyone,

You have probably seen the Ric's announcement of CQG S1-2-3 lights. Especially the S2 looks very nice and should serve well as a penlight, but for me there were two "issues":
1) No clip
2) CW emitter

The clip issue can be easily solved by buying also the DQG AAA clip, see here (attached to my CQG S1):

..but the CW is still issue for me (as a tint snob), so I wrote to Ric and asked for NW version.

=> Ric came to rescue and promised to make batch of these as NW if we can get at least 20 pcs sold.


CQG S1, S2 or S3 are $15 each, free shipping.

Upgrade to XP-G2 NW -- $2 more

Clip -- $1 more

Claw -- $1 more

Logo -- Free

=> for example: CQG S2 with XP-G2 NW & clip, free shipping & individual logo = $18

UPDATE: Order link is here:

Just go there, select the options, place your order, and enjoy!

So, who's in?

I will be in for at least 2 (probably 3 or more).

I’m in for one, possibly two!

This is great, thanks for organizing it the and Ric!

Edit: Any chance of XP-G2? :smiley:

Count me in for 1 in NW for $15 with free shipping.

If the clip is included with NW emitter for $15 shipped I'm in. Thanks, _the_!!

Thanks _the_ and Ric for organising this!

if the led is xp-g2 neutral I'm in, and even more in if the tint is around 4000K instead of 5000K. Can we have 'BLF' written on it :-)

Would like to see xpg2 in nw

You can have anything you want on it for free I’m pretty sure.

I would prefer my name.

Also keen on XP-G2 @ around 4300k if it doesn’t put the price up, but I would still pay $1-2 more for it if it was a option as they would cost him more.

if its an xpg2 i am in for at least one, possibly 2 or even 3


XP-G2 4D would be great, even with small price tag.

This! I’d love engraving as well except I want “Johnny Mac” engraved on mine, not “EZARC”. If he can confirm XP-G2 around 4300k and a clip plus free engraving it’s a no brainer for me. I hope he can confirm this stuff.

I see no problems getting this buy over 20 units. The 1st gen S1 I have is an awesome little light. Having it in a 2*AAA format for a penlight is irresistible!

Ric replied.

XP-G2 NW emitters are sold out at the moment, but will try to source them tomorrow..

XP-G2 NW -- 2usd more (he'll confirm the tint after he knows what's available - 4D preferred)
Clip -- 1usd
Logo -- Free

=> $18 with XP-G2 & clip, free shipping & logo (Sounds very good to me!)

$18 is ok with me too.


$15 - XP-G NW S2
$16 - XP-G NW S2 with clip
$17 - XP-G2 NW S2
$18 - XP-G2 NW S2 With clip
(all with optional laser etching free)

Is that correct?

1 x $17 – XP-G2 NW S2 on me please

(I have several clips already)

Thanks for doing this.

Right, but I have to ask if the G vs. G2 can be chosen individually, or if all 20 need to be the same..

I'm in for one XPG2 Nw + clip ($18)

I'll probably get it etched with my name or something.

Not sure who'd be cheap enough to get the XPG over the XPG2. It's a saving of $2!!

Haha, I’m cheap enough to consider the older gen emitter. :stuck_out_tongue:

I don’t think there’s a noticeable increase in brightness.

if we get this deal I AM IN.

Hey, XPG2 gives 20% increase in lumens per watt over XPG!

That's an increase of.. hang on, I think this is the first light I've wanted without knowing the output. Frankly I don't care as long as it's over 100. It looks pretty slick, and XPG2 is just icing on the top.

Ryan, if you don't get the XPG2 I will..

I'm in for the $18 version.

i might be in for one, not sure yet though.