Just got this one. It packs a punch for only 5 and 7/8" long. Should make a great all around light. I bet it will throw a nice beam at night, too.

Now remember this was taken during the day.

Here's the other 2 pictures.

Can you measure how much it pulls at the tailcap? Looks like a 980L knockoff...

The design is far from a UF-980L to be consider its knock off. It is exactly like the Ultrafire U80.


Can you so post some other info on it? Like where you got it, basic specs, etc?

And I know nothing about what measuring at the tailcap.

Wow! Check out the price on this Skyray 3-XM-L from the same seller.

No it's not an XM-L . Not to sure about this seller but this seems to be a tad bit shady.

Edit. Just noticed they changed the post from XM-L to XP-G. I wonder if the seller is from Ultra Ok? Theres been a few Ultra Ok lights in this forum lately.

Here's a few nite shots I took. The moon was full when I took these.

Here's one more. Those trees at the bottom of the street is about 260yds.

How long did shipping take after purchase? Looks like it packs a pretty big punch for $25. It's always nice to see results from ebay purchases so we know who's safe to buy from :)

Do you have tailcap readings?

Maybe 2 weeks.

I don't know how to test for talicap readings. I just know that for 5 and 7/8" of flashlight you will do good to find a light that is brighter that is the same length.

Mine arrived in about one week=very fast delivery. Ebay seller "cvtco"

Tailcap readings:

Hi 2,5A (with long test leads)

Med 1,11A

Lo 0.11A

Lamp looks very nice on build quality. Perfect threads, o-rings everywhere, ample amount of thermal paste under led etc. Plus it is BRIGHT.

Glad you like it. I'm going to buy another one soon I believe.

I also just won a KEYGOS......... 6x CREE XR-E Q5 LED 1600Lm

That's KEYGOS 6x CREE XR-E Q5 is the brightest light I have. I added the extension tube that a guy sells on ebay. So it takes 3 batteries. It's brighter yet.

I just bought a Keygos KE5 due to this thread.

Any idea on lumens and throw of this light?

I do not know the lumens but it seems to beat my direct drive (4 amps) MTE SSC P7. It throws considerably further than the MTE or Ultrafire 502 XPG-R5. Huge leap from the mentioned flashlights.

For the price the Keygos has some serious power. For these chinese lights I do no know if it is a ripoff of anything. There is just some machine shop etc machining lights for several brands and they just laser etch the parts for different brand. Keygos looks just like some Ultrafire lights in terms of built quality etc. I would say they are all from the same shop.

Thanks B12,

I'm definitely excited to get mine, probably it will arrive in 2-3 weeks.

Hopefully it will beat the throw of my Skyline 1.

Can someone compare it to UF 3mode P60 dropin? Thx.