Review: CQG S2 Stainless Steel 1 x AA 3 mode EDC From CNQ


Material: 304 SS
Reflector: Aluminum Alloy OP reflector
Glass Lens
Switch: Stainless Steel tailcap click
modes: 3 (Lo>Mid>Hi) ; start on lo ; without momery
Battery: 1.5v AA ;Anti-reverse protection
waterproof IPX 6
Weight: 30g
Gift Wood box included

The CQG S2 is the 3rd light from the right in the above picture .

Made from Stainless Steel , has a very warm colored emitter [ yellow ] and is AA only with a 3 mode driver . At time of testing it is priced @ $16 USD , and was shipped in a timely manner . Now I did have and continue to have some issue with this sample .
1. Does not always want to go into high mode
2. Clicky seems to be tricky - using the light box - output can be very variable - I measured from 60L to 105L , so every time you use the light , I guess its like a box of chocolate , you dont know what your going to get ? [ output ] With use I hope it gets better . [ There is a spare switch that comes with the light ]

Aside from those niggly little things , I found the light to be very well made - finished , no battery slop , the switch does feel good , the threads are smooth , and the bean quality is excellent , lets move onto performance ...

Following figures are less the clicky switch

AA Nimh = High 113L @ 1.06A , Med 37L @ 0.42A , Low 7L @ 0.1A
Alkaline = High 96L @ 0.7A , Med 36L @ 0.37A , Low 7L @ 0.1A
Dry = High 86L @ 0.63A , Med 32L @ 0.36A , Low 7L @ 0.1A

Lets now try with the switch ...
AA Nimh , on high , output varied from a low of 64L to a high of 105L , medium varied from about 30 to 36L whilst low maintained 7L

Alkaline , high varied from 64L to 83L , medium 24-30L , and low maintained 7L

And the dry cell did much the same ..

This light does have a switch issue , that's for sure

There you go , Low med and High , but what are the outputs ?

Well a very nice light , really warm tint , well made body , overall a very nice light let down by a tricky clicky !
Hopefully this is a one of glitch , and I will see about trying to fix it .
I want to like the light , it has excellent current VS output , the body is well made , clicky feels good ...
But it does have a flaw [ this sample ]

No mode memory as such , turn the light off and back on and it will start in the next mode , leave it of for more than 30 seconds and it starts in low mode , and remember this one is AA only , dont [ DONT ] run a 14500 in it ...

Sorry to detract from the original message, but is the second from the left the new CITCAT AA?

2nd from left is Citcat , review to be posted shortly ...

Thanks for the review!

Thanks for the review! Looks nice, but I'm worried about that switch issue. I hope it's not common to all of them. I would also love to see a pocket clip on this.

Frontpage'd and Sticky'd, thanks!

Great review, old!

Have you noticed any PWM-flickering in the lower modes? I could probably live with the somewhat erratic output, but a low PWM-frequency drives me up the wall.

looks to be high frequency ..

I could only detect it VIA the digital camera ...

Have you tried disassembling it and cleaning the threads on the pill? My AAA version of this light was being wonky (wouldn't always turn on, variable light output) but after cleaning it up it seems to be fine now.

Outstanding job as usual Old. Congrats for the review. Hope the switch problem could be solved.

Ive isolated the issue to the switch , unfortunately its jammed in tight , and may need to be destroyed in removal ...

Thank goodness it came with a spare ... But the great race is about to start [ Bathurst ] , so in no great rush ATM to try and fix it ..

'New S2' update:

The driver replacement is supposedly to be wrapped up soon. I suppose "soon" could vary depending on who's saying it, but at least we know they've been keeping on it. I'm ready to get one the moment it's up for sale.

thanks for the review. question:

which are the other two lights counted from the right?

do you know? ;)

The AAA variant of the same flashlight reviewed here and the one with the knurling&clip is the N-light B3.


found its review. ( i am still waiting for the DQG Tiny Titanium. hehe.. )

So is this light ready to order again? I PM'd Ric but never heard back. I guess I could try again. There's also a 5 mode on the site now too. Anyone know what the status on this light is? Thanks.

The updated CQG S2 is ready to order again. Ric told me recently:

CQG S2 get ready now.


3/5 Modes

R2 NW / R3 CW

Click is good

I believe he meant the "clicky" switch is good. An early reviewer had stated that his clicky was defective, so I asked Ric about that.

I don't know what the 5-mode version's mode arrangement is, but the 3-mode version is Low > Medium > High, with no memory.

I believe at one time, Ric was trying to get the LED upgraded to an XP-G R4 or R5 bin, but I guess that didn't work out.

Update (Feb. 1, 2012): the 3-mode and 5-mode versions available to order as of now are H-M-L(-strobe-SOS), NOT L-M-H. I have the 3-mode version, and it has no memory.

thanks petey. I will try to contact him again to get an order in.

These CQG SS AA S2 lights are in and according to Ric, the 5 mode is:

S2 5 mode is Lo>Mid>HI>Strobe>SOS

Just for those interested.

I have the same light, with the same problems. If it would work as its supposed to it would be one of my favourites! I haven't tried changing switch to the spare one yet.

Edit: Anyone already tried changing the switch btw.? If so, any tips?

Any updates on the switch issues? Did anyone order the light with the "update"? I have seen that they raised the price a little to $17.50. More costs due to better switch?