Sofirn C8G review. New king of budget long-throwers (21700, XHP35, Ramping mode)

p=. UPD 5000K version in stock! Hurrraaa, finally!

UPD2 You cannot buy XHP35 version now, but only SST40. It is has some less throw, but better sidelight.

UPD 3 added runtime charts for SST40.

I`m surprised that somehow i didnt posted review of this excellent model here at BLF, so here it is. Even after almost a year since release, this flashlight is stll #1 for me, when it`s about budget flashlights, this model is definetely way better when old-time king - Convoy C8 and it`s new offspring - M21A. So, i decided to fix my mistake and share my opinion about this model as it definetely deserves it.

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i marked here mistakes in specs, with real rutime numbers. i believe that was occasional mistake of Sofirn. that is around 1600-1700 lumens instead of 2000 and around 2 hours instead of 4h50m in High.


Everything is as usual: a beige cardboard without the slightest hint is of design. So, it`ll not be good as a gift. But when it is bought for personal use - who cares. Inside is all that is needed: 18650-21700 conversion tube, lanyard, pair of o-rings, manual. If you take full set, then you get 21700 battery and charger as well.

Flashlight design is very simple. Like almost all other Sofirn models, there are no any trace of high design refinements. I think that the target audience doesn’t give a damn about it, as long as you can buy Sofirn flashlights without breaking a gap even in a skinny wallet. But when you hold Sofirn C8G in your hands, you don’t feel any no-name cheapness either. Just the expected appearance of a budget flashlight.

As you can see, the flashlight is absolutely comparable to Convoy C8 + , and C8+ uses much less capacious 18650 batteries. And this difference is expressed only in 2 mm of the additional diameter of Sofirn`s body, which can be frankly neglected. Well, that way 7.5mm the difference in length also does not play any significant role.

But the layout here is different, and this difference is advantage os Sofirn, which has a side button as well as the one in tailcap. The latter moves moderately tight, with a noticeable click. Nothing, again, in fact, different from Convoy.

But the springs are fundamentally different. Sofirn C8G is twice as bright as convoy C8 +, so it’s logical that the spring is thicker. In addition to the diameter, it is also a double spring, actually.

The trapezoidal thread is badly lubricated. Well, tail-cap moves softly, there are some traces of graphite grease here, but I would still add the usual “fat” as well.

Classic, small knurled diamonds interspersed with grooves. Their depth somewhere in 0.7mm is sufficient to be felt with a grip, making it more reliable.

The grip is comfortable, and if it differs in anything from the C8 , it is only more tenacious due to these grooves. If you had a chance to hold C8, then, in general, you will not feel anything new.

The spring from the side of the head is thicker.

There is no difficulty to get to the driver.

Both Convoy and Sofirn have numerous cooling fins. Everything is ok here.

The button is soft. Move is shallow with a pronounced click. Button is located on a flat platform, blindly searching is very convenient. There is a charge indicator. Up to 3.2v - green, 3.2-3v - red, below 3v - blinking red.

You can twist off bezel easily. Glass has anti-glare coating. Reflector is, of course, smooth. In my case, there were two tiny scratches on it. There is XHP35 HI (Convoy C8 + has less powerfull XPL-Hi) at the bottom. The head is one-piece, which improves heat dissipation.Diameter \ Depth of Reflector 38 \ 35mm

That’s all. I do not see any obvious complaints about the build quality.


Tailcap button click - on/off the
Side button - mode switching when click in stepperd mode (Low > Mid > High > Low > ) or hold in ramoing mode
Mode-Group change: 4x clicks.
Turbo: 2x clicks.

Moonlight: 2x clicks while in Turbo, or hold button when you turn flashlight on.
Strobe: 3x clicks.

Blinky mode cycle: Long press ( Strobe - Beacon - SOS).


As you can expect light is cold white, 6000K, which is not that good for long-range needs, 4000K \ 5000k would be much better. and here C8+ wins. -
UPD 5000K version in stock! Hurrraaa, finally!

Light distribution is a typical “awl”, with a bright center and dim side light. Here, by the way, you can see on the beamshot that the convoy is better focused and at the same brightness it will have better throw. On the other hand, C8G, due to its greater brightness, negates the difference in focusing and in turbo it is radically better than Convoy.
There is no visible PWM flicker in any mode.

