REVIEW: Wuben TO10R – Triple XP-G3 – 16340 battery – 650 lumens – 4 Levels & Stepless dimming [PIC HEAVY]


This is my review of the Wuben TO10R. The flashlight was sent by Wuben, and there was not other compensation than the flashlight and the included materials.

I want to thank Wuben and Jelina (as representative) for sending this light and answering the questions and issues I had (with Customs). Thank you!!

The Wuben TO10R can be bought here (non-affiliate links):

Here’s an online review of this light by Charles BridgTec:

Body Colour: Black
Material: Aerospace aluminium alloy
Emitters: 3 x XP-G3 90CRI
Lens: AR Coated Lens + Carclo Triple Optic
Battery: 16340 Li-Ion
In-built charger: Micro-USB
Max runtime: 60 hours
Max beam distance: 90 meters
Max output: 650lumens
Candela: 2020cd
Waterproofness: IPX8 (2 meters underwater, 1 hour)
Impact resistance: 1.5 meters
Reverse Polarity Protection: Yes
Switch: E-switches (Power button + “W” [Mode] Button)


- Battery charge above 31%: the indicator will have a blue light (5 seconds)

- Battery between 15 - 31%: the indicator will be red

  • Battery below 15%: the indicator will blink red continuously

The USB port is on the opposite side of the Power and Mode Buttons, protected by a silicone cover.

- When charging: the indicator light will be red.

  • When charged: the indicator light will be blue.

PLEASE NOTE: Strangely enough, I put the USB cable on the my flashlight with the non-fully charged Wuben battery, and what happens is that the indicator blinks blue! I don’t know if it recognized that the battery still has some charge (it is not depleted), but it didn’t blink red as it was supposed to (according to the User Manual…). I will check on this later again when the battery is empty.


The flashlight box arrived well packed, in a thick cardboard box and wrapped in bubble wrap.

Inside the flashlight box I found: Wuben TO10R; 1x16340 Li-Ion battery; User Manual; 2 Lanyards; 1 USB to Micro USB cable; 1 Wuben Certificate card; 1 Warranty Card; 2 O-rings.

16340 Li-Ion >>> 650mAh (ABC650)>>> 2.4Wh >>> Protected >>> Wuben “branded”/wrapped

It arrived with 3.72V. I didn’t make a full discharge yet to confirm the mAh, but when I do it, I can post the values. According to the User Manual it will supposedly take 2 hours to charge.

You can compare it with other 16340 batteries (Olight and On the Road) and the Aspire 18350. It is longer than the others, but it has the same diameter as the 16340s shown below.

USB Cable
This is a very nice (really tough) 65cm USB to micro USB cable, also seen in other packages of Wuben lights. I like it, it gives you confidence when bending it, and to carry it with to charge the flashlight away from home when needed.

Well, I wouldn’t have much to say about lanyards if there weren’t 2 small details on one of those. Both have good quality and do not seem to be “cheappo” lanyards.

The one I highlight here has the Wuben logotype on 6 places, has a sliding part that allows to adjust it while on the hand, and arrived with a thin wire that helps to pass the thread through the lanyard hole!
This is really useful considering the thickness of the thread and the construction of the hole! Nice, Wuben :THUMBS-UP:

User Manual
The user Manual is written in Chinese and English! It is well written despite I think that there are some “mistakes” on it , namely on the “Mode Adjustment” part.

Also, the “timing” when pressing the buttons to operate the light is very generous, but reality has shown a different timing.
These are the things addressed on the Manual:
Warnings; Product Features; Product Operation; Function Parameter; FAQs; Accessories Recommendation; Maintenance; Warranty.

Before all I must say: this is an incredibly well built flashlight!!! No flaws on machining, and with a very good-looking design! At least I find it attractive :blush:

Dimmensions and Weight

Without battery >>> With battery

The light fits well on the hand, and despite it has a soft touch and somehow a black “matte” looking, it has “daring” feel 8^)

The flashlight is composed by 2 parts : head and tail! Despite the tail is probably made by 2 pieces, it is not easily dismantled. And I guess it must not be dismantled…

The head is composed by the driver and internals (which I didn’t dismantled).
It is also composed by a Stainless Steel bezel, an AR Coated Lens, a Carclo Triple Optic, a thick white O-ring, 3 XP-G3 90CRI Leds, in a 1.6mm DTP-MCPCB (not accurately, though as I didn’t measure it :FACEPALM: )

Outside, the 2 switches (Power and Mode Buttons) on the front and the USB port on the back.
Both switches have a nice touch, covered by a silicone button, and respond immediately to the press/click.

