Sinner Cypreus 18350 EDC, 8-4-14 Now with 2960 OTF lumens!

I got a surprise today! The Sinner Cypreus 18350 EDC, solid copper in a small pocket size that is just perfect for EDC!

This one is built more conventionally, with a threaded tail cap and head for a 3 piece style similar to most lights we are used to. The copper pill is fully threaded, screws in to seat against the same S6 style reflector as it’s big brothers. The tail cap has a pressed in brass plug that is fitted with a similar brass clicky as the Ti light, also has the Teflon holder threaded to capture the switch. Nicely done, with holes for tightening and removal. The pill also has slots to facilitate tightening and removal.

This little guy is solid in the hand, a beaut to look at and with enough weight to make you realize there’s some serious heat sink mass here! I was curious what this reflector would do with a de-domed XP-G2 emitter, so I stuck an R5 1A in it in conjunction with a BLF17DD driver. This driver is full on, 7 levels with moon starting on 2 of 255. With an AW IMR18350, I’m seeing 2.91A for some 567 lumens at start, 542 lumens at 30 seconds and this with the AW cell at 4.08V. Nice hot spot, very decent throw, lux numbers indicate 24Kcd from this palm sized gleaming Cypreus.

A very nice level of light, great beam, but can I live with a lumen count that low? Time will tell…

About to step out and grab a couple of beam shots, pics of the light will have to come tomorrow, I’ll add em here at that time.

Another job well done Sinner! Thank you! This one appeals to my liking of small things well made, and it really tickles that sweet spot of beauty and performance. Gonna be difficult to beat these 2 lights, for sure!

Here’s a couple of beamshots, wide angle is 28mm, zoom is 112mm from my Canon G1X at ISO 1600, f/5.6 and f/5.8 respectively, 1/2 second shutter. The red oil drum is 97 yds away. This light is a tiny bit shorter than a chopped AA MiniMag that takes an 14500 cell, same diameter at the head, but of course it’s thicker in the battery tube and tail cap. A Solarforce L2m makes this light look small. Nice job! Love the tightness of it’s beam, very authoritative throw from such a small light.

6-4-14 Promised Pics

And beside my even smaller Titanium Texas Poker from Photon Fanatic…

With the Texas Poker and Sinner Ti…

The Titanium light is one piece construction, with a bezel over the lens and a brass threaded insert that holds the brass clicky button and teflon retainer for the switch.
The Cypreus is a 3 piece design, with the head and tail cap threaded onto the battery tube. Both lights have copper pills, albeit with different construction.

Y’all are gonna give me a complex, make me think I’m horrible at sharing a nice light! 69 reads without a single comment, whew!
Yes, I know, I need pics of the light. Sinner has some pics of it in his threads but I’ll be taking more detailed pictures in the next couple of hours. :wink:

yeap we need pics of the light :slight_smile:

Sorry, I missed seeing this until now , thanks for putting this thread up. I need some convincing, but I'm almost buying this beauty, or its 18650 counterpart. So please post some additional photo's of the light and it's done! :love:

Need pics and price detail… maybe I should contact him too to build me one :smiley:

This should get you going, and I’ll get some more pics of the completed light directly…

Cypreus 18350 EDC

kinda scared to hear the price :~

wow that’s throwy all right, I could live with a lumen level that “low” :smiley:

Gasp! Thanks for sharing. 8)

Your ever expanding collection of pocket rockets is amazing. What are your thoughts on the dedomed XPG led In the reflector. Could you help us dummies and link it if you have it. and yes the king of photography must have pictures.

The emitter I used came from Richard, XP-G2 R5 1A on Noctigon 16mm I also have this one, de-domed, in my Texas Poker. The de-domed emitter limits current for whatever reason, so it doesn’t pull as hard as I expected it to, not quite making 3A on the FET driver. I even tested it with a Sony C5 18650, almost exactly the same result. But overall, the lumens output and throw are well matched, the beam profile is excellent with a well defined smallish hot spot. (It’d be smaller in a larger reflector, remember this is a 20mm reflector) And the tint is quite decent as well. I like white or slightly warm if it must differ from white. This works well, or it wouldn’t be in my Texas Poker. So putting it in here was all about throw and it works. I have had to get the 1A on aluminum stars and re-flow them to Noctigons in the past, but Richard shows to have some in stock ready to go. The R5 1A works best, IMO, for de-doming this smaller die. I’m not very fond of any of the XM-L2’s de-domed but use 1A there as well if/when necessary.

The BLF17DD driver with 7 levels is also excellent as it allows a thorough choice of output, enabling me to keep the light to just what I need to conserve the 18350 cell. I like it enough that this afternoon I pulled the MT-G2 out of the Cypreus’ big brother, the Ti light, and put a BLF17DD in it as well with the same 7 level format and an XM-L2 T6 3C , domed, in an effort to match the white output as much as possible.

I got to thinking about the reasons to carry a nice light, and while the big MT-G2 at 3.74A is very nice, it has no reach. I have the Texas Poker for closer work, so the bigger light needed more reach and more run time, both lost with the big emitter in there and a pair of 18350’s. I lost lumens in the exchange and am pulling somewhat more power, but all in all I think it will be the better choice for both lights in the big picture.

Very very pleased with the Cypreus. The light is solid, well made, and with this set-up…a very useful light.

Oh, by the way Steve, you should see the pair of tiny AA chopped MiniMags from Dan…they take a half AA (14250) and I have one with an XP-E2, one with XM-L2. Very cool tiny lights! :slight_smile:

Edit: I also looked at the switch when making my decision which emitter to run and at what level. I don’t recognize this switch and don’t see an easy way to upgrade it to one I do know with space constraints being the issue, so it seemed prudent to keep output reasonable in order to preserve the integrity of the light.

Here’s some ballpark to play in, don’t worry, they’ve taken the fences down….

How about the Sinner Cypreus, a very small all copper light that uses an 18350 cell. In this case, a freshly charged Efest Purple 18350 High Discharge cell. And a triple Noctigon populated with XP-L’s that are de-domed with a Carclo 10507 optic. The driver is an BLF17DD with 7 modes.

In OTF lumens on my lightbox

  1. is 9.3
  2. is 41.12
  3. is 107.98
  4. is 277.38
  5. is 1221.30
  6. is 1949.25
  7. is 2960.10

Turbo is pulling, at the very least, 8.67A from this tiny cell! (output in the front, through the lens, burned me and I couldn’t hold it to see if it was still climbing!)

This is one SERIOUS Cypreus! :slight_smile:

looks perfect!

I couldn’t believe my eyes, 2960 OTF?

King’s own EDC :crown:

What distance should we expect this to perform? About to go for beam shots….

Dale I'm over here. Where are you? We need more ice.

97 yds to the red oil drum in the center. Canon G1X at ISO 1600 wide is f/5.6, zoom is f/5.8, 1/2 second exposure. 2 second timer manual focus.

Pretty stinking unbelievable for an 18350 EDC!

Now compare with the same shot with the M6. That should be like a Granny Smith to Fuji comparison.

Keep in mind as well that this is a 4 18650 power source against a 1 18350 power source.