“REVIEW”: Stainless Steel AAA flashlight (hc-lights.fi)


This flashlight was offered along with the Acebeam H20 [reviewed here] in a CRX Giveaway.
Funny thing is, I was looking for a AAA flashlight and a Headlamp and on this giveaway I got both. :blush:

I found some information of this light at Gearbest: (https://www.gearbest.com/led-flashlights/pp_227523.html) (non-affiliated) but it is a discontinued model.

I will make a short review, mostly showing pictures of the flashlight! :wink:

The brand name engraved on the side of the flashlight is: hc-lights.fi .

This is a slim and “long” Stainless Steel flashlight, with a pocket clip.

It has a single mode, and uses AAA and 10440 batteries. (although the working voltage is 1.5V advertised on GB). The flashlight arrived equipped with a AAA Varta battery.

According to the specs it is able to produce 240 lumens (probably with a 10440 Li-ion battery). It can provide a illumination range at 8-10 meters (with AAA battery)

The emitter is a Nichia NVSW219BT, with very good looking Neutral White tint (90 CRI; 4745 - 5310K), and it has a Orange Peel reflector.

It has no PWM.





Thanks for reading :wink:

Looks like the BLF 348 :slight_smile:

Probably the same as Singfire 348 on which the BLF 348 is based.
Not sure the BLF one is still available, but i think the Sinfire still is.
Both are quite popular over here. Simple and elegant.

Don’t think the SF comes with a Nichia, only the BLF. Might be a bunch of copycat 348s of whatever “brand”, fitted with a Nichia and rebadged with their url.

Reds and browns in the test pic of that little round table look nice.

Eheh, indeed it seems! The BLF 348 has a warmer tint Nichia, hasn’t it?

Hum, don’t now about its availability, but I do agree, it is really simple and elegant! And has a nice output for a short range :wink:

Thats what I thought! The first time I used it against a white wall it seemed CW, but then I turned it to a coloured place and the colours render pretty well :slight_smile: Mi laikes :smiley:

Mine’s a 5000K 219C. I would’ve preferred a 219B in 4500K or even 4000K, but the come-with Neech is fine.

Hum, my guess is that the one in this light will be around the 5000K or a little bit above , but not much!
It has nice rendering and few or almost none tint shift :slight_smile:

I only have a regular SF-348, with a colder XP-E

Some more info :wink:

Thanks CRX :wink: It seems my information was not so “away” from reality :smiley:
That specifies the lumens and the CRI, very helpfull :wink:
Thanks again for this opportunity :blush:

Thanks for the review!

Does it count as a copycat if it was fabricated for me together with my GB? :wink:

Nice review :+1:

It is me that should thank you for sending this gift along with the Acebeam H20 :blush: :+1:
Really good looking light and I’ll bring it with me more often :wink:
Thanks the :sunglasses:

Thanks mate :wink: