Just got an email from LAZERPOINT

FocalPrice.com seems to have an offshoot starting May 17th - I just got an email from them. Lazerpoint.com - They said 13% off in a coupon they sent me , but when entered it appears to be only 3% .... anyone else get this email? I dunno, but their pricing doesn't seem to be anything to about. But, I thought I'd check with other BLF'ers before making a purchase. So whadda you think? Thanks - Nutz.

I also got this email. A few weeks ago I got some of Focalprice for their Iphone/Ipad/Ipod accesoir shop - they start some special stores at the moment.

Back to lazerpoint:

The prices are ridiculous. Why does the products cost more as on the focalprice.com?

Some examples:


US$ 31.79




US$ 12.79


US$ 11.35


US$ 5.09


US$ 4.41

Edit: Link problem fixed

A hack, perhaps?

None of those links are working for me. Looks like the server is down.

I had a look through all their lights before, mostly what we see elsewhere...as would be expected.

There were a couple of things that stood out though -

Ultrafire C3 XR-E for $5.69 is an absolute steal, if you don't have one...get one now!


The other one stood out for not so good reasons.


Just what the hell is that thing? 3 x XR-E mounted in a big tube pretty good for $24.81...insane at $248.19

Wary, but snatched one. Thanks!

How about this one: http://www.lazerpoint.com/others/water-resistant-3w-1-mode-100-lumen-white-light-led-flashlight-torch-black_5172673 Is it worth the money?

Same here.

Couldn't resist the C3. Even got greedy and took the Coupon1 3% discount to get the price down to $5.52. It's got to be too good to be true. My worry is that China will start making flashlights from used nuclear containment vessels.

I was even greedier :) Ordered two C3, learned from previous deals when I always ordered one and than it was hard to give it away.

Is it the same light as this one https://budgetlightforum.com/t/-/1260 tested by Budgeteer except that is not SS, but silver like on the picture below?

The SS ones and the aluminium ones are completely different creatures.

They are about as reliable as 30 year old Ducati motorcycles.

But are easy to fix.

No idea why, but I love them.

I own something like ten of the things.

So you recommend them at such a price? Which version is better: SS or aluminium? In the description it says:


hard oxygen stainless steel body, aluminum light cup and glass lens"

You’re greedy? I ordered 4 of them! :stuck_out_tongue:

Eight anyone? I can already see the "sorry, this item is out of stock" e-mail on the way.

The picture of the front end of the light looks odd, like there is a bezel of some kind on the front. On my very similar Aurora light, the stainless head has a built-in lip around the inside of the head that holds the lens and reflector in.

I hope there isn't any "Kinks" in the order. I just ordered one and hope it's not to good to be true. I think that Don likes C3's and even likes the SS model better than the aluminium. I have an aluminium one that went south and this will be a nice replacement. It even has 5 modes. I'm excited can you tell? I don't know if I can maintain this level of excitement for the three weeks or more that it may take to arrive. Anyone had any experience with this company? Smile

I went for 3. :P

Soldout seems near. I want them to be SS tough!

I just had to order one C3 for $5.52. By the way, how many websites does focalprice need? They have focalprice, their wholesale site wsdeal, discoverybargain, and now lazerpoint. Did I miss any?

I ordered 1 for $5.52 yesterday, the current status is ‘shipped’. I really hope they ship the SS version!
Had to order it for this price, I get a Big Mac here for that sum, but the light lasts longer :smiley:

Their live support is a bit weird.

I just opened the live support window, and seems like I can view a chat of somebody else...

Though not a very interesting one.

I'm in a dispute with focal /wsdeals over SS c3's https://budgetlightforum.com/t/-/126?page=2

they've lied on their descriptions and sent me a bunch of junk instead of the ligtht I ordered ... they've had this C3 at a giveaway price on their site for a month and I've called them every name in the book and they haven't changed the description yet .. call me greedy but i ordered 25 (a month ago ) ..I was gonna order 100 ..obviously i'm glad i didn't ..I have no idea who or what Lazer point is ..I am hugely burnt and couldn't give a damn about stainless steel C3's from any company if they were giving them away ... good luck to you all if it leads back to focal .... RUN.