eBay/Aliexpress 85W vs SkyRayKing, TF TR-1200 beamshots PICS UPDATED AGAIN. MORE BEAMSHOTS ADDED.

Hi guys, much to my enjoyment my HID came in today. While I wait for darkness to envelop I’m just admiring the massive size of it.

First impressions:

  • - Not very heavy
  • - Very large
  • - When turned on, for the first few seconds the bulb changes colour from 4300k to 6000k and changes back and forth for about 5 seconds (came with a 6000k bulb).
  • - Build quality is quite good.
  • - Appears to be slightly brighter than my SkyRay King when shone against a wall, but I am yet to find out how far it throws.
  • - Unlike some people the battery did not arrive ON. It arrived off, but wasn’t on full battery (somewhere from 10 to 90%, but not depleted).

After usage, some notes:

  • - It survived 1.3 meters drop test onto a brick (usually I do concrete, but I missed :bigsmile: ), it had some minor scratches in the anodized metal and a small dent in the battery tube since the battery tube is kind of thin (attributes to it’s super light weight). Btw I don’t actually know if it’s anodized or not, but it’s a matte black that feels just like ano.
  • - The head gets quite hot after a few minutes of turning on.
  • - Because the reflector isn’t quite suited to the bulb, it’s kind of mismatched it doesn’t really throw that well (but still better than everything else I have currently).
  • - It has insane usable spill, went down to the reserve to try it out and it pretty much lit up everything ~200 meters out in front of me along with having a small hotspot.
  • - The “filter” it comes with is pretty crap, it cuts the output by about 35% (by my eye estimates). It also had some dirt on it when it arrived so I washed it only to find that 2 minutes later the yellow film over the glass was peeling (off to the garbage bin that goes!).
  • - There’s no joke when I say that this is a powerful light, stupidly I nearly blinded myself from the spill by trying to see the bulb while it was on (d’oh!).
  • - The focusing function is pretty useless. It doesn’t really work, all it does it change the shape of the hotspot. Although it does somewhat work, I try to find the most focused part since you can’t see as many artifacts in the beam that way.

Anyway, tonight I’ll decide if it’s worth the $133 I shelled out for it. —-> It is definitely worth the money, it destroys the King and my old Trustfire TR-1200 lights, and although you have to wait 15 or so seconds before it reaches maximum output if you buy this, you’re pretty much only going to use it for long periods of time (e.g. fishing, hiking etc.) and not use it to find your way in your house so it’s not a big issue.

When I get my STL V6 I’ll post more comparisons.

For now, here’s a comparison to the King and the TR-1200.


Skyray King:

Aliexpress HID 85W:

HID up top, King bottom left and TR1200 bottom right:

It’s impressive the beam is visible on my phone camera :o

Blinding the possums in my backyard :bigsmile:

Currently I don’t own a camera with access to manual settings but I’ll next time I’ll try to get one. If you guys have any requests for any kind of beamshot I’ll try my best to get them for you.

Edit: sorry for taking so long, I couldn’t figure out how to post pictures! But i do now! :smiley:
Edit2: I just realised my camera settings were in ‘sunny’, so they appear to be all yellowish. The King and TR1200 are neutral tint, while the HID appears to have a somewhat warm tint after warming up. When first starting up it is quite blue though.
Edit3: Some pictures of the HID to get things into perspective:


EDIT4: some more beamshots.







This is just a photo of the spill. Super wide angle - a lot of lost light. Even though it doesn’t have a very efficient throwing head it still manages to throw far due to sheer brightness.

Can’t wait for this.

Will be interested to see how this goes as well. Been very tempted to get one but have read mixed feedback on them.
Do you have any other HID to compare to?

You won’t really see the difference absolutely correctly even if you put them side by side. Coz when your eyes “focus” at the hotspot at close distances with such powerful lights, the pupils automatically closes in. Using your peripheral vision is not that correct as well. There would be a difference detected, of course, but there would be errors…

Best is to do a ceiling bounce with a camera in manual mode, or invest in a light meter.

Beamshots … :smiley: ….

Pics added guys, if you want to request any don’t hesitate! I know it’s hard to find eBay/Aliexpress pics online, so I’ll do my best to add more.

that hid 85 is impressive pics of the actual torch ? lol

Oops, how could I forget, coming right up.
Edit: original post updated.

4th picture is good, don’t need manual settings. It just shows how much of a “thrower” this thing is even with just 75mm head diameter (ie your X100). But it’s relatively ba….this has the least throw of all the HIDs. :smiley:

Don’t mind me….

Yeah compared to other HIDs this thing really seems out of focus, but it’s not too bad if you’re not looking to through a kilometer out.

You can focus it by turning the head……just a bit, but better than nothing.

I realised that, but I also realised that it doesn’t do much. It only changes the shape of the hotspot. I always keep it on maximum throw mode, it reduces visible artifacts in the beam.

The 4300k bulb version is available on ebay: http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/320928921521?ssPageName=STRK:MEWAX:IT&\_trksid=p3984.m1423.l2649

Apparently this bulb gives noticably more output than the 6500k bulb as well as a much better tint.

If I found the 4300K version before I would’ve bought that one. But this will probably be my last HID for a year or so… at least until they come out with better heads that don’t have a crappy design that creates the world’s ugliest beam pattern (similar to incans) and uses more of the light. The eBay/Aliexpress generic HIDs have such bad throw compared to other HIDs because of the head design (plus the fast that it’s small).

Yeah, I got an N30 HID (30w) from a CPF member in Scotland almost a year ago for £100 posted with the extra car charger adapter included. People have said it’s overpriced (he paid over £160 with shipping from the US though!) but the wide reflector means it massively out-throws anything else I’ve ever seen, it reaches out to at least 800m with enough light to actually see someone stood there.

I also like the Ni-mh battery pack, heavy but no safety issues and it should age more slowly than a li-ion one I expect.

I’d love to upgrade it to a higher wattage sometime, but HID modding is never something I’ve seriously looked into and I expect I’d need a new ballast and/or bulb too

I’d also be willing to sell it if anyone out there in the UK was looking for one as this is probably the only one over here with shipping and import charges having cost so much! It is cool to compare my LED lights to but doesn’t get the use it deserves tbh.

I have a few pictures here: Imgur: The magic of the Internet The one with the one warm and one cool beamshot is the HID on the left and a Manafont/Ultrafire XM-L P60 drop-in at around 3amps on the right, so you can see it has some power!

I have forgotten how many additional lumens you get when you go from 6000k to 4300k. If i remember correct it’s about 20% thereabouts.

Most of my bulbs for the bigger HIDs are 4300k, have like 2 5000k, 2 x 30000k, 1 blue and 1 pink. :smiley:

How do I take it apart? I want to check the insides because although it survived the drop test, the head has a pretty noticeable deformation.

You can unscrew the bezel, take out the reflector/lens. There are 3 screws that holds the ballast to the top part of the alu host. Unscrew them. The ballast slides out from the battery pack side of the alu tube.

But be very very careful when it slides out. (1) Do this on a table at 0cm height. It could slide out accidentally when you are unscrewing it and it releases suddenly. One drop to the floor = new ballst purchase.

(2) Even at 5cm height, the ballst could slide out, hit the table and be twisted at a angle coz the quartz bulb caught in the tube while the bast of the ballast is on the table.

I experienced both cases before. Broken bulb. :smiley: And you need to replace the whole ballast/bulb thing.

Link to item?

The seller ended his listing but here’s a similar one: Page Not Found - Aliexpress.com

I’ve edited the original post to add more beamshots.