Notice - Buying Li-ion cells from FastTech; SGP temporarily unavailable

Jasmine posted this notice about buying cells (updated 17 October):

Update: Geek posted this sticky today about Singapore Post:

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I wish too but she must be so busy with the new staff. :~

Thanks Chloe for paying attention to what’s going on and all the updates :slight_smile:

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Hope the new staff training goes well.

Thank you so much Chloe, for keeping us informed! :slight_smile:

I noticed that the USPS office here has a notice saying that bare li-ion cells can't be shipped internationally, but cells installed in devices CAN be shipped. (stupid? yes....) So this sounds like a workaround. Take the bare cells, place them in a sealed tube so that any 'venting' will be accompanied via a significant explosion, with shrapnel...

So, what's the cheapest 2x 18650 host on Fasttech?

Here's the 501d for $16.04:

How about a box? These can be closed with cells installed and are inexpensive...

2x18650 - $2.84

4x18650 - $4.07

Love that! First it was Meth Labs, now it will be Li-ion Labs. No more buying Li-ions, or we will be put under police watch and Homeland Security will come to our doors with automatic weapons! Mandatory 20 year sentence for having more than six Li-ions in your home! Possession with intent to distribute...Tongue Out

I'm gonna go back to doing NiMH lights.Frown

Cells doesn’t spontaneously vent. A flastlight would prevent from outside damage (of course it must be protected from short circuit or activation). That was supposed to be sarcastic humor. If spontaneous venting isn't what we are scared of, then what's the problem? Wink

I’d guess selling cells installed in flashllights is to prevent detectio
n and not for the sake of safety…

Somewhere in one of these shipping threads is a post office quote stating that the batteries enclosed in a device (flashlight or otherwise) is fine, but by themselves is not allowed.

I’ve got a ticket in, asking if this + 4-18650s might make it through.

This is no problem, so just order :slight_smile:

Do we have to somehow tell them to install the batteries into the light, or will they do that automatically?

did you read or just stu*?

Well I read “can” implied to me that it’s an option. It could just be language barrier though and they meant “will” though that could be misconstrued as well… Perhaps I’m reading into it too much.

Me thinks koyotee is just being a d*.

I read through the typically vague USPS regulations this morning. It appears that as long as the batteries are installed in a device which is protected from turning on/short circuiting in transit, then you are within the rules.

FT would be technically be in compliance by inserting the batteries into devices with insulation disks, like they are proposing doing.

The problem is, as with so many of these agencies, that they subjectively choose when and how to enforce the regulations with little to no oversight.