Manual declares thermoregulation. Dont believe everrything here. As for rutume , in fact, you get this:

1) Turbo is long lasting , it will last enough until initial stepdown to see everything around (and then, actually, in after stepdown level).
Despite the fact that turbo can be turned on time after time, this will not work with bare hands, because the body is heated to a temperature painful for the hands. Wearing gloves and wind blowing will make this easier.

Accordingly, in the latter conditions it is possible to count on a higher brightness. Brightness drops to high from turbo when Sofirn C8G has some cooling. Without it there is a stepdown to some lower level. The difference will be palpable, like 20%. As you can see, this logically translates into a difference in the rutime as well, 2 hours before next stepdown against 3 hours.

2) the simplest calculations show that the promised two thousand lumens is now what you get. It is worth counting on somewhere 1600-1700 lumens, which, in general, is definetely good.

3) Runtime in high , according to specs, is slightly less than three times less than the time in mid. And turbo has correct time. It looks modes and rutimes were mixed up. But i give you correct numbers )

In any case - even without cooling and less real brightness in turbo , this brightness and thrown will definitely be enough for you, everything is better than you can get from convoy.

In short, regardless difference with the specification, stabilization and rutime of thermoregulation left me with an exceptionally positive impression.

UPD 2021 once i got SST40, i update runtime charts. i cannot correctly compare their brigthness, so i just set turbo to 100% in chart. overall, it gives a clear idea what to expect from Sofirn C8G.

Re-enable turbo (with cooling or without ) give the same runtime and stepdown.

here, for comparison, runtime of convoy c8 +

Agree, the difference is exceptional

The flashlight turns off somewhere at 2.8v.

Well, the most interesting.

Once again - on a full charge at a comparable brightness, the convoy will be better. The question is that in case if C8+ this 100% brightness will decrease as it discharges, and it is stabilized for Sofirn C8G .

Sofirn C8G proved to be an excellent compact long-range flashlight. If you do not take into account only cold light, I think that it is the best in size. Well, suppose the Lumintop GT mini will shine at the same level, only much shorter (and with worse stabilization).

50m is an insignificant distance for such a flashlight, even Low here gives clearly visible light.


Again, Low is quite visible, but is almost useless. Indoors, like a warehouse, everything will be better.


low if invisible
mid is still ok. You will have enough rutime in this mode for the whole night, but you have to uderstand that you will get normal detailing at this range at high mode. 3 hours of excellent light in this high, then change the battery and enjoy the light.

well, there is only high \ turbo.
Few people need to work at such a distance, but, as you can see, flashlight is definitely feasible. convoy c8 + is also useful here, but after about 20 minutes the brightness will significantly decrease.

Traditionally, there is video review. i plan to add subs tomorrow, but you still can see how Sofirn C8G work.


Once again, Sofirn is one step away from making the *perfect *budget flashlight. Sofirn C8G has every chance to become this one , all they have to do is make an optional neutral light and modify UI a bit. (upd 5000k was added for XHP35 version).

Nevertheless, as it is, for its price, this flashlight is very, in my opinion, good - it has everything you need and even more.

+ 21700 battery ->

  • wonderful runtime
  • compact pocket sizes
  • brightness is fully stabilized and does not fall as it discharges.
  • Maximum brightness covers the vast majority of all household needs and dramatically exceeds that of the Convoy C8 +.
  • affordable price for everyone
  • albeit primitive, but indication of charge level

- cold light

  • the specification has mistake about by rutime (I think that a typo) and brightness (rather consciously)

A significant advantage of the convoy is the choice of color temperature, which is important for long-range needs. Well, it`s UI, albeit not flexible, but gives access to a bunch of preliminary sets of modes.

UPD 2021. After a while i reconsidered my impressions about UI. that is really, really good one. And the same about SST40 LED version, which turned to be well stabilized and is better for mid-range work. Flashlight lost some throw with SST40, but still you, normally, have more than you need.

If you are not afraid of the cold white light in the long-range, then the Sofirn C8G looks an unambiguous favorite in the battle with the Convoy C8 +. The fully-equipped option will be a good gift to someone you know. The mass of compact branded long-range truck is also implemented in a cold light, and does not work out such a difference in price.

The bottom line is, if you want to buy an inexpensive powerful and bright long-range LED flashlight, then the Sofirn C8G seems to me the perfect option. There are certainly brighter and longer-range lights. But by the combination of price, functionality and convenience, this flashlight seems to me the undisputed leader among low-cost long-range flashlights. If you do not need to shine further, that way, 400m, then you can safely rely on this model.

Excellent review! :+1:

Hi, narmatta. Whats in comparing with Astrolux EC01?

who knows, i didnt tested and compared them, so wouldnt speculate on this.

