SupFire M6 - Beamshots (Night pics uploaded)

*Night pics a bit below!*

I'll post some outdoor shots when it gets dark but this messy shot is all I got for now.

Wallbuys SRK vs SupFire M6. Pics came out a bit dark.

Built like a tank (I thought my SRK felt solid) and heavy. A bit longer than SRK. No battery rattle like SRK. Bright as my SRK with a more defined hotspot. Should throw farther. Medium mode! Switch feels like SRK’s. Always starts on high. 3 sec press turn off or cycle the modes. Pwm not noticeable to me unless I shake the light side to side. Again, very solid, dense feeling light. M6 has no sharp edges unlike my SRK. Thanks Pulsar & SupFire!



For those on ios.

I'll take some more pics when the wifey goes to You know....


Night time beamshots.


As is SRK. Mouseover for SFM6.

Now for one a bit further down range.


As is SRK. Mouseover for SFM6.

I'll try to take some shots at my folks house which is doesn't so much light pollution.

Thanks for looking!

noice! Thanks for sharing! Looks to me the SFM6 is just a bit brighter (tint?) and a bit more throwier (is that even a word? lol) than the SRK

oh man i’m jealous and angry! nice shot bro

Judging by beam pattern, looks to be slightly less flood/spill (width of circle), and a slightly smaller and brighter hotspot.

Looks good, I was a bit skeptical to the single reflectors, but there was probably no need to based on these pictures. Thanks for sharing! :)

Aftr, yeah that about sums it up. Its got a tighter hotspot and spill.

It’s definitely an improvement over the SRK imo cuz it has a medium mode. And it gets hot a bit faster too so that’s a good thing.

Vuanh, patience my friend…patience. :wink:

lol i am being very patience , the fact that you’re about 30 mins away from me already got it today, and my tracking number havent update anything yet. kind of irritating ya know lol

Just messin bro. :smiley:

But seriously, how does that happen? Same shipment, same time but here I am enjoying my sexy light while you’re siting there pissed lookin at other peoples success stories. Yeah…I’d be a bit on the irritable side I guess…lol

Maybe they had a dock/port strike??

i actually called usps yesterday so see if they have any updates, but the guy works there have the same info as they provide online. i thought they would selected by the area then ship them all at once, i guess i was wrong, been waiting a whole day today but nothing show up. i guess i’ll give it another week so see. i have something better that i’m waiting for anyways :slight_smile:

Looks good. Thanks for taking the pics. Gotta pat myself on the back for accurately predicting the beam pattern. Hoping it more than slightly out throws the SRK though. Bet RaceR86 could make it rock with one of his dedome mods.

Very nice results! Thanks for taking the time to share.

Looks like a definite winner over the SRK :)

Nice prediction! :)

Do you have a link so I can buy that bad boy?

Given that the emitters are apparently reflowed directly onto the big 3-emitter board, could you dunk the whole board, 3-emitters and all, into gasoline? Would need a big container, but that should work ok for the dedome, i.e., just remove the emitter board and dunk it into gasoline, possibly without even unsoldering it if the emitter wires are long enough?

it was a group buy deal...

Judging from those images, I bet the SupFire beam shots will show well during nighttime.

Ohaya, yes, you could dunk the emitter board in gasoline. Be real easy actually. I’d unsolder it though. No need to get gas on the light itself.
Edit: oh, and a tint caution. These standard T6 emitters that Chinese manufacturers use typically get a greenish tint after dedoming.

Pity, I can’t see mouse over images on iOS.

Just wanted to share some info from “the”.

Not too shabby! Thanks =the=!

The outdoor mouse overs don’t appear to be working.

Light pollution sucks. It hazes the glorious night sky. It’s such a wonder. It seems human kind is hell bent on permanently lighting everything up.

They work fine here for me using Firefox 22.0. The only one that didn’t work here was the one for ios.