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This thread was suggested by a user as an easy way to get e-mail alerts for hot deals found by BLF users. Here’s the rules for this thread:

  • ONLY deal announcements in this thread, *****NO DISCUSSIONS HERE PLEASE*****
  • No affiliate links here please
  • Every post should contain a link to an existing BLF thread for discussing the deal, or else open discussion is allowed here
  • Please only link here to discussions about flashlights, batteries and related accesories
  • As always, commercial sellers should NOT post in thread
  • If the deal is specific to a certain country or area, please state the restrictions in your post

If you want to receive deal alerts by e-mail, just subscribe to this thread. As always, you will only receive one e-mail alert for this thread until you return to visit this thread again.

I hope this works! Thanks, have fun.

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Here’s a basic example:

Skyray King for $39.80 at Manafont

BLF discussion: SKYRAY KING at Manafont for $43.90

Tank007 E09, 12.xx$ before LOVELY 10%OFF coupon!!

BFL discussion: https://budgetlightforum.com/t/-/17695

EDIT: deal has ended!

Nitecore EC25W on sale for $50.00 shipped USA


TrustFire Mini-01 for $12.88 at Aurabuy.com

BLF thread:

Ultrafire 602C DIY LED Flashlight Host for $4.58 from Fasttech

BLF Thread:

UltraFire C8 CREE Q5

Everybody gonna love this $5.98 with free shipping almost everywhere.

edit: thread discussion here ( https://budgetlightforum.com/t/-/18616). sorry for the bad deal alert.

http://www.doingoutdoor.com/blackshadow-terminator-4×cree-xml-u2-cool-white-torch-p-292.html $105, shipped

http://www.doingoutdoor.com/nitecore-ea8w-cree-xml-u2-led-flashlight-neutral-white-p-318.html $75.99, shipped

http://www.fancyflashlights.com/goods.php?id=442 Claimed Original Factory Product of SRK $68, shipped

No existing thread discussion

Yes the SRK from them are the Real deal, always has been….to the best of my knowledge those prices are standard prices from those Dealers, not anything on Sale.

Trustfire Mini-01 $12.88

Trustfire Mini-02 $13.99

Discussion thread: https://budgetlightforum.com/t/-/18160

Available at bill.qiao@163.com

$260 for RC40, shipping cost excluded.

because it’s more than 2kg, it must be shipped via EMS.

$35 To most of countries of Asia ($17 to Singapore)
$55 To Canada and Australia
$50 To most of countries of Euro
$65 To Russia

**Price: $12.75

Nice tint [5C] & throw in AA format.

Coupon code “blfuser” = % 6


$2.85 shipping CONUS

Fenix Tk75 for $150

at the DIno`s use coupon S14 (14% discount on orders above $100)

if you have some giftcards or dinopoints, this could be even a better deal!
If there is someone out there, that even has Idinor, it will be $142

1 of the many discussions:

coupon SSZZCCSS will give you the following deals

Skyray King at WallBuys for $32

Fanyfire Rook at WB for $30

Thrunite TN31 XML2 for $120

refresh the page after adding the coupon, the discount may not show at first

discussion thread about these deals here: http://wallbuys.com/shoppingcart/5560/1

That code is working on more than those items. I tested it on the FandyFire L3 and brought it down to $58.74.
Discussion thread: https://budgetlightforum.com/t/-/17602
which has a link to the SolarStorm L3 thread.
Edit: Apparently, this code gives 15% off all flashlights and batteries. I have only confirmed it on a few items so far.

8 x AA eneloop UOMO or ROUGE $21.49 (Aus Only)

MAGLITE S5D036 Heavy-Duty 5-D Cell Flashlight, Red

Fatwallet deal
Select Amazon as seller on the right to get the price

Free SuperSaverShipping ($25+)

Anyone need a host ?

As for a forum link for discussions, maybe this

For those in the UK, 4-pack 3rd gen AA eneloops £7.19 £6.83 at 7dayshop :

Also, iCell Media are selling 4-pack 3rd gen AAA eneloops for £7.29 shipped:

Discussion thread:


BLF Thread

Sorry for the continue of the WB deals, but I believe that they are worth mentioning;

E-Smart XML-U2 (aka Roche F12) for $12,81 after coupon SSZZCCSS

Trustfire 26650, 5000mAh a set of 2 for $14 after discount
(reviews here; benckie , JackCY, HKJ)

Discussion deal alert thread for both;