Late to getting one of these… was hoping the UI might be updated by now. But looks like it’s going to be what it is and always was as Sofirn seems to have never looked into it further.

Still a great thrower (maybe for a certain rifle of mine).

Anyway, your review REALLY helped me make the call— and was very well done Narmattaru! :+1: :beer:



what exactly would u like to see changed? i am in constant touch with Sofirn, so when feedback is useful, i pass it to them

Well, as I said… I am a hunter and so a single mode turbo would be the thing I want to see on any C8 that fits a rifle :blush: Do you know if they tweaked the ramping? That is the other concern people have mentioned.

But I guess I’ll get mine then figure out what I’m really dealing with before making any “big” requests.

How does it compare to the L21A with XHP35 ?

Excellent write up. :+1:

Tweak ramping mode to match Anduril ramping speed and behavior

Great review. I use the C8F triple on a daily basis, love the ability to do moonlight. You could mimic single mode on turbo because it has memory function. I think the behavior of the C8F and C8G are the same. My only wish is that the Side LED stays lit when rear switch is on. It only lights up momentarily to give a sense of battery status.

The nice part of the C8F is they have a 90+ CRI option using LH351D, which I also have.

I think a fairer comparison is with the Convoy C8+ SST40, 1800lm. Since it is only rear clicky the functionality may not be as good as the C8G but brightness and throw of the SST40 is pretty impressive.

Is the throw longer on C8G compared to C8F?

I have some hot-rodded several 18650 C8F’s… the old model. Using Lexel’s Narsil drivers (AND alternatively going direct drive) they out-throw my factory C8F’s in the “new 21700 model”. I have XPL-HI and XPL-HD (shaved) in my several lights I use on guns. As much as I LOVE the wide “hot spot” on the C8F (either size), the C8T keeps up with them when it comes to THROW.

The C8A and C8T really do (at least) match the throw of my best triples. Given recent posts comparing the C8T (and C8A) to this C8G— what I gather is that they have about the same “throw” but the C8G has a larger “hot spot”.

For my use: I want MAX lumens for about 15 seconds. I ordered a C8G last week and I am still wondering how I’m going to get turbo off Lexel’s tail switch (zero loss gun switch) IF I were to install it.

It was easy with the C8F as a good high drain 18650 can literally run it right off the battery (direct drive = no driver, just a board hot wired to the MCPCB) and get excellent output. But with the boost circuit in the C8G (pumping 3.6V up to 12V) that means I HAVE to run though the driver. So the UI is kinda key for usability in a night-time rifle rig as I use.

Otherwise, for a nigh-time carry with the dog, I plan to see four blocks ahead of our travels with this light- good enough! (and an excuse to buy another light of course- it is an addiction you know). :smiley:

Sorry, I am not smart enough to mod stuff. :smiley:

How does the stock 21700 C8F compares to the Stock C8G?

If you are looking for good throw the C8G has a much narrower beam. Longer throw.

The C8F wider with good throw due to a lot more power. (Measured) 1600-1700lm (C8G) vs 2800-3000+lm (C8F) depending on your sample.

By most accounts here at BLF, the stock C8F will have a much wider hotspot, but not as much throw as the stock C8G.

It was shown in Narmattaru‘s recent review here that the C8G he tested kept up pretty good with the C8T which throws further than my stock C8F (21700 model with the latest driver Vs. the older problem stock C8F driver it had when released). (***Correction: Narmattaru's review compared to the Convoy C8+ and a few others. It was bilakos10's equally impressive review that compared the C8G to the C8T here).

So I surmise that the C8G will out throw my stock C8F 21700 by a fair margin, AND my hotrodded C8F 18650s, but by a smaller margin. I’ll KNOW in about 5 days as I have a C8G on the way from Amazon.

The question I’m wanting to get answered is how far does the C8G throw on it’s “high” setting... in memory? I’m out of the old C8F hosts— I had six when I started. I built three (for use in the hand), and the other three for hunting duty (these are direct drive). They throw pretty good and the flood factor is awesome. But I also have mounted the C8T and it’s a laser.

So hoping the memory “high” (turn on) on the C8G is good enough to replace the C8F throw wise, but also hoping it has more “spill” than the C8T. And if using a better pressure switch on the rifle, a double clicked turbo is easy enough (***Correction: I'll have to reach up to the side switch as the rear "clicky" switch probably won't get to turbo otherwise). So usable (still) if you decide you REALLY need to shoot at 300 yards- a rare event to the ethical hunter even in daytime.