The USB cover, is very well built, covers the port correctly, and it helps to protect from dust (I didn’t try it on water, so I can’t mention tested waterproofness).

The blue and red lights on the indicator (Power Button) can be noticed easily.

The battery tube has a soft anodization, the threads seem to be square. Due to the magnet it is a bit “heavy”.

Please note that the inner diameter is not uniform: on the top it is enough to 18350 battery, but then it narrows and only can take 16340s.

The tail has a big spring inside (probably “stuck” between the metal parts that composed the tail).

The bottom is flat and magnetic, with a strong magnet on it as it attaches well on different surfaces and does not “fall” easily. (On the photo, attached to the fridge :D)

Some details on the body: on the head, the “HOT” Symbol; on the tail, the polarity indication for correct placement of the battery.

LEFT: Emisar D4 >>> Sofirn SP32A (moded) >>> Wuben TO10R >>> Convoy S2+ Tan (18350) >>> Olight S1RBaton
RIGHT: Sony VTC6 18650 & Wuben 16340


The flashlight has memory, so it will turn ON in the last used mode or level output (except Strobe).

I find it to be a simple UI - even with the special modes, despite the 2 buttons make it confusing sometimes! But I admit this is my problem :smiley:

From OFF:

  1. Single click on the Power Button turns the light ON
  2. Pressing and holding the Power Button for more than 1 second gives access to instant Strobe (stop pressing to stop Strobe)
  3. Pressing and holding the Mode Button for more than 1 second gives access to instant Strobe (stop pressing to stop Strobe)

4) Double clicking the Power Button turns the light ON and OFF :FACEPALM:
5) Single or double clicking the Mode Button makes nothing :smiley:

From ON:

  1. Single click on the Power Button turns the light OFF
  2. Pressing and holding the Power Button for more than 1 second enters the Stepless dimming mode
  3. Single click on the Mode Button cycles through the modes (Moon>Low>Med>High)
  4. Pressing and holding the Mode Button for more than 1 second gives access to continuous Strobe

5) When on continuous Strobe pressing and holding the Mode Button for 4 seconds changes to SOS;

6) When on continuous Strobe, pressing and holding the Mode Button for 6 seconds changes SOS and then to Alps flash: 1 semi-long “blink” at each 10 seconds, just like a beacon mode;

7) When on SOS or Alps flash, pressing and holding goes back to strobe; single click returns to last regular mode used;

5) Double clicking the Power Button turns the light OFF and ON :FACEPALM:
6) Double clicking the Mode Button makes nothing special (only cycles faster through the modes) :smiley:

Stepless Dimming

When the light is ON, press and hold the Power Button to enter Stepless Dimming.
a) If the light is on the lowest mode, it will ramp up.
b) If the light is on any other level, it will always ramp down immediately and then will ramp up if the button is still pressed.

When reaching the lowest or the highest level of the stepless dimming, there is no blink to mark that threshold.
If the Power Button is continuously pressed, the light will ramp up and down continuously.

VIDEO: Check the video with the mode changing and the stepless dimming of this light here:


Pressing, simultaneously, the Power and Mode Buttons for more or less 3 seconds, locks out the flashlight.
The light will blink once and it is locked.
To unlock, follow the same procedure as to lock-out!


The modes are very well spaced, in my opinion, providing a good illumination interval for different distances and uses. Of course, I would like to have a lower – true moonlight – mode, and I wish the High was “turbo”, but…these are very competent outputs and will serve different purposes!!!

Moon: 5 lumens (60h)
Low: 35 lumens (12h)
Medium: 200 lumens (3.2h)
High: 650 lumens (1h)

These runtimes are manufacturer specifications are were not tested. However, it seems to me that the runtimes seem pretty good for a 16340 flashlight.

I guess that the driver/electronic circuit and the Wuben battery make this a good combination!

HIGH CRI :???:

Well, this flashlight is advised as having 3 XP-G3 90CRI Leds. I have no mean to measure those values, but – to my eyes, and specially when compared to other flashlights with higher CRI Leds – the Wuben TO10R doesn’t seem to have high CRI leds.

maukka made a test with the bigger “sister” of this flashlight, the Wuben TO46R and stated this:

Find the references about the TO46R here and here

I don’t know if the TO10R model emitters are equal to the TO46R, but they probably are, and they probably aren’t 90CRI.

