My First Solarforce Flash Light's

well after seeing some on the net i had to get one to try out i went with the New 2011 L2 i also ordered a spare head with a SS flat bezel shipping took 7 days from hong kong to australia so i was impressed with that and the quality of the solarforce host is nice very well made.

for the drop in i went with the ultrafire XM-L T6 3 mode drop in with no silly strobe, s.o.s or flashy modes i brought it from manafont shipping was around 2 weeks

Ultrafire Cree T6 3-Mode Memory LED Drop-in Module (4.2V max)

i like the drop in its bright beam is nice the tint to me is nice on the cool white side, this is my first drop in style light ive always tried to buy screw-ins for transfering the heat a bit better but this is a nice pocket rocket but it does get hot after a few mins on high mode.

for the batteries im using what i always use trustfire flames im getting just over 1.5 amps at the tail cap, some people claim a lot higher with this drop in around 3.5 amps i could be getting lower cause i use un modified DDM leads or the batteries are not giving 100% but the batteries do not suffer bad from voltage drop they have a low internal resistance and take the full claimed mAh rating, but i might have to try another brand one day.

i really like the solarforce L2 its a nice host (bare flash light body) but the tail cap switch with the button sticking out is a little bit of a downer lucky solarforce sell heaps of mix and match parts for there torches so i brought a tail standing reverse clicky switch for my L2, then i thought ill have a spare complete head and a spare switch so i thought i might as well buy a battery tube so i can make another L2 lol,s and while i was at it i brought a B6 flat bezel this one should protect the head a little better

so then i had to buy another drop in i went for the same one i just got as it was no flashy modes, so i ques my solarforce addiction has started...

Looks like you ended up with all the best parts to build an awesome P60 pocket rocket. Good choice on the bezel. I took it off my L2i and tried it out on my L2T and I think it looks pretty snazzy. I think the SS works on the matte black because it's recessed. Also, the reverse clicky is the way to go for the 3-mode drop-in. D

Do the new L2's come with AR coated lens? If not, get this one (or a few).

It looks to me like your L2 is the older model, not the new one. It looks too shiny and the tailcap is slightly larger than the body while the new version is uniform in diameter.

L2 2011 comes with regulas lens, not AR coated (I always change mine, they look clearer even just with bare eye and don´t reflect almost at all).

In pics that seems to be regular L2.

He got the old one. The new one has a flat finish vs glossy on the old one..

Yeah, definitely the older model. I wasn't looking that closely. They're not very clear so you have to be extra diligent when browsing. If you bought what you linked to then I'd ask for a replacement or a credit towards a future purchase. The matte black is definitely worth owning over the glossy black. That's why I never purchased a black Solarforce before, even though I like black flashlights. I never liked the glossy finish. It seems cheap to me, like it's made of pvc.

I've been using the old version at work. So far the finish is holding up very well.

I ordered the new version I posted a link that I ordered from it says the new 2011 model, oh well I still like it, they make great host,s but now I wondering if the other parts I I’ve got on order will match in finsh and If because I acidently ordered a spare head instead of just the bezel did solarforce send me out the old style so it matched in finsh

well my second order from solarforce got here today this one took 13 days so not as quick as the first one and my fears where correct the new tail standing clicky is the new black finsh and does not match the L2 i have the one i ordered as a new 2011 version L2

im hoping the UF 3 mode drop-in will be here by the end of next week so i can power up the second torch host. Im slightly pissed the new 2011 L2 i ordered is not a new one but an old one and now the new 2011 tail standing cap does not match the L2 torch body........

Benckie, I'd send them an email. Maybe they'll send you a replacement without you having to return the old model. It's worth a try..

Seriously, that's what I would do. Send them the pics you posted here. Their CS is pretty good so I don't think they would try to argue the facts. You may just end up with a free L2 host :)

Send them this link as well as it's dated and the pics are here too .

tell them we want a group buy :P

Ok look,s like i might of stuffed up going through my purchase history look,s like i ordered a black L2 i can not click on what is in my purchase history but from reading what i can read on it its a black L2 so i think i stuffed up if that all makes sence.

Now since im addicted to torches the only way to fix this is to buy another one right ? it could just be me but the solarforce sales site is not that clear ? like the switch i ordered is a forward clicky on one side but in the discription it is a reverse clicky lols.

so what i would like to know is that what host would match the finish of the tail standing switch i have that dont already come with one ?

is it posible to buy a HA3 battery tube and head to match the finish of the above switch ?

then all i would need is a stock switch or a black 3 amp switch for my other L2, then i would have 3 solarforce host and i have two UF 3 mode drop-in one still in transit, then ill buy one of these for some thing diffrent Taiwan 3W 380nm UV

ive gone through Foy's, solarforce switch thread but they look diffrent finishes to me call me fussy bit i would like the size and finish to match on all my solarforce host....

The new L2P comes with that tail standing switch you linked. At least the last L2P I got did. You are right, they are different finishes and that's part of the reason I did the comparison. To my eyes, the new L2 and new L2P finishes are very close but not the same and the L2T is way different. An L2P tube should match that cap.

I'm with old; they should just make the L2P and L2 the same finish.


Thanks Foy whats the diffrence between the L2P and the L2 apart from finish as ive read your reveiw and they look simular, i gather the LP2 just has a harder finish.

L2 on the left, L2P on the right.

They call it, "Premium Goldren Grade L2P in Milspec type III hard anoodized . . ."

Other than the above, the new version of each are a lot more alike. Big difference between the older versions.


Ok cool now I get it, I’ll grap a L2P for a EDC for work should last a bit longer. Thanks for the great pic’s if only solarforce let you do there discriptions.

my first solarforce will be L2T.. err in 2 days time

Can you remove the ring near the tail cap on the LT2 ?

The ring that the tail cap comes in contact with is either part of the tube or pressed on somehow and doesn't appear to come off. On the other side of that ring is a rubber ring the same diameter that is next to the cigar-hold rubber ring. (or wherever you call it)