Group Buy: Wuben TO50R HC ("The Flashlight") - 90+CRI, 2500+lm, EDC - CLOSED!

GB CLOSED! Thanks to everyone who joined!

DEADLINE FOR JOINING THIS GB was: Sunday, April 14th, 23:59 UTC!

Hi everyone!

After the TO46R GB, I have been working with Wuben on a very interesting project, which is now being finalized.

The light is based on the known good TO46R:

  • 2 buttons, easy to use
  • Suitable size for EDC
  • Nice and clean design
  • Micro-USB rechargeable
  • Good quality

..but contains many improvements over it:

  • LH351D, 5000K, 90+CRI
  • Wide and even hotspot -> great for photography!
  • 4 emitters (2500+ lm OTF)
  • 21700 included (supports 18650 with adapter)
  • Significantly better UI
    • shortcuts to moon & turbo
    • momentary turbo from any mode (including off)
    • hidden special modes
  • Deep carry clip
  • Flat tail with a strong magnet
  • USB power bank feature

UI is simple, using only click/press (no difficult double/triple clicks)

TO50R is 2nd from right. Similarly sized than nearest competitors, but can be identified by the deep carry clip (I love it!).

Hotspot is wide and even, with great color rendering (of course!).

Very strong magnet at tail:

The light will be sold with MSRP of $1XX.

GB rules:

  • GB price is under MSRP and needs to be kept secret => PM me for pricing!
  • Reservations can be made by sending me a message
  • Payment period starts when the lights are ready to ship
  • First paid, first shipped - reservation order doesn't matter
  • Max 5 pcs / member. If you want more, please consider being a Wuben distributor/reseller: they are actively seeking for good distributors, contact me for details!
  • Free shipping to anywhere in the world, except Vietnam and Ukraine (Wuben has to exclude those for a too high rate of missing packets).

Interested? PM me!


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Even with a big discount it’s going to be too costly for me so I’m not in.
But I find this light extremely interesting. I could complain about this or that but only minor things and more about my preferences than general qualities.

I’m interested in the light, put me on the list.

That’s a surprisingly high price for a light that doesn’t seem to require more than an additional button and USB charging over the Emisar and Fireflies quads in production costs. Acebeam price without their QC and track record IMHO.

Is the tail magnet removable?

Does it have battery level indication? Do you know how much it weights?

Im interested simply because it is carclo optic compatible so very easy to swap. Another reason is the very efficient driver tested by Maukka. Too bad no usb-c and same extremely difficult to find buttons in the dark as the 7 18650 versions I own. Price seems very high though. Its Acebeam and Olight level without the track record.

What kind of driver is it using?

A boost or a buck?

Interested depending on the group buy price.

Interested depending on price

Same as above

Also interested depending on price.

Interested depending on price, thanks.


What’s the optics? Carclo 1062x?

Need a lot more info. Quad LH351D? long does turbo last in something that small? Reflector? Range? USB mode specifications? PWM? Mechanical or e-switch? Parasitic drain if the latter?

Carclo optics, not a reflector. Its a quad.

E-switch, a bit obvious from the UI diagram I would think?

Interested as well, price-dependent.

Interested (but seems expensive)

Interested depending on price…