FS: Copper "BIG RET" S2+ triple heatsinks [Closed]

Dear BLF,
I make heatsinks.


To order, send me a PM. SALE CLOSED

Prices are in USD. Payments made via Paypal.
Add $3 to the total for USA shipping. Add $13.50 for Canada and International shipping.
Please pay as “goods and services” and include your BLF handle and what you are ordering in the Paypal note.-


Copper “BIG RET” S2+ heatsinks:
This heatsink features a large retaining ring and works with drivers that have components on one or both sides.

-DOES NOT FIT the “litnit” branded copper s2+. Might not fit other copper s2+s either. If it doesn’t thread in easily it is not going to work. Don’t try to force it.
-The pill threads will not come greased. I recommend applying a small amount of grease to the OD threads of the pill to prevent galling/binding of the bare metals, and to additionally help with thermal transfer.
-Has a 7.1mm deep driver pocket to accommodate tall inductors.
-Use external retaining ring pliers with small tips. Recommended tip: 1.2mm [.047”]
-The retaining ring is used to drive the heatsink into the light.
-The retaining ring will also unscrew the heatsink from the light. The retaining ring is designed to flex outward from moderate plier force, effectively locking it into the heatsink. If the ret ring starts to come out before the pill, just grip your pliers harder.
-Includes a brass contact button: 5mm diameter x 2mm height

Single Emitter Heatsink: [16mm star, 17mm driver.] | $15 each SOLD OUT
Triple Emitter Heatsink: [20mm star, 17mm driver.] | $15 each


You can put me down for an S2+

Beautiful piece of copper!

I don’t have a need for the others, but a copper D mag sink sounds awesome.

Put me down for 1 s2+ cu-sink, thanks.

Can you make one for Small Sun ZY-T08 and Courui D01 before you make C8 ones ? :wink:

Those look wonderful. Does the copper offer better heat sinking than the stock bras pill?

Copper is a better conductor of heat than brass so the temperature of an led on copper will generally be lower than one on brass. The highest temp is at the diode junction but improving thermal conductivity shunts the heat farther and faster.

Thank you. In that case, put me down for 1 please.

:blush: Good to hear! I hope to impress everyone with my mag heatsink.

I am currently making the C8’s and have the copper for D01’s. I will look into the ZY-T08 though!

Yep, like Rufus mentioned, copper’s superior thermal conductivity should offer lower LED junction temperatures, which is pretty important when you are substantially overdriving an LED. Brass isn’t as good of a conductor of heat as either aluminum or copper. Their thermal conductivities are:

C110 Copper: 388 W/(m K)
6061 Aluminum: 167 W/(m K)
C360 Brass: 115 W/(m K)

Brilliant job, but why threads are so square? All convoys except of mid-C8 have standart metric 60 degrees threads.

Thanks. The Convoy’s do have 60 degree triangular threads, but they are not a standard profile; they are truncated, which is to say the tips are cut off. I measured the pitch, pitch diameter, and the OD of the stock heatsink’s thread and reproduced it, after which point I increased the pitch diameter until the slop went away. Because I did not also increase the outside diameter of the heatsink, the result of increasing just the pitch diameter is a wider crest.

There really is a lot of play in the stock threads, and I got rid of it. Now I need to see if they will be too tight for anyone. This is why I am doing a small batch at first.

Not sure that this is best solution

You’ll just have to trust that I know how to make threads, and that I made the only adjustment possible in order to remove most of the slop, which is increasing the pitch diameter.

On my S2+’s (3 of them) these heatsinks install smoothly. They do not bind up or anything.

Ok, what is OD of this pills?

.855” ( 21.72mm )

I`ll take some from the next run.

Are you making a triple pill?

No plans for triples at the moment. I figure the guys with manual lathes can handle that. I’ll focus on the tricky stuff. Feel free to propose something though and I’ll consider it.

Another note regarding the heatsink threads and how they fit: there was quite a bit of dirt and crap in the threads of the heads of my S2+’s…. I cleaned them all out with a small brush before determining fitment.

Maybe you can make SS bezels for good price?
Many people would like to have them but they are out of our abilities.