JAX Z1 (flood to throw aspheric) INTEREST THREAD @ $38.99, free shipping/ tracking included CANCELLED

EDIT: October 10, 2014. 4:11pm, HK/Shenzhen time

Bad news to all:
Jax is not happy with our selling price of this light. They have increased our acquisition cost by a considerable amount as to make this activity no longer economically-sound. This activity is hereby cancelled. *

A $5 dollar coupon will be given to the individuals in the list.


-Hey guys,

Just when when we thought we have rested our wallets, here comes another great deal. I am again inviting you with this light:

The JAX Z1, priced at $ 38.99, shipping and tracking already included.

Supplier: Gearbest

Stocks limited to 50 units only.

Please post your confirmed interest here in this thread.

Notable modding/review links about this light:

http://www.candlepowerforums.com/vb/showthread.php?390575-WTS-Z1vn-Flood2Throw - by Vinhnguyen

https://budgetlightforum.com/t/-/28881 - by unknown00101 (review)

https://budgetlightforum.com/t/-/28992 - by Kenjii (stock xml2 changed to XP-G2 S2)

1. tatasal
2. leaftye
3. dangerous
4. jmpaul320
5. brightlights
6. rjorge


Surprise…no, still Gearbest…haha . OP updated. Thanks

How much does it cost for an additional extension tube?

Bang stole your idea for groupbuy…

Oh yeah, I just saw their thread. If not for this thread, they were previously offering a gb for it at $49.99.

Let’s wait for developments…stay tuned.

really , who is the first?

GB: https://budgetlightforum.com/t/-/29002#node-34287


Hmmmm… the essence of free enterprise… price edited to $38.99, shipped with tracking


using foul language is the deepest way to communicate

go wash your mouth with soap!

I like all tho price reducing very good for he the customers

I want to know about the extension too. but I'm interested.

Hi leaftye,

I will update this thread once information about it becomes available. Thanks

You better edit your post, that language does not belong here, it also is very telling of a man’s character.

I’m in at $39. Nice price for a nice light from a nice seller.

GB war between GB and BG :smiley:

Let them have war on the price… we’ll benefit from this in the end :wink:
but if it done at the same price… I’ll go with who can ship faster :smiley:


Love a good price war. Just annoyed I have already bought one! haha