I also have to agree with maukka when he mentions that there is a great tint shift on this light.
The Cold White XP-G3 emitters, the Clear Carclo lens and probably the internal constitution of the flashlight (inside the head) provoke a very visible yellowish to greenish shift”.
Against a white wall /paper, the beam shows 3 or 4 different colours.

This said, it’s time to see how this light behaves when lighted :wink:

NOTE: Please bear in mind that the photos were taken by a cellphone, all of them were taken on dark conditions, so the already natural tint shift of this flashlight is even more accentuated here!!! However, the greens are really there with “naked eyes”!!! :GLASSES:

Beam pattern
Well, kind of difficult to show it accurately, but this is a very “strange” beam, specially in close-up situations. However, at distance, it creates a more or less uniform and interesting “spot”.
The light is advertised as having optimised “smooth, optimized beam”.

From Moon to High – PWM on Medium is not visible at naked eye, nor at camera, except from this close-up.

From Moon to High – Please note that the colours are not rendered as they would be if these were 90CRI emitters.

From Moon to High
Beam pattern






BTW, I am sorry but I couldn’t get the best conditions for a longest “beamshot”. This light is good at 30-40m, but after that, it illuminates (on High), but with less visibility! An XPL-HI in this form factor would allow to throw some light further!!


Wuben TO10R >>> Triple XP-G2 S4 3D + Carclo 10508 >>> Triple XP-G2 (Warm White) + Carclo 10507 >>> Triple XP-G2 (Neutral White) + Carclo 10511 >>> Triple XP-G2 (Cold White) + Carclo 10507

Triple XP-G2 (Cold White) + Carclo 10507

Triple XP-G2 (Neutral White) + Carclo 10511

Triple XP-G2 S4 3D + Carclo 10508

Emisar D4 (Triple XP-G2 S4 3D + Carclo 10622)

Triple XP-G2 (Warm White) + Carclo 10507

Luxeon V + Pebbled TIR Lens


1) I like the machining, the design, the feeling of this light in the hand!

2) I like its robustness and the confidence it gives to hold it, and to be sure that it may take some falls without getting completely damaged.

3) The magnetic tail!

4) The touch on the Buttons (very responsive) and the USB cover.

5) The accessories it came with, that have very good quality!

6) The mode spacing as it allows to adequate the light to different situations.

7) Well, it is a triple, and this is being a year of “triples” for me :blush:


1) The size, as it is a “big” 16340 flashlight, specially if compared with some recent (and old) models using that king of batteries. Still, it is pocketable… And can be used with the Convoy holsters for 18350 versions 8^)

2) The tint shift: the greenish shift on this light is not good, even for outdoor use. I used it on green environments, as the greenish of the beam is still annoying…

3) The access to instant strobe from OFF either pressing the Power or the Mode buttons. I guess it was not necessary… :FACEPALM:

4) The stepless dimming: although it is in vogue to have ramping modes, I guess that the stepless dimming on this light doesn’t bring an astonishing improvement. It


1 – Give direct access to turbo , from ON and OFF. From OFF, instead of having 2 shortcuts for instant strobe, I find more useful to have direct access to Turbo, at least pressing and holding or double clicking one of those buttons.

2 – Give direct access the lowest mode. Having memory is a good thing, but having a shortcut to lowest mode, would be nice! Also, introducing a true Moonlight mode, would be very nice!!!

3 – Change the Stepless Dimming. Not stopping on the Top or bottom, and cycling continuously, and also not being able to immediately ramp up, is something that I would change.

4 – Change the combo Emitters + Triple TIR. These emitters don’t provide a good beam and are not really High CRI. Using neutral or warmer tinted LEDs – with dome or de-domed - would make this light better. Also, using frosted or semi-frosted triple lens would make the beam more uniform, with less artifacts. I will use some DC-Fix to minimize or erase the tint shift and the artifacts provoked by the optic.

5 – Provide a pocket clip. This light needs to have a clip! I am using a Convoy OEM clip attached to it because being a small but “large” light, it will make “bump” on my pocket if it is not clipped to the edge of the pocket. Please Wuben, think of it :wink:

Other than this, this light is very very good, I like it!
I want to thank to Wuben for providing this light and I am sure that this is the product of a long and great work developed by a company that is improving and getting better and more implemented each day that passes!

Thank you and keep up the good work!!

BLFers, if you have doubts or comments, don’t refrain!!
Best regards :THUMBS-UP: