Nichia 219C D260 9050 90+ CRI Emitter output test by Texas_Ace

Here is another emitter test for ya’ll.” Djozz has already tested the 83cri D280 219C”:Nichia 219C, testing a 5000K 83CRI emitter, comparing with a XP-G2 S4 2B and other leds so there is not a lot of reason for this test other then I felt like it. It basically follows djozz tests just obviously with lower output.

Not a lot to say about it, same sphere setup as my other tests.

The real key with this LED is the tint and CRI. In a reflector it is good but in a TIR it is simply amazing. Something about the way a TIR mixes the beam just gives it that boost to make an amazing EDC S2+. I gave out a bunch of these as gifts yesterday and everyone loves them.

Even though it is 4000k it feels more neutral then that due to the lack of “cree tint shift”. It is just a very nice white light with a hint of warmness to it.

hotspot size is smaller then an XP-G3 and larger then an XP-L HI, a good middle ground beam pattern.

Charts, click for larger and clearer images:

Comparison with the 219C D320 5000k 70CRI emitter:

The efficacy is approximately equal to XP-G R5 low CRI (139 lm/watt @350mAh, 25 Tj).
For such a high 9050 standard, this 219C is an excellent choice in the 350-700mA range for residential luminaires with minimal heatsinking.

Thanks for testing. :+1:
Basically it’s an excellent LED up to 6 Watts at 100LM per Watt, perfect for 5x 7135 or less.

(PS: Maybe skip the first row of Voltages)

Yeah, I should move those over as no one needs to see the uncorrected voltage, it is just needed for the formula to calculate the corrected voltage after the voltage drop in the wires.

All 119/219Cs are officially rated for up to 4 watts to get reliable operation by design.
……And we drive them up to 20 watt…. freaks…. :sunglasses: :cowboy_hat_face:

Nice, I was curious about these new Nichia 219C HCRIs.

Is this test with reflector or optic or bare LED?

Appreciate the testing and graphs!

EDIT: Looks like it’s bare LED testing according to the lumen output, hits pretty much with the binning.

Yep, all my tests are bare LED tests. I figure people can subtract the ~5-10% loss for a reflector/glass easy enough.

In other news Never try to use the 219C without a DTP star with an FET driver, even for a second. They do not like this at all lol.

They will also pull over 10 amps in an FET driver if you do not turn the PWM down with a high drain cell, I found a PWM around 75% (or 192-200 in the firmware) works good and has the current start at around 6A and drop from there. We need to get some voltage compensation going in the firmware, so it could raise the duty as voltage drops to keep the current more consistent. Plus a new driver I am working on needs this anyways :wink:

In other other news I have been putting these in everything I can get my hands on and positively LOVE them. Not the highest output LED’s ever but boy are they pretty. I purchased 40 of them and they will not even remotely be enough. :smiley:

They work great in the small AA/AAA and 10440/14500 lights, I built several of them today, getting 450-500 lumens out of the lithiums and around 80-100 lumens off dollar store alkaline.

A lumintop Tool + 219C + 10440 = amazing light for the size.

Cheap SK68’s also transform into something worthwhile with a simple emitter and DTP MCPCB swap.

I’m glad you’re liking these 4000K, makes me anxious about mine.
Did you get to try any of the other Nichia temps?

I have some 3000k as well but can’t decide what to put them in, kind of running out of hosts lol. I think I am going to try one in a P60 host tomorrow.

I didn’t get the 3500k as I was too late to put my name on that list and they sold out. Although generally 4000k is about as warm as I like anyways, 4500k I consider ideal in may cases. Although these nichia 4000k appear closer to 4500k Cree’s.

I built the luminous tool I mentioned earlier with the 4k 90+ CRI LED. At the same time I built a hugsby xp-1 with a 219C D320 5000k 70CRI from MTN.

Comparing them side by side tonight and the differnce is amazing. The 70cri LED looks great until you see it next to the 90cri, it completely blows it out of the water.

I get ~500 lumens from the 70cri and ~450 lumens from the 90cri.

Both are great lights though and handle a 10440 surprisingly well.

Yeah interesting how perception is on tints.
When I got my first HCRI it was an old Nichia 119T and it was better than anything I’d seen, every color ‘popped’ with it.

But if I saw that same Nichia now I would not be impressed in the slightest. It would look like a green Cree next to these newer gen Nichias.

Btw, clemence might get some 219B R9080, either it be 4000K or the 4500K. According to the R9080 chart the sw45 (4500K) look very promising. The tint chart has it shifted more toward the red spectrum unlike the other temps (4000K, 3500K etc).

Very true. :slight_smile:

This is indeed über. Compared to the good ol' 219Bs, increased power/current handling and efficiency for close to double the peak light output, coupled with even lower Vf…

This is a reeeally nice upgrade for lots of inexpensive flashlights, capable of transforming a dud into a jaw-dropping experience. Top notch WOW factor! :LOVE:

This is even more amazing than…

Sorry for the sheesy joke!

Kudos to Nichia.

Cheers ^:)

Texas_Ace, thanks for data!

Anybody build a triple 219C yet?

I keep meaning to but have not had the time. Now I am almost out of LED’s so not sure if I will be able to till the next shipment arrives.

+1, thank you TA!

My first triple is in the works. Stacked a 105D yesterday for ~ 5.4 A.

Tuesday I have time for building a triple, but it will be with the sm353.

Remember, the manufactures reccomedations for max current are all base on non DTP attachments. Sure, we overdrive them beyond what they might be rated at even if they were spec’d on DTP copper but we couldn’t achieve what we do if those specs were absolutes.

Yup, and I love it in a trip. I used 20 awg wires and removed tail bypass to get it down to 11.55 amps. It started at over 16, to much for a titanium host.

Waiting for drivers here, but will soon do a triple 219C 4000K in a Convoy S2+
I’ll be using 16x 7135.