My Yezl Y3 Has Arrived!

I am talking about this light in case you have been wondering about it or are curious. Pics and a review will follow. It just came in the mail this morning. I am truly happy with it. It has a larger and deeper reflector than an HD2010 and appears to throw further while being…brighter?? Yes, brighter! Well, it looks it, but the beam is also visibly tighter, too. Tonight will tell the tale! It’s also lighter than the HD2010 and is a wonder to hold in the hand, which can’t but be a plus.

And might I add, it’s great to get a light that can’t accidentally get knocked into a lower mode! With Wallbuys Magic code, I scored it for $28 and some change! So far, I’m blown away by this light. And this makes several purchases in 2014 that might be on my Budget Light of the Year list.

whoa, this light flew right by me. glad you kept us posted with this light.
and even better is that side switch, i think this will make a great dog walking light.
yes, please tell us the results after you compare it with the hd 2010.
looking forward to your review

And this light meets that claimed 1,100 lumens. It’s possibly the best driven I’ve come across—and no yellow in the beam at all. Nice, scorching cool white tint.

Looks good. I missed that one too. Thought I had viewed them all. But why when I put my magic code in does it come up $19.99 and free shipping? 0:) J) 0:) :bigsmile:

Wow, nice code you have. I can’t check any, Wallbuys cart doesn’t work for me.

hmm, for some reason I can’t get to the checkout? Is any one else having problems with the site? Tried on the iPad and on the MacMini with Chrome and Safari . . .

what is the code?

I guess it’s WALLBUYSALLMAGIC - as in the Wallbuys deals thread.

Because windows based computers are king. :wink:

Anyone else have this light? I’m having a hard time finding a decent review.

Trying to decide between this and a hd2010 deal.

Went to Wallbuys, tried to buy the YEZL and cannot checkout. The item is in my shopping cart, but can’t do anything with it … |(

Same here, would have bought it already myself. Since I can’t I’m trying to find some reviews on it and plan to buy it or the hd2010 while it’s a good deal.

Not just me then. I am tempted by this for $20.

me too… can’t pay for it :Sp

Not as attractive as an HD2010, but the interface is more interesting than just a tailcap clicky…

Looking forward to your impressions on this one - I like the 2 button interface - please detail how it works though. The T13 I'm not very fond of, but thinking it's probably like that. That looks like a true SS bezel - can you confirm that? Lot of times, the pics are of a prototype, then later they cut costs going into manufacturing. The weight can go both ways - HD2010's feel like a tank, great heat sinking, but PIA to carry around.

I also look forward to the review, i am curious what driver is in it and tailcap current

maybe they using the same driver as convoy L4… which is easy to mod :bigsmile:

Hope to see the beam pics first before i click the buy button :wink:

That the problem with the Checkout at WB is fixed … :bigsmile: