New Skyray 3*T6 at Manafont, model 818

This one has a nice flat bezel, 3-modes and a "4000 lumen" claim. No picture of the led pill though. If it is a screw in type it might be worth getting.

I just saw this myself and see you beat me to it. Interesting light. They need shows us the assembly though.

This is really tempting and would be a good partner for the STL V2 but i just don't have a need or want for a 3xml light. unless maybe if they cram 3 40mm or bigger reflectors into one light now that i will buy right now.

Nice! Much better looking that the original. We'll have to see about the quality though.

This has a single piece battery tube, right? In other words, it can't be used with a single cell?

If you look closely at picture 5 & 6 (logo closeups) there seems to be a gap there that could indicate a two piece battery tube. We'll need Manafont to confirm this in addition to providing a picture of the LED assembly.

The tube is identical to my Beam Tech XML-T6, is divided into two parts and can be used with a 18650 (in hardware, electric do not know)

I might have to order one and compare it to my new Trustfire TR-3T6 :)

That is a lot of light for under 60 bucks.

If it splits over there which is much closer to the head than the other variants like SR3800 or TF-3T6, then it is highly probable that we can use 2 x 18350 IMRs (the bestinone ones which are tested to be really good by a few guys). The other variants are usable with 2 x IMR 18500. Extremely powerful pocket rocket, together with the DRY 3 x XM-L in DD 3-mode driver. Sizes would be around the same but this would be way lighter.

We need atbglenn to get one and report back! :D

QUOTE :unless maybe if they cram 3 40mm or bigger reflectors into one light...


Purchased one of these yesterday. Hopefully there won’t be any major issues with it.

Thanks, pls do remember back with tail current readings. Always good to have more info...

Being refund for my DOA old model SkyRay 3xT6 from Mana and immediatly ordered this new 818 two days ago

If for one reason or another you feel that you have too many triple XM-Ls and can sacrifice your SBOMZ coz you have this Sky Ray and the Dry, you can just take out the driver and solder the 2 wires directly to the backing of the driver. Run 3 cells direct drive. If you have a hobby driver you can charge to 4.1V, under load the sag is great. Still over 4 amps so on the lux meter it starts off at 310 lux reflected ceiling test and within 5 seconds it drops to 250 lux. Still 250 lux is in the same ballpark of my TK70 (probably get around 220-230 lux). If it gets real cold in Belgium like in the mountains or something, i am very sure you can maintain that 300s level, because i get it to somewhat maintain that for 1 minute when the head portion is cooled with ice. That would be approx 2800-2900L OTF.

Will do. My SkyRay 3800 Rev. 2 was only pulling around 2.4 amps at the tailcap with fully-charged TrustFires. Hopefully this one will push closer to 3 amps.

Two days ago I took my SkyRay 3800 rev.0 caving and lost it in a muddy water

This seems like a nice replacement. Thou tail switch is more exposed.

Hmm, still no confirmation that this can be used with 1x18650?

No, it'd explode if they do make a driver capable of doing that. It'd pull like 5 amps or more for a Li Co. Even for a Panasonic 3100 it'd get really hot and probably very dangerous due to the heat from both the battery + even more dumped from the LEDs and driver.

But it'd run on short bursts on 2 x 18350 IMRs though, if the tube can split, this one seems to split pretty close to the head.

Really looks interesting... Looking forward for a review :) maybe in comparison with the T3T6 :)

I'd really like to see a comparison review of the Trustfire TR-3T6 vs. this Skyray 818. Any opinions on the best 3*XML flashlight? Why would you buy one over the other? I would lean toward the Skyray 818 just because of it's much better styling.