confusing (to me): new driver@intl-outdoor: Nanjg 105c with wonderful modes

The driver brand is described as Qlite, but the pictures show exactly the well known Nanjg 105C. The modes are a bit different from what we are used to, so apparently it has different software (someone out there reads BLF? ):

*Group of modes:

1st Star : 2% - 25% 100% (Default)

2nd Star : 5% - 30% - 100% - Strobe (10Hz) - Beacon (cycle: 2Hz blink, 4seconds light off)

3rd Star : 15% - 100%

4th Star : 20mA - 2% -25% -100%

Look at the first and fourth mode group

But what confuses me is that the fourth group has a 20mA setting which suggests that that specific setting is not PWM, but current controlled. How do they do that without changing components?

Anyway, I ordered two.

I ordered five of those yesterday. The ready to go default mode is hi-med-lo. I must remember not to bridge that third star like the nanjg. I didn’t even notice the 20mA on the fourth. I’d like to hear about it also.

Could you put up a link to this Drive?

sorry, corrected it!

On top of the nice modes it have nice features:
*No high pitch noises
*Low voltage protection: At 2.9-3V the light will switch to an emergency low mode. At 2.8V the light will automatically cut-off.
*3.04A (8*380)

I hate pwm noise/sound. But “no high pitch noises”? :heart_eyes:
Anyone have experience with that. Can this be a 8*7135 without the whine?

The only time I have noticed whine with the 7135 drivers, has been because of poor ground. Every time I have heard whine, I find the ground is not good enough and after fixing the ground, the whine goes away. FWIW

I have a P60 with a high pitched whine on med. mode only.

mother of god, nice find, that’s it, all previously owned nanjg drivers will be going into other peoples builds, then all my lights will be getting this driver on group four!


I just ordered one and I can’t wait to try it out. Group four sounds perfect. In fact it sounds almost too good to be true. But hopefully it’s the real deal, if so I will be ordering more.

What was I thinking! I just ordered five more. You never know.

Another 5 less. I only just got bailed up for $120.00 from the better half now there is another $21.00. Any advice.

Edit. Her eyes aren't quite as good as they used to be. I've written it up in really small letters so hopefully she wont see it but I cant get blamed for not writing it down.

I found this one earlier this evening and ordered 2 of em myself. Might should have gotten more.

Sure hope it is what they say it is!!!

This is the only driver I’ve seen with beacon mode as the only blinky amongst the normal modes. Awesome for a dive light. Got to get some.

1st Star : 2% – 25% 100% (Default)
60mA 750mA 3040mA
2nd Star : 5% – 30% – 100% – Strobe (10Hz) – Beacon (cycle: 2Hz blink, 4seconds light off)
150mA 900mA 3040mA ————
3rd Star : 15% – 100%
450mA 3040mA
4th Star : 20mA – 2% –25% –100%
20mA 60mA 750mA 3040mA
BUT I need……
3-5mA 30-50mA 300-500mA 1000-1500mA and 3040mA

The original driver on on of my Crelant V9 had one of the most annoying whines possible (so loud that everyone in the room could hear it) and it was not a 7135 based driver, eve so the build was hard core). I changed it to one of my old Nanjg 150C drivers and I basically re-flowed the driver on the brass pill and the driver still whines.

All my EDC, Convoy flashlights whine intensely.

But let's be honest, with age the higher frequencies are simply inaudible, especially for men.

Truer words have not been spoken. Try talking to a woman thats as deaf as yourself (my wife) and the quickest argument starts as you do not hear properly what each other had said.

POK, 2% is 60mA like you wrote in the 4th line

Pok: You could get a NANJG105C 3.04A with custom firmware, so you can have all the modes you want…

As most know. The whine is mostly on medium.
If you cant hear it on low, take it up to your ear.

I only use NANJG105C “programmed” to high/low. Cant stand medium.
Despite that I do have a typical 2-group NANJG105C in one of my flashlights, just tried to improve the ground, tested it on low and medium afterwards but still same whine. I tested the pill (with emitter and driver) outside a flashlight too. It whines either way. I have earlier used drivers with PWM boards directly to power supply without pill or anything. Still whine…

Id guess the ability to hear the whine is a combination of age and how sensible you are to the frequency.

The best 17mm driver I have is the one that came with one a P60 cooper drop-in intl-outdoor sold a coupe of months ago. Not available now. Its nicely regulated, have nice modes (100/28/1) and no whine. No components on the spring side of the board either. Low voltage protection/warning and high temperature warning. (The high temperature warning is not that useful though, because it does not lower the mode/output)

There are many drivers out there with PWM noise. I try to avoid them as good as I can.
I Just ordered one of these qlite from inl-outdoor though. Need to test it. Its probably the best 8x7135 board out there considering modes/features/price.
If there is no whine, I will have to order more! It could easily become my favorite driver.
Still hoping something good come can out of the lightmalls custom BLF 4A boost driver…