Review: Ultrafire 602C DIY LED Flashlight Host

Ultra Fire
WF-602C DIY Host

Reviewer’s Overall Rating: 5 of 5

Battery: 16340/CR123A
Switch: Reverse Click
Driver size: 17mm
LED Size: 16mm
Lens: Glass
Tailstands: Yes (not perfectly though)
Price Paid: $4.58
Link to light: Ultrafire 602C DIY LED Flashlight Host
Received: January 2013
IPX Rating: Has O-Ring between body and head



1. Black Anodized finish
2. All Aluminum body
3. Aluminum reflector (Orange Peel).
4. Nice knurling
5. Smooth threads
6. Clicky switch is nice - not to hard and not to soft
7. The light produces a very floody beam
8. Complete kit except driver, led, and battery

Parts used in the build:

16mm XML T6 1A
17mm Driver - BLF Edition driver same one as used in the A8 build 4 mode with memory
Solar Force protected 16340 (blue/white)

With this combination tail readings
High - 1.8a - 100%
Med - 600ma - 33%
Low - 30ma - 1.6%
Moon - 4ma - .16%

For around $13 you could build yourself one not including batteries.


The build was straight forward and pretty simple. I like small lights and carry one in my pocket every day. I am very happy with the light and have not had anything this small before. The modes are wonderful High (turbo), Medium, Low, Moon Low (BLF Edition A8 driver). It gets warm really quick on High/Turbo. Would definitely recommend it for someone that wants a small light that puts out quite a bit of light with the right driver.

Dimensions: As listed on FASTTECH

Depth 22 mm
Height 83 mm
Width 22 mm
Product Weight 31 g

Top side of the pill showing

Bottom side of the pill showing

With driver and led installed in the pill

Size comparison - from left to right - Trustfire F20, UltraFire WF-602C, Red AA host from CNQG, Sipik 68 Clone.

Size comparison - unprotected 18650, Ultrafire WF-602C

Moon Low Mode

Beam shot on Turbo/High

sorry for the bad pics all I have is my Iphone

Updated information

Added tailcap readings.

Anodizing on my 602C is tough and I have carried it in my pocket nearly everyday since it has been built (with my cigarette lighter in the same pocket). There are a few small tiny knicks in it. Heck I have got lights brand new out of the package that had more scratches then this on them.

Nice review! Thanks! (Though I don't personally care for 16340 lights myself.) How about tailcap currents?


great review, sounds like a really decent host. Battery size is too small for my very large bag of salvaged 18650s, but it has got me thinking about the equivalent in 18650 size.

I got a 602C from FastTech myself, but mine doesn’t tail-stand at all — the switch cover sticks out a full 2mm, and unevenly at that. Could probably be fixed by shifting the switch inward, but the retaining rings are in tight enough that I wasn’t able to budge them (only able to reach with tweezers).

Did my first flashlight build with it last weekend. XM-L T6-3C, 8*7135 Nanjg 105C (configured to L-M-H), both also from FT. Sweet little pocket rocket…. Multimeter reads 2.795 amps on high with a protected TrustFire Flame 16340; surprisingly, the protection is not tripping.

Thanks matt and Garry.

Will try and get some tailcap reading tonight.
I have the uf2100 which i guess would be it daddy both that and the 602 are really floody lights.
Have been using this light today at work the more I use it the more i like it. If it only had a magnet on the end to hold itself up it might be almost perfect. At work i dont need the high/turbo but have been running it on medium and low. Running it on medium it starts to get warm but not hot.

Thanks again

Sweet ralf nice build congrats on the first build.

How did the driver fit? Mine fit pretty loose definitely not a press fit. Solder secured it though.

Everyone that has this size of battery and likes small lights ought to get one of these.

The driver was a tight press-fit on mine.

Ok thanks for the info. Only tried the A8 driver maybe it is just a little undersized.

Nice review! Gotta get one now. I ordered a few of these, probably to sell/giveaway in a build.

those look really tidy Tom, you’ll have to let us know what they’re like when they arrive. Should make for a straightforward and simple build.


Saw that on site first then its little brother came out and with it having a low price pulled the trigger immediately! That host kind of reminds me of the TR-801 which i recently obtained from a member on here. Let us know how it turns out when you get’er done.

Thanks very much for the review! Frontpage’d and Sticky’d.

I built 3 so far, best one did about 800 lumens, worse did about 760 or so - U3 1C, staying w/2.8A Nanjg, but custom programmed. The Ft U3 1C's are all over the place from cool white to neutral it seems like. Sold one, gave another to my brother-n-law. Really like them - the pill is brass and pretty chunky - was able to get 1 copper disc in there. Got parts for 1 more, now debating whether to wait on 16mm SinkPAD's. It's a quality host, though do like the black finish and grip of the XIAOZHI a little better. Had some usual issues - added thin O-ring under the boot switch so it tailstands without rocking, had to drill adjustment holes in the brass ring for loosening/tightening, nothing major.

Since I have built this I have not stopped carrying this light! I only had a T6 1a tint when I put this in, its ok but I think that I want to put a 2B xml in it. They dont sale the U2 2B at FT in the 16mm size but going to reflow and see how that works out.

So the U3’s are random tints? I was thinking about putting the U3’s and my 3T6 or SRK guess I wont try that.

I still recommend this light for anyone that like 16340’s and small bright lights!

Yes - the FT U3's vary - others reported the same thing. I did those 3 builds at the same time and compared the beams side by side, and same hosts, driver, etc., and one was definitely whiter than the other 2. I still got a few FT U3's and hoping to get a chance to upgrade a 3 LED light with them anyway.

I gotta order one of these hosts in the next FT order.

I guess even with the tints being a little different they are pumping out the lumens so i would guess the bins are not to bad off then. I got a friend that wants one, will have to get one soon myself.

What batteries are running in yours? I am using the solar force protected blue and whites.

In the SRK? I got the FF UV-S5 and am using TF 3000's right now, but tested with Pana's. I also have a FF STL-V6 triple emitter, 2 18650's, and use Pana protected in that for pretty good output.

Sorry what batteries you using the 602C?

Oh, don't have the host yet but when I do, I'd probably use the unprotected DLG's I got from KumaBear. Not sure if he's taking orders yet - still haven't gotten a confirmation from him on an old order, because I'd order a couple more. Think'n if I order the host in the next few days, maybe, just maybe, the 16mm SinkPAD's would be timed close for delivery from Nitro with this host from FT, because it may make one awesome pocket rocket with an XM-L2 or U3 on a SinkPAD! If I go with a SinkPAD though, probably need something with IMR or IMR like high current capability - have to look around.