New WildTrail (former LuckSun) BLF-D80v2 Sale is open.

For all that have problems with ordering. jonxxn made a explanation with pics. That should help. New WildTrail (former LuckSun) BLF-D80v2 Sale is open. - #641 by jonxxn

Update 09.08.
The Sale is open.
Here is the link,searchweb201602_5,searchweb201603_53
Update 08.08.
I got the message that the sale will start this Weekend. I do not know if they will start Saturdays or Sunndays.
When i get the links to order the lights i will update the post here!

Update 01.08.
We also talked about the order prozess Today.
They will set up two offers in their store One with SST-40 and one with XPL-HI led (price 37:money_mouth_face:.
If someone from BLF or TLF wants to buy the light they have to write their BLF/or TLF name in the order.
Then order the light but do not pay.
Then we will check if the people are BLF/TLF member. If yes they will adjust the price down to 27,70$.
Then you pay and the light will be send out.
For the people on the no ano list. You have to write no ano light additional to your Forum nick.
Appart from that the order prozess will be the same.

Update 31.07.
We are close to the sale.
Final LED information:
SST-40-WDS-F50 N4 flux Bin DD tint ~4800K (running on a bit more than 7A on a fully charged 30Q battery)
XPL-HI V2 flux Bin 3B tint ~5000K (running on arround 5,5A on a 30Q)

And a few pics from the now complete light

And here the no ano version

And here a few beamshots:
SST40 on the left XPL-HI on the right (~5m from the Wall)

SST40 on the left XPL-HI on the right (~15m from the Wall)

Update 20.06.

- 1. Tailcap change so the light can Tailstand ( :+1: )

- 2. Threads change to square threads ( :+1: )

- 3. Changes to make space for 20mm driver (slightly bigger tube) ( :+1: )

- 4. Changes at the head retaining ring to make sure it will not come loose ( After i saw the parts i asked a lot of questions. Because i think they are using 100% exactly the same ring like they used on the old D80. And i
am right. Now they are telling me that they used this construction for years without problems and do not see the need to change something. :-1: But i talked a lot about this behavior with my contact. And he talked about it with the factory. The parts for the new D80 are made. But they are willing to change the retaining ring design if we do a new project. Same thing regarding a Sample. I would not want to do another project without samples. It is not the machining we want to check (LS is a big cnc/metal cuting factory so they know what they are doing and their machining is usually top notch ). It is about the tiny design flaws. Things you overlook if you are seeing it everyday. . .
And i am really happy that they beginn to see it as helpfull when i critizise something.

- 5. Internal changes of the head to help with heatpath and dissipation (thicker shelf, walls, deeper finns) ( :+1: )

- 6. New driver designt by Lexel with Bistro UI ( :+1: )

- 7. Upgraded reflector to get best throw (?)

- 8. Reflector LED Hole rezise from 9,5mm to 9mm ( :+1: )

- 9. Small adjustments on the front to get better sealing (will mark it on the picture) ( :+1: )

- 10. New springs (silver plated Beryllium copper springs for the driver side and silver plated phosphorus bronze springs for the switch side). ( :+1: )

    1. Making sure unprotected and long protected batterys fit (tube length) ( :+1: )

Update 24.05.

- Color is decided. It will be a mat black. And they agreed to sell us the no ano version.
I make a list for the no ano version so they know how many lights they have to keep for us.
So if you like a not anodized light let me know and i will put you on the interest list (please add your led choise).
LED will be SST-40 5700K or XP-L-Hi (Cold white was the plan but i got the info that they try to get them in 5000K)

  • Price is not 100% decided (they still have to wait for exact numbers). But the factory gave me a estimate price of 25-30$ inclusive shipping costs for BLF member.
    Later they will sell it for 30-35$ incl. shipping.

Update 19.05.

- The production run has started. They will produce 250 with XP-L-Hi and 250 with SST-40 5700K.

- Here some vids from the Factory: Tailcaps fresh out of the machine , Tailcap gets Milled, Tube fresh out of the machine, New Tube threads , Head Machining 1, Head Machining 2, Head 80% Done, Head 80% Done 2, Head threads close up (more will follow)

- Driver will be send to Lexel for checking (They tested the driver directly wired to a Chinese 13A continious discharge cell at 4V and got 7,2A)

- Reflector LED hole is adjusted to 9mm to make space for the SST-40 (LS will send 2 centering rings with the light. One for the SST-40 and one for XP-L-Hi size leds so later modding is easier)

  • Color is not decided now. I try to get a list of possible colors (if possible pictures) so we can open a poll and see what most people like.

Here the pic from testing the driver

Update 15.04.
Here a to do list

- 1. Tailcap change so the light can Tailstand ( :+1: )

- 2. Threads change to square threads ( :+1: )

- 3. Changes to make space for 20mm driver (slightly bigger tube) ( :+1: )

- 4. Changes at the head retaining ring to make sure it will not come loose ( :+1: )

- 5. Internal changes of the head to help with heatpath and dissipation (thicker shelf, walls, deeper finns) ( :+1: )

- 6. New driver designt by Lexel with Bistro UI (in work)

- 7. Upgraded reflector to get best throw /check for possible TIR (they want to test it when samples come in)

- 8. Reflector LED Hole rezise from 9,5mm to 7mm ( :+1: )

- 9. Small adjustments on the front to get better sealing (will mark it on the picture) ( :+1: )

- 10. New springs

    1. Making sure unprotected and long protected batterys fit (tube length) ( :+1: )

I got some new drawings. There is still some small things that must be changed. But i thought i upload at least one new pic (the others that show the internals will follow!)

Maybe not the best form for Tailstand (a bit unstable) but looks very nice and will feel good when you hold the light

And here a Pic of the internal structure

They shorten the front a tiny bit so the o-ring gets compressed a little bit more. Original the front o-ring was sitting to loose. Now it will seal much better.

Original first Post 10.03

Today i got the mail, that all the old BLF-D80 are sold.
Now they would like to make new ones but they would like to know what we want to see.
I can not say if they will do everything we want but maybe we can get a few things done.
So let me know what you would like to see.
I think :

  1. New drver. Fet + 1 or something similar with Bistro UI
  2. New LED (XPL-Hi for the big market, some High CRI option for BLF)
  3. Maybe a change in battery size (21700) / head size (propotional increase). That should also increase the throw and heat handling capabitities. I am not good with designing a new look so i am not trying (but if you think you can do it let us see what you have in mind).
  4. Double springs like the Blue Springs
  5. Option to buy it as a Host (my prefered option :smiley: )

No ano interest List

  1. TheOnlyDocc 1*SST-40
  2. contactcr 1*SST-40
  3. BlueSwordM 1*XP-L-Hi
  4. Chatika vas Paus 2*SST-40
  5. Caleb 1*SST-40
  6. cabfrank 1*SST-40
  7. TrueRMS 1*SST-40
  8. Yokiamy 1*SST-40
  9. will34 1
  10. casi29061965 1*SST40
  11. Nicolicous 1*SST-40
  12. Satan@103TFS 1*SST-40
  13. jonxxn 1*SST-40
  14. Lund1660 1*SST-40
  15. Unloco 1*SST-40
  16. flightless22 1*XP-L-Hi
  17. DB Custom 2*SST-40
  18. polarweis 1*SST-40
  19. bikenber73 2*SST-40
  20. robo819 1*SST-40
  21. timbo114 1*SST-40
  22. leroycp 2*XP-L-Hi
  23. 808Hi 1*SST-40
  24. RobertB 1*SST-40
  25. Guines69 1*SST-40
  26. Lux-Perpetua 1*SST-40
  27. cwb 1*SST-40 + 1*XP-L-HI 5000K
  28. MyRants 1* SST-40
  29. Duke 1*SST-40
  30. litenutz 1*SST-40
  31. johnkey68 1*SST-40
  32. Marc E 2*SST-40
  33. 2Ace 1*SST-40
  34. Tomogchi 1*SST-40
  35. litenutz 1*SST-40
  36. sandro 1*SST-40
  37. emarkd 1* SST-40
  38. Muto 1*SST-40
  39. akoposilester 2*SST-40
  40. Skylight 1*SST-40
  41. Mr.Poppy 3*SST-40
  43. Relampago 1*SST-40
  44. skinny_tie 1*SST-40
  45. everydaysurvivalgear 1*SST-40
  46. candor 1*SST-40
  47. RapidLux 1*SST-40

Updated untill Post #362

Keep the 18650.
Use the new XHP50.2
3 volt LED, with appropriate driver and springs.
Watch them sell like hotcakes.

The size / shape of the host are what defines the BLF-D80 for me. I'd keep that.

Upgraded internals? New driver/emitter/software?

Heck, yeah!

I guess you mean XHP 50 .2 3V ?

About a new D80:
*keep the design, at least the shape
*keep the 18650, the D80 has a great compact feel
*a XP-L Hi is boring but probably right. The 3V XHP50.2 plus FET driver makes it a hotrod not suitable for the general public
*FET+1 with bistro is nice, but with an improved board lay-out to prevent voltage spikes, so that modding the light with low voltage leds does not give trouble.
*improve the reflector, the old D80 has an imperfect one.

