L.T.P'S Entry for the 5th anual build

Ok all, this year I will attempt a Headlight for swmbo.
I stuffed up and ordered some 20700 batteries with my order from kd which finally arrived today.
Hence the delay in starting. And. after all that I’m going to use 18650’s anyway.

so we have 2 xpg2 2b, 2x p60 reflector, 3 x 29mm lenses (incase I break one),2 x lg 3500 18650’s,
1 x narsil driver from lexel, 1 x usb charging board, and a momentary switch I stole from mrs dnf
and a lump of pine for the battery holder.

some quality blue prints


I’m glad your parts have arrived and your show id about to get on the road. Is your pine battery holder Asbestos and what is your headband going to be?

Ooohh, a late entry! Knock on wood you get it finished on time :beer:

Yeah Ben is a late entry. He lost the plot somewhere along the line.
He has been getting hassled by me daily about starting but has been waiting for his shipment from KD to arrive with parts to build something from.

ok a bit about my new addition its a rongfu45 clone which I hope to convert to cnc one day

its 3phase ran off a cheap ebay inverter which allows me to run it up to nearly double its rated speed
and down to about 10 rpm…
anyways the reason for using the 18650’s was the tested to 3400 mah comparedto the 21700 wich are rated
at 4000 not much improvement for size / weight.

a bit of machining on the pine battery holder

with switch ,driver, batts,and charging board.
now to make the covers…

Its good to see a start. Is that conductive wood your using? Whats in the two narrow slots?

Narsil driver and charging board

Well progressing slowly ,
started with a meltdown

these were from banggood. didn’t seem to like stainless

cutting some slots

to be truthfull I am not real happy with this

so I am going tho move onto the rest of the light ,and hopefully revisit these
stainless parts before I run out of time


Nice project LTP :+1:

It’s already getting shape !

They got too hot and then they loose the hardeness
Better get a cut+cool spray can

Wow. Thanks for the update on the cutter. Do you have a link to it so we can stay away from them? Hows the vice?

Yep. Stainless will eat the end mills fast if you don’t keep it cool. Seen a 1” rougher go round a corner on a part and in a matter of a couple inches of feed start glowing red and disintegrate before i could stop the machine (CNC). It was on a proven part that had run several successfully already so I knew my speed/feeds were good.

Cool project, thanks for posting pics.

The trick many times with stainless is once you start a cut don’t stop. Stainless will work harden if you allow it to cool for even seconds leaving something almost like a case hardened effect on the remaining material around the cut.

I will look the set up whe i get home.
Luckly i had a better set.
I was using rp7 as a lube.
Might try and secure a can of that wurth stuff.

If it’s available tap magic is an excellent cutting fluid.

Absolutely. The part I mentioned had to be discarded because of this even though the final dimensions were not impinged on when the tool failed. It became too hard.

ok they were 8 bux for a set ,so I didn’t expect to much

new addition to the shed ,I got my fathers power hacksaw, as he unfortunately cant use it any more.
fairly slow about 20 mins to cut this 50mm square. this piece will hold the two reflectors / leds

try and achieve something tomorrow…