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Good question. I have just been using the little bubble icon. First one in the capture that I posted. I would be happy to know a shortcut… even if to save one click… :grinning:

I’m using a Samsung Galaxy Tab A T380 (Android 9/Pie). Thank you again!

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Well you just taught me the functionality if yet another icon. I was so used to what was available on the old BLF, that I’m overlooking functions to even inquire about.

Down to one remaining question, which is how to keep the thread title in view as we progress down the thread on an Android tablet?

I don’t know about that one. It doesn’t do it on any of the several devices I have tried.
May not be possible. But maybe those more knowledgeable than me can pitch in on this one.

Thank you for clarifying that the title doesn’t stay in view on your PC or on your tablets. - JC

The thread title stays visible on my PC and android tablets/smartphone, I haven’t touched options relative to that.

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Thank you for letting me know. As I scroll down any thread, the title quickly goes out of view. I may have inadvertently changed a setting, so I’ll have to carefully check the settings options and hopefully reinstate it.

Why, yes it does… Selective attention, I guess. There it is right at the very top and big too. I just didn’t look high enough. How did I miss it ??? It moves from the top of the posts to the top banner (just right of the “hamburger” Icon).

Yup, when I start scrolling through the posts it moves to the very top.
Make sure your browser allows you to see it.
THX @thefreeman

As you see in this SS, it’s not there on my tablet. So it must be the browser, which is DuckDuckGo.

Any advice for which browser setting to check?

EDIT: OK, time to see the Optometrist since it’s there…embarrassed much!

You might need to change glasses :rofl:

Edit : to be fair I don’t think it’s an intuitive position for the thread title.

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Yeah it is the biggest thing on the page… I missed it too.
Selective attention… It was not where I was looking for it…because it moved… :upside_down_face:

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It’s definitely time for a prescription, LOL!

Thank you for pointing out that the title is there, and always was!

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Selective attention is a term I’m going to have to adopt, since I was staring right at it and still didn’t see it. Reminds of those pictures where you need to relax your eyes in order to see the object.

Please take a look at these ways of viewing the posts that you’ve created and/or participated in:

Well i was using a BLF after dark theme but i had to disable that as it made things worse, is there no dark theme? makes reading a bit pain when u are used to dark.

Hi there @mortuus , yes there is a dark theme:
Don’t forget to first disable browser extensions that modified the old forum theme.

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you can change to the “blf dark” color scheme under preferences > interface :

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I like the new page, please don’t change it back.

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Glad to see you back here! I’m glad you like it.

How To Quote with BLF forum software Discourse
You have different options:

  • Mark text in one post and use the reply button (arrow) in this post
    Note: You can do this multible times with different posts from different people

  • Mark text in a post → a quote button appears below the marked text it was before above
    Note: On mobile it can be under the Android/iOS/whatever-overlay and you can’t see it. Android-> use the three dots, the overlay changes size

  • Mark text then hit Q on your keyboard

  • Use the reply button (arrow) in the post. → the texteditor is empty → In the editor the leftmost icon adds the quote form the post

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