It will have a tough competition with all the X6 and C8 versions around, so the last tip: while keeping the fat head and its shape and fins, and keeping the possibility to use protected batteries, if possible make it even more compact (shorter) than the original D80.

The BLF D80 was before my time but your post about them last year got me interested in the LuckySun brand. They really need to update the their driver and emitter offerings, but selling bare hosts would be even better.

My wishlist for a new D80 as a ready-to-use light is:

  1. A triple channel FET+n+1 driver with OTSM running Bistro, or at least a FET+1 running Bistro
  2. BlueSwordM springs (nickel-plated is fine)
  3. anti-reflective coated lens
  4. choice of emitters - XP-L HI (4000K 5A) and something cheaper with higher CRI

I like the idea of a D80 with a 21700 tube, but I’d be quite happy with just an upgraded version of the existing host.

djozz has just convinced me that I don’t want a 21700 D80. :slight_smile:

I love this light!

I think it looks awesome probably the best gray colour anodizing going around and the SS bezel looks awesome. The AR lens is good quality.

You could beef the light up a bit make the fins a tad different like a bit thicker and add a bit more separation. Give it a thicker shelf but that would require heaps of work but seeing as the driver cavity is fairly big it might not be to hard. I think it would look awesome just by up sizing the head make the reflector a tad bigger so it looks a bit more bulky but not to large.

If it stayed as is no problem either.

My only issues is the stock driver is okay but nothing special even if they want to use a linear driver make it a few more amps. I had the battery tube problem with the short tubes on one of mine. Plus the stock spring are horrible this is a Luckysun issue i have other lights that have massive crappy springs. Also maybe get rid of the square knurling nothing wrong with it but its kind of dated and the grip is average.


I know that the 3V XHP50.2 would be nice, but it’s way too powerful for such a host.

Something like an XP-L HI/Luxeon V would be great.

And yes, dual nickel-plated BeCu springs would be awesome. Would make the light perform light a superb hotrod.

SST40 in NW 5000k FET+1 BeCu springs

How about more visually appealing to start with…miniature potato masher is so 20th Century… :confounded:

(pic borrowed from DBCustoms)

No, no! The shape is what sets the D80 apart, makes it attractive to some of us. It’s main problem for me is that it gets HOT very fast when hot rodded. I have one with an XHP50, first series, that runs two 18650 in series.

Yes, djozz, I meant XHP50 3 volt. I editted my post, thanks. I think it would be a great hotrod single emitter, in a world where most of them are becoming quads or triples.

Don, does it get hot faster than a quad or triple?

I thought maybe it was the….it is so Fugly it’s Cute syndrome…. my bad. :smiley:

I don’t have any quads at all. I do have an X6 triple with a FET driver running a 30Q cell. The modded D80 does get hotter and gets hotter faster than that X6. The couple of other triples I have are not true hot rods so it is not fair to compare them. (I like my triples mostly for their beam patterns, not the total possible lumen output.)

The shape is best appreciated when you have one in your hand, it just feels very good, much better than a X6.

Regarding a design change.
I was thinking about some performance changes (like a thicker ledshelf). And maybe (when addressing the tube length) also go for a more uniform design. Now you have many different design elements on the tube. And it is not repeating itself. So no design element from the tube is found on the head or the tailcap. . . . Look at the C8+ or the S2+ for example. You will find that they use simmilar elements on head, tube and tailcap.
But i will send LuckySun what the majority wants!

About the 3V XHP50. I think its a perfect LED for hotrodding a light. But not usable with a FET driver in a comercial light (liability. . . ).
But if they use a propper driver with all the other improvements it is a easy and fast mod to a 3V XHP-50 if someone wants to build a hotrod.
To be able to sell the lights to the mass they will most likely go with a XPL-Hi. But i hope they will also offer some high CRI options like the SST-20. . . . on copper DTP boards.

Do you have a link so i can give them something they can look into?
A upgraded reflector would be nice. But is it possible to increase the throw without changing the size? Or do you mean that they should try to get better (more clean, less flaws. . . ) ones?
Propper springs are a must. And i will link the Blue Springs. So they can see how a propper spring looks like. :sunglasses:

Thanks Don. I was wondering whether the heat would be similar to an Emisar or upcoming FW3A, and I assume it would, but it would be a single emitter hotrod this time.

TheOnlyDocc,I get what you’re saying about emitter choice. It will probably end up very similar to what we have already seen, on this and many other lights. I guess that will appeal to more people, although it would be just duplication for many as well.