Rating: DiscoveryBargain.com



  • Nice selection of SanRenMu Knives.
  • Decent presentation of products.
  • Free Shipping.
  • Fast reply to emails.(or not.)
  • Some competitive prices on some products.
  • ...


  • Don't reply to emails.(or not)
  • The order page doesn't show buyers full adress, but they do write the correct adress on the package.
  • Non-existent sorting of products by price or release date.
  • Slow shipping. Usually takes 40-50 days to items arriving to Europe.(only one case of fast shipping to Germany)
  • ...

Made my first purchase, received email confirming that order had shipped , but, and I don't know why, on the order page, my adress is waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaayyyyy incomplete! It misses the zip code!!!!!!! And the town!

I quickly sent them an email, ( Email: service@discoverybargain.com), but they never replied.(that was 4 days ago)

They say on their FAQ:

"Q : How can you get my shipping address?

A : We'll get your shipping address when you make payment by PayPal,please note PayPal will be not sharing any of your financial information to us except shipping address and a phone number which you explicitly wish to share with us."

That certainly didn't happen...

I know that raccoon city made an order also. He could give some feedback too.

It was a small order for a single SRM, so if I loose, it's only 5$.

Fingers crossed!

Still waiting for my BEE EL01B Knife (Black) that I ordered on 2/19/2011. I paid $11.99; since my order, the price went up to $13.35: http://www.discoverybargain.com/product/HT00441B/BEE_EL01B_Knife_(Black)_29728.html

It's tough to contact them about my order because I didn't register an account before I ordered the knife. I think the best way to contact them regarding my order is through PayPal, but I will wait another 2 weeks before I do that. My address they displayed was "waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaayyyyy incomplete!" just like juhha experienced. But they say they have my PayPal address, so I'm not worried. I'm totally used to waiting six weeks, and then doing the PayPal dance. I'll do a proper update when the knife shows up.

I ordered an SRM 939 and the shipping notification is also missing the town and zip-code. I ordered on the 2011-2-22 and nothing has shown up. On day 43 after my order this will become a PP issue, but lets wait and see how (and if) they react to my email that I sent out today. But I am not too worried, because the last claim/case with Paypal led to a full refund (DX). But until this is sorted out and the first people receive their items, I would order somewhere else.

P.S.: Wow they responded in less than 40 minutes, very impressive.

Looking good....

I ordered two times of DB. The zip code and the town is also missing on the hoempage, but on the package everything is ok.

My first order was quick (orderedate: 27. Jan. delivery 15. Feb). My second order 22. Feb. is on his way. I will contact the DS customer service today, because the trackingnumber isn't correct.

Thanks for all the info! Editing 1st post.

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Thanks, added to the sticky list.

I would suggest:

Pros: Some competitive prices on some products

Cons: Non-existent sorting of products by price or release date

I understand that, but as far as we know: 2 emails sent. 1 never replied, other replied in 40 minutes.

How can we evaluate this issue in a Pro/Cons evaluation?

Maybe ....

The relative:

- mixed experiences with support via email... sometimes fast anwers and sometimes no reaction for days

Did you sent a second email?

I have. No replies.

If they ever fail to respond to E-mails .. then it's a comment of no response to emails ..

....This is just a higher priced mirror site to another site which has been given bad feedback that's why it's the same stuff you've seen before .. a real close look at lights will tell you who they are ...site layout is different , but the lights are the same


Waiting and watching... There are a couple things I would like to order from DB but I won't until you guys let us know that your orders arrived.

Boaz, which site is DB a mirror of?

Nope, it isn't just a mirror of any other site. You can find ripoffs of photos from other shops in every other asian web shop, that doesn't mean anything.

There is some indications they are coming out of the same corner as focalprice though.

Emailed them asking when an order would ship and got a reply in 2 hours. However, in the reply they claimed they already sent me an order shipped email a few days ago, which I never actually received.

So maybe the effort is there, but their communication is a bit unreliable (so you'd best try a few times)

Reports of problems with DiscoveryBargain.com


Just got my 763's that I ordered 3/23. I am pretty impressed with the shipping time and they are great knives based on my initial impression. I also ordered a EL-02 from HK on Ebay and the shipping time was about the same, so not sure how HK Post may be doing better. In both cases, I am happy to receive the product in less than a month.

DiscoveryBargain also had the option for free registered mail (with tracking) and the best price on the 763's, even though they don't have the aluminum vs (still on the fence about that one).

I received a few 763s and 723s, in separate orders, each taking about 3 weeks. The packaging was exceptionally good, with lots of bubble wrap. Good transaction overall.

Good to hear that they actually deliver, but I haven't been so lucky. I ordered in February and sent an e-mail this week asking about the order (not much they could do, they shipped it within a couple of days) and never received a response. I filed a PayPal dispute last night before my 45-day limit was up. They responded this morning saying if I sent them some money (less than $2) for tracking they would send another knife. I think I will give them another week or so and then ask for my money back. Later on I might try ordering again, though I don't really need a knife anyway. I just wanted to see what all the fuss was about.