NovaTac SPA Defense SPL-120 - Nichia 219C 4000K - 18350 Mod

Stock SPL-120 SSC P4 emitter:
Low - 14lm
Med - 46lm
High - 96lm


Modded SPL-120 Nichia 219C 4000K 90+ CRI:
Low - 29lm
Med - 110lm
High - 435lmSlightly trimmed 16mm copper DTP MCPCB with Nichia 219C.

I made a prototype brass sleeve to contain a copper sliding bar with a spring on the end so the light can run on 18350 cells and dispense with the signal spring.Swapped the black O-ring for a green GITD version, the plastic window for a 22.7mm x 2mm ARC glass version and some GITD tape in the grooves.

This model seems to have an upgraded pill/ LED retainer compared to other Novatac models I have seen, which also saved my fingers some punishment from filing the MCPCB into a cross shape this time :-)

Outputs vary quite a bit too on these lights, pre and post mod. Stock Novatac 120-E:
Low – 10lm
Med– 30lm
High – 106lm

Nichia 219BT-V1 4000K 90+ CRI:
Low – 26lm
Med – 100lm
High – 310lmStock Novatac SPL-120 - Light - 01:
Low – 10lm
High – 74lm

Nichia 219BT-V1 4000K 90+ CRI:
Low – 38lm
High – 250lm


Stock Novatac SPL-120 - Light - 02:
Low – 8lm
High – 54lm

Nichia 219C D280 5000k 80CRI:
Low – 38lm
High – 220lmStock SPL-120 SSC P4 emitter:
Low - 14lm
Med - 46lm
High - 96lm

Nichia 219C 4000K 90+ CRI:
Low - 29lm
Med - 110lm
High - 435lm

Nice lights though :THUMBS-UP:

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Thanks for posting, very beautiful work.

Oh My. Sell it to me

This light belongs to another member who requested these mods and might get a little annoyed if I sell it to someone else :smiley:

Awesome stuff, love the idea for 18350, much better to have 1100mah V 550mah of my little 16340 tanks.

You’re absolutely right about that :slight_smile: But as already said here, a super conversion, I’m already very excited about the little Novatac.

Awesome mod! :+1: :beer:

Nice looking lights. Even better with the CRX touch :smiley:

435 lumens @90CRI!!! With HDS UI to boot.

And I Love your sprung brass signal bar for 18350!

I’m Vicariously thrilled. :wink:

Beautiful mods ! These lights have potential :+1:
Love the brass sleeve, much more elegant than the original spring.

Awesome mod!

i’m getting 120P and this brief look made a big smile.

they are fun lights with a nice tight hotspot, and the HDS UI is fun to use and program.

Thx CRX! I might going to ask you for some directions later on

Thank for tutorial! it really helps

Now I noticed someone decided to sell some old stocks, The price is good. I will take myself 1 piece (in a complicated way), I think someone also wants to get a cheap version of HDS

Welcome DS! There are few of us trying to get one cheap and follow CRX steps!

I prefer the early versions of the SPA, that have a black bezel (it is stainless)


black bezel SPA:

  1. have better reflectors with tighter hotspots, than the later SPA with anodized bezels matching the body color

2. they are heavier (“better” metal?)…

3. I like the knurling better, it is more HDS like, not as aggressively sharp as the offshore made models

imo the black bezel SPA were made in USA, before the change to offshore manufacturing.
Curiously enough, the black bezel lights have gun mounts made in Israel…

I believe Novatac was a company owned by a Jewish man, who hired an IDF member to work for him in USA, to promote sales to the USGovt.

Flashlight companies that rely on Govt Sales are more convincing when represented by people with tactical experience.

Well looks like my Made In USA 120P with dark bezel is the perfect candidate for a great mod.
Thx for this info. I wasn’t damiliar with this stuff.

Thank you, this is interesting information! Before that, I only knew that the black bezel was steel and anodized — aluminum. Steel is stronger

I just noticed something else. At 120, which is with an aluminum bezel, the rear spring is made like a Convoy. On 120P, which is with steel frame, rear spring made of steel and covered with a thin layer of copper. Is someone else watching this?