So for HUNTING... I hope the C8G is a bit wider around the edges (spill) while it’s hotspot usable (wide enough) at 150 yards or so. This would make it a good general hunting light for pigs (needing a wider field of view), and also good for calling coyotes a few hundred yards away... OR, way out there (on turbo).

Excellent :THUMBS-UP: . Sofirn C8G also is available on C8G LINK on

As I NOW have this light in the hand as of 1PM today…

It is rare that I get a (good) surprise with any light (or anything) I buy. But THIS LATEST C8G does shut off using the side switch! I had read in the past that it did not, and ONLY the tail switch would turn it off. I recall it being compared (with complaints) to the C8F driver which does turn off on the side switch (and is a great driver). Well this new C8G sure is working just like my C8Fs today! So SUPER cool surprise #1 :slight_smile:

BUT EVEN MORE IMPORTANT TO ME… the light’s memory DOES allow for a FULL TURBO turn on using the rear switch— THIS IS FRICKIN’ AWESOME! :blush:

As I mentioned, I am looking for a new gun light to replace the last of my C8F 18650 host stock. Lexel’s super cool FET tail switch is a game changer for rifle lights as it uses ANY switch on any (read thin) wire to trigger the FET which has ZERO line losses compared to your usual pressure switches which typically comes with 20g wire (and causes severe lumen losses when making the round trip through those flimsy wires).

Anyway, THIS light’s memory works off the tail switch— WITH TURBO coming (back) on! So my Lexel designed FET tail switches will work WITH the stock driver (on ramping even), and come back on at any setting I chose… cool surprise #2!

So I have a hunting light for my ARs that get WAY out there and I just need the FET tail switch (more already ordered from Lexel) to have a light ready to mount to the rifle with no further mods needed. :+1:

Older reviews complained about these two issues (and slow ramping which is still the case, but I don’t mind it at all). So it seems that Sofirn is YET AGAIN listening to their customers and correcting problems in later builds. Man, I am glad I was late to the party on this one as I now don’t have a light I have to mod to get what I want.

WAY TO GO SOFIRN :+1: :beer:

OK, night finally came…

This C8G out-throws my best hot-rodded C8Fs by about 75-100 meters. I HAVE a new hunting light :heart_eyes:

I tested on the provided Sofirn 4000mAh 21700. I also only had it charged up to around 4V. The hot spot really is nice- not too laser like as the C8T was. A good bit of spill, and about the same width as my C8A (with a Lexel Bistro driver) which keeps up with my modded C8Fs throw wise. The C8A and C8T really do both throw nicely for what they are, but this new C8G is really another beast all together. I’m getting enough spill for anything close, but man oh’ man does this thing get OUT THERE!

For hunting, I’d use this in all but the thickest brush down in Texas for pig hunting at night where nothing gets further out than 100 yards away. There the C8F gives the wider hot spot and more spill for sure. But for longer range (coyote) and other night-time varmints… this is the ticket for out to 300 yards (easy).

Usually, now that I know I want to use these for rifle lights… I’d immediately beg for hosts to build. BUT this driver really does rock and I can’t see the need to replace it (for hunting)! It’s really cool to have a light I can take off the rifle and ALSO use in the hand too— I can’t do that with my direct driven C8F 18650 lights I currently use.

If you are into rifle lights (AR 15 platform especially), although a bit large— this light is the BEST thrower I’ve played with so far (I’m sure there are other lights too). But for the money and the performance? — I think Narmattaru nailed it in the title of this listing:

All hail the new king (of budget C8 throwers)— this thing is badass! (for a $30 C8 that doesn’t need a lot of current)

Do you think this light is robust enough to mount to an AR-15? Also, what size mount/rings? I think I might try it out. I agree, it’s a great light and I’m happy I picked one up.

Oh ya! I’ve used: C8F (18650), C8A, C8T, and a few others on my ARs. Cool thing about those 18650 lights is that 1” standard scope rings work GREAT for mounting them as they are all 1”= perfect fit. But the 30mm scope rings are a bit big, so I’ll have to shim them to fit this 21700 light since it’s too fat to fit into 1” rings.

Definitely check out Lexel’s FET switch— we have lit up 200 yard fields nice and WIDE with the old C8Fs mounted on the left side of my 6.8 SPC rail. Popped a few yotes out at the end of that same field last winter ;). Also saw a few monster bucks after dark (of course) :stuck_out